Obama Woos Hu

19 01 2011

Gotta thank Meredith over at The Blaze for this one…

Winters Greatest Hits

19 01 2011

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Progressives Have New Mascot

19 01 2011

A new progressive push to raise awareness among young voters has turned to the CPUSA (Communist Party USA) for ideas to help swell their ranks.

Some genius came up with this as their mascot. Personally… I love it!


Sarah Palin Song

18 01 2011

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In Honor Of Dr. King

17 01 2011

Someone asked me not long ago if I thought race relations had improved in the United States since the 60’s. I said absolutely yes, but with reservations as to how they are ‘right now’.

Presently, our half black half white president has been so divisive that its very difficult to have an adult conversation about race relations with those of a different color unless they share your ideological values. So my idea for today is to celebrate Dr. Kings legacy without mention of how the president plays into this. I will let the Al Sharptons of the world distort todays celebration for their own questionable agendas by simply ignoring them.

Instead I would like to ask people to read the Conservatives Pledge On Racism . The Pledge can be found here on this blog, or go to the official site to have your name added to the official roll. Go here… http://iamnotaracist.wordpress.com/

Dr. Kings death was a travesty, his legacy a gift to our nation.


Obama’s Communist Connection

16 01 2011

Please make sure you send this around to everyone you know. The info is valuable and all Americans need to know about it.

Just as Glenn Beck does when he get’s into Teacher mode (for the record… when Glenn gets into Teacher mode he is incredible. He should do a series of History lessons to be shown in our public schools, or at the very least shown in private schools and at home for the home-schooled children. He would be very effective because the kids would find him entertaining while learning true American history) I to would like to present some info that may help put together more of the Communist Party/Obama puzzle. What you will learn is more verifiable and intriguing connections to Obama’s Communist leanings, if not heritage!

First a little background… This morning we stayed home instead of going to Church (deciding to go instead to the evening services may have been divine intervention). Our decision to stay home this morning is the reason why I am writing this piece. While eating a late breakfast I turned on our TV. Not wanting to hear any hard and potentially depressing news while eating, I let the TV channel land on C-Span2 where it stayed for the next hour.

What you are going to learn from this video may not be new, but it is at least another verified investigation into the Communist Party and their effect on American politics. The Obama connection with them is just a bonus. This video is a little over an hour long, but is worth every minute. I would also suggest that people buy this guys book. Have fun learning about real American history…

Click here… http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/Dupe

Chucks Biz

16 01 2011

Why Can’t Chuck Get His Business Off the Ground?

For those of you that have NOT seen this video, enjoy…