Ronald Reagan At 58

28 02 2009

I hope all of you had the chance to watch Rush Limbaugh this rush2_edited1evening speaking at the CPAC convention. With his speech still fresh in people’s minds, it would be nice to hear different opinions of what people thought of it.

There were many high points, but I was most encouraged by his constant reference to Conservative values, not Republican values. And for me, that’s the point. If the Republicans want back in power, they had damn well better go back to solid American Conservative values. What do you think?

Consider this an Open Thread for Rush….

Rush at CPAC Part 1 ….

Rush at CPAC Part 2 …

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Rush at CPAC Part 4 …

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Rush at CPAC Part 6 …

Rush at CPAC Part 7 …


Ronald Reagan At 13

28 02 2009

 There was a 13 year old pre-teen male at the CPAC convention that made a wonderful two minute speech. He actually made me feel hopeful for the future of our children and grandchildren.

Please watch and listen to his 2 minute speech. Then drop down further on this page to some of the comments I picked up over at one of the nets largest liberal/communist sites.

His speech will encourage you, the lefty comments will sicken you.

First his speech… go here.

Jonathan Krohn is a 13 year old Ronald Reagan.

Jonathan Krohn is a 13 year old Ronald Reagan.

Now for some of the dumbest comments you may ever read. All of the following comments are in reference to Jonathan and the wonderful speech he gave today in Washington.

“Right now, he’s just an annoying little squirt but I foresee in twenty or so years, he’ll be a real d-hole. Sad, kid doesn’t even know how messed up he is.

No, what’s sad is how you don’t know how messed-up you are!

This kid is a fraud……He’s nothing more than Newt in wunderkind drag….

That’s funny, and here all this time I thought comrade Obama was the fraud. Like this…


It’s amazing how these Neo-Cons fawned all over this carnival freak show spectacle.

Being a patriotic, God loving, clear headed American now makes you a freak? You folks are sick!

The kid is creepy.

Obama the Marxist is creepy, not this 13 year old kid.

Adolescents believe they are absolutely right. That’s why they’re so dangerous.

With all due respect, you are a damn fool!

No surprise. Conservatives have the values of a 13-year old and can relate to one.

No surprise. Liberals have the values of a drugged-out hooker and can relate to one.

Inflate this kid with equal parts hot air and arrogance and you get a full-sized Republican.

Holy crap. We try and try, yet you still refuse to take your fingers out of your ears. He is NOT talking about Republicanism, this bright young man is talking about CONSERVATISM!

This kid came straight from “Village of the Damned.”

And his Bus had to drive right through your town of Shithole to get there.

When I was his age I listened to talk radio and was pretty conservative, too. Then I grew up, my parents lost their house, and I couldn’t afford to go to college. Being out in the real world has a way of forcing you to give up your silly ideas about it.

Newsflash… Wolfman Jack was NOT a talk show. Moron!

Why didn’t this kid’s parents expose him to something more constructive than conservative talk radio, like porn or Mad Magazine?

I’m betting you are one of those that flunked Lunch in High School.

And to think that I used to have to spend $5 on two hits of purple microdot to get this far from reality.

This kid proves that he has far more intelligence than you. If you paid money to fry a few million brain cells by dropping Acid, then it seems to me that you are the dumb one.

His statement that he’d like to see Palin as President is appalling, and leads me to believe he has been coached in his delivery. The points he uses to criticize the current batch of Republicans for their lack of true conservatism are exhibited in every way by fiscally irresponsible (Bridge to Nowhere) policies, her lack of respect for life (unless, of course, you’re talking about the tiny subset of ife that are human fetuses), and her lack of personal responsibility.

You are one very messed-up human being. I pray you never pro-create!

He is simply regurgitating the same old cr@p that has been spewed over and over. No substance, just a precocious little wise @ss.

Which makes you what? A precocious big wise-ass?

His intelligence is seriously in question if he would love to see Sarah Palin as president.

Your intelligence is seriously in question for making such a bone-headed comment.

We have Barack Obama, they have a thirteen year old boy who tries to channel William F. Buckley. Absolutely pathetic.

Yeah, I understand. You guys are stuck with a sock-puppet like Obama, and we have promising leaders for our future.

That kid is pretty well spoken and definitely is impressive. But I really really want to punch him in the face. Yeah yeah, he’s only 13. Whatever. He seems to think he’s much older than that, so I can punch him.

So I guess you are NOT one of those peace loving lefty’s are you? You must be one of those assholes that watch WWE wrestling and think it’s all real. Curious… have you guys caught BigFoot yet?

OK. So we’ve shown that stupidity knows no age. Next.”
Then by all means, please tell us your age.

Terror/Hate Good – Peace/Love Bad

28 02 2009


I should probably ask for everyone’s forgiveness because this evil2_editedpost is going to be a long one, but considering I am one of the few Americans left in this country that refuses to take-it up the poop-chute, I will not apologize. Before you change your mind and click on another site, let me give you a tease as to what this post will be about… Islam is a murdering cult!

This post should worry every single person in the Free World.

If you live in a country that allows you to openly practice your faith, you need to consider what’s in this entire post. Be patient, keep reading, and my point should become abundantly clear.

This story is about an independent film-maker from the Netherlands who goes by the name of Geert Wilders. Mr. Wilders is also a member of Parliament in the Netherlands and part-time documentary film-maker. Mr. Wilders decided to make a documentary about the Muslim faith. Because he decided to tell the truth about the faith, he has run into all sorts of problems. His first problem starts in the Netherlands where they deny him the right to show his movie anywhere in the country. That was only the beginning…

I first made note of his troubles when I posted the Video he made called “Fitna” which I highlighted in this post… The Third Jihad . This video is an excellent piece and after reviewing it on three separate occasions, I can say without reservation that Mr. Wilders included nothing but facts, and reality, as it applies to the Muslim religion. I strongly urge people to watch this video, and I strongly urge people to pass this video on to others.

A few days after I posted the above video I was forced into doing an update here. Below is a short description of the update…

 Though Geert Wilders’ controversial film was scheduled to be screened in the House of Lords in London on January 29, complications forced the screening to be postponed for two weeks”.

Then of course we had update #2 a day later… here.Where I reported that not only would the British government not allow his movie to be screened, but they were also barring Mr. Wilders from entering the country. As fate would have it for Mr. Wilders, the United Nations would end up getting involved . And finally, we find ourselves with Mr. Geert Wilders coming to America to promote his film.

Mr. Wilders has an important message he’s trying to relate to the people of the civilized world, but the civilized world seems to be hell bent on keeping him from telling the story. Why? Seriously, why does the western world refuse to face the reality of the Muslim religion? I honestly do not understand the reluctance of people, and governments, to admit that what is reported in this documentary is the truth. This film by Mr. Wilders simply takes info that can be found in the Qur’an and associates it with what is happening in modern times. And for this he is being black-balled by nations and tagged as a trouble maker simply for telling the truth.

In closing, at least with my part of the rant, I want to ask you a question. First read the piece below that was written by an American moron. Then I would ask you to sit back and wonder the following… would you feel better by going through life knowing the truth and having your fellow Americans know the truth, or would you feel better by going through life knowing that one of the biggest lies in history is being perpetuated by your own government.

If you chose the latter, then you have no business living in a free society!



Eboo Patel is founder and executive director of the Interfaith Youth Core, a Chicago-based international nonprofit that promotes interfaith cooperation. His blog, The Faith Divide, explores what drives faiths apart and what brings them together.


Geert Wilders on Capitol Hill

By Eboo Patel

There is a foreign element threatening America. He believes the Qur’an promotes violence. He creates videos of Muslims committing terrorist acts and hopes mainstream media plays them. He is committed to the clash of civilizations — Islam vs. the West. Britain, our primary ally, denied him entry, claiming he was a threat to public order. Now he wants to come here.

This foreign element does not speak Arabic. He does not pray five times a day. He does not have a beard. He is not even a Muslim. He is Geert Wilders, a Member of Parliament from a right-wing party in the Netherlands. Why he’s so interested in amplifying Osama bin Laden’s message that Islam promotes violence and division I don’t know.

And why he’s being invited to screen his offensive film Fitna in the ornate LBJ room in the U.S. Capitol confuses me too. My friend Keith Ellison, an African-American Congressman from Minnesota and a Muslim, compared it to screening the horribly racist film The Birth of the Nation in the White House.

A lot of people are mad about this. But I don’t think this is the time to get mad. I think this is the time to think strategy, and to remember core American values.

First, strategy.

1) If this becomes a conversation about free speech, go ahead and hand Geert Wilders the trophy because he wins. The truth is lots of things qualify under free speech. Dirty jokes. Ugly lies. Stupid rumors. Probably Fitna does too. Let’s not get into that cat fight. The issue isn’t whether it’s legal to screen Fitna in the LBJ room, but whether it’s American to do so. Shouldn’t the best of America be on display in the Senate? Shouldn’t Capitol Hill be amplifying our tradition of pluralism rather than returning to the dark days of racism?

2) If our best idea is to protest Wilders we give him the images he wants — the heroic free speech crusader surrounded by a group of angry looking (preferably bearded) people shouting him down.

3) We shouldn’t try to get Fitna banned. And we shouldn’t try to get Wilders deported. We should simply point out that Wilders highlights a choice for America: Should we engage one-fifth of the world’s population by punching them in the mouth or by reaching our hand out in friendship? Which approach represents the American way?

As God and America would have it, the American Way happens to be on display the same day that Wilders is screening his film. It’s a made-for-TV contrast.

Thursday afternoon, Senator John Kerry will be hosting a hearing on how the US. can best engage Muslim communities around the world. Kerry is concerned about the dismal image of the U.S. among a large swath of humanity, and is convinced that we can improve this by better communicating American values.

Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright will be testifying, as will Dalia Mogahed of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, and me. My guess is that all of us will say the first step to improving America’s image and foreign relations is simply showing respect towards our fellow human beings, including Muslims. Quite universal, really. Africans want respect. Europeans want respect. Americans want respect. Muslims want respect. Pretty basic.

President Obama understands the American virtue of showing respect to others. In his Inaugural Address he told the Muslim world “we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect.” His first interview was with Al Arabiya, where he stated “My job is to communicate the fact that the United States has a stake in the well-being of the Muslim world, that the language we use has to be a language of respect.”

I’m confident that most Americans, seeing the stark choice between Kerry’s hearing and Wilders’ film, will choose the best of our nation instead of the worst of someone else’s country.

Come to think of it, I’m glad Geert Wilders is on Capitol Hill. I hope he drops by our session. Maybe he’ll learn something about American values too.

The International Free Press Society (IFPS) has issued an open letter to the British Government in response to their barring Dutch MP Geert Wilders’ entry to the country for the screening of ‘Fitna’ in the House of Lords.


I do not give a rats ass what some government weenies say, the truth of the matter is as follows… “The Qur’an promotes violence”.



Standing room only at Geert Wilders Event in the USA…Denied to Britons!

February 28, 2009

The event with Wilders was an unimaginable success …………….Pamela Hall caught it all. She has all the pics and videos. Waiting for her to load.

For Atlas, the highlight of the evening was the line out of the building. Wilders emerged from the elevator and the lines in the crowd went wild. Nobody caught that on video.

I apologize to the folks who were refused entry because the space was over capacity. From what I hear a hundred or more people could not get in.

The blogs rule. We are the future.
G-d bless Atlas readers.


Congratulations Atlas!


Very Open Thread

27 02 2009

Talk amongst yourselves, tell me how much you hate this blog, argue about the Messiah, prove how smart (or not) you are, ramble on about how this country is going down the toilet, or just talk about your favorite bimbo on American Idol.

The floor is all yours. Have fun…


Obama Objects To Abortion Rule

27 02 2009

Why does Obama like to pop these changes concerning the killing of babies, late on Friday afternoon??? Don’t believe me, go do some checking on the changes he has made over the last few Fridays.pissed-off-magnet-c13110245

Back to my original question… Because he is a coward and does not care about the killing of innocent life. He could very well end up being a truly evil president. 

Not only does he not care about killing innocent babies, but he thinks it’s ok to force doctors to commit the crime.


Obama to rescind Bush abortion rule
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama plans to repeal a Bush administration rule that has become a flash point in the debate over a doctor’s right not to participate in abortions. The regulation, instituted in the last days of the Bush administration, strengthened job protections for doctors and nurses who refuse to provide a medical service because of moral qualms.

A Health and Human Services official said Friday the administration will publish notice of its intentions early next week, opening a 30-day comment period for advocates on both sides, medical groups and the public.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the notice has not been completed.

The Bush administration rule was quickly challenged in federal court by several states and medical organizations. As a candidate, President Barack Obama criticized the regulation and campaign aides promised that if elected, he would review it.

The news that he was doing so drew praise from abortion-rights supporters and condemnation from groups opposed to abortion.

“It would be a horrible move. These regulations were a long time coming,” said Tom McClusky, a vice president at Family Research Council. “What they seek to do is protect patients, nurses, doctors and other health care professionals from being forced to violate their consciences.”

McClusky and other abortion opponents said the Bush regulation clarified federal policies and raised awareness about the rights of medical providers to follow their consciences. But abortion rights advocates said it was vague and overly broad, and could reduce access to other services — allowing a drug store clerk to refuse to sell birth control pills, for example.

“I think it’s a wonderful step,” Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo., who co-chairs the Congressional Pro-choice Caucus and has introduced legislation to overturn the regulation, said of Obama’s move.

“That rule was actually a poorly drafted last-minute attempt to, I think, restrict health care access and I think it would have had far-reaching and unintended consequences.”

Federal law has long forbidden discrimination against health care professionals who refuse to perform abortions or provide referrals for them on religious or moral grounds. The Obama administration supports those laws, said the HHS official.

The Bush administration’s rule adds a requirement that institutions that get federal money certify their compliance with laws protecting the rights of moral objectors. It was intended to block the flow of federal funds to hospitals and other institutions that ignore those rights.

But the Obama administration was concerned that the Bush regulation went too far and could also be used to refuse birth control, family planning services and counseling for vaccines and transfusions.

The White House released a statement saying that Obama supports a “carefully crafted” conscience clause — not Bush’s version.

“He believes this issue requires a balance between the rights of providers and the health of women and their families, a balance that the last-minute Bush rule appears to upset,” the statement said.

The administration will review comments from the public before making a final decision. Options range from repealing the regulation to writing a new one with a narrower scope.

The administration’s move was first reported by the Los Angeles Times.


On the Net:

Health and Human Services Department:

Black Pinocchio?

27 02 2009


Is Lying Funny?blackpinocchiokeynote_edited

-By Dan Scott

What is funny many times is only in the eye of the beholder and those with the proper context to appreciate the absurdity of the moment.  We can find humor in many things if we aren’t too close to the object of the humor.  David Leisure who did the Joe Isuzu TV commercials  back in the 1980s was extraordinarily funny with his transparently obvious lies while promoting vehicles.  Who didn’t find his absurdly false promises and assertions funny?  During the Iraq War, Baghdad Bob, the Iraqi (dis) Information Minister, gave America wonderful comic relief when he absurdly proclaimed the Iraqi Army was beating US forces.  His colorful descriptions added even more to the hilarity of the moment.  On the other hand, the Arab world believed every word and bought it hook, line and sinker. They were in total shock when US forces took Baghdad.

As we saw with Baghdad Bob, propaganda can be funny but that depends on who is watching.  Context is everything in comedy.  A joke’s subject matter depends on it’s audience.  When looking at old Soviet Union propaganda, at the time it wasn’t funny, but now some 30 years later it’s funny because we have the context of how absurd it was.  Today few laugh at Barrack Obama’s seemingly continuous stream of “misstatements”.  Prior to his election, one web site documented 158 of them.  Another site is keeping track of 510 promises Barrack Obama made during his campaign.  Shades of Jimmy Carter who put a book together called Promises, Promises to keep track of them all.  Since then Barrack Obama has continued with his less than forthright proclamations. In fact I wrote about three of them recently.  Others have also picked up on more whoppers as well.  Barrack Obama and his allies in Congress make claims of Transparent Government, however, they are the very people who obstruct anyone who wishes to look behind the curtain.  The so called Economic Stimulus/Rescue Bill was a classic demonstration on how to run an opaque legislative process through secretive bill writing, adding voluminous points which had no relation to the intent of the bill and not allowing sufficient time for an individual, i.e. a lawmaker, to even read the bill in the time allotted much less understand or score it. 

Bipartisanship seems to be another misstatement of the absurd.  When we think of bipartisanship we get the image of two groups of people with opposing ideas crafting legislation which reflects the degree of compromises each side is willing to make.  Nothing could be further from the truth as to what is currently happening in Congress with the acquiescence of Barrack Obama.  Bipartisanship has been redefined to mean finding three liberal senators in the GOP who will vote for the measure by meeting their low standards.  Bipartisanship has become the joke just as Transparency has become a joke.  So far, neither is funny but they are certainly absurd.

President Obama’s kind of, sort of, State of the Union speech was nothing more than another demonstration of making absurdly false statements under the cloak of seriousness but once again, his humor was not recognized. The idea that national health care saves money and delivers more service is a joke already played on the British and Canadians.  Another epitome of absurdity was the announcement during the Governors meeting that they needed to trim the federal budget deficit! These are the same clowns who said give us money to bail us out, i.e. the Economic Stimulus bill. So here they deficit spent on one bill and then proclaim we need to see savings in the 2009 federal budget all the while passing another bill with 9000 earmarks. Obama proclaimed he is going to cut the deficit in half by 2013, now that’s absurd since he plans to run it to $1.75 trillion in fiscal 2009.  This reminds me of the old snide observation of a store saying they’re running a 50% off sale after they had raised the sticker price up 100%.

It seems to me the current propaganda coming out of the government today is makes no pretense of stretching the borders of absurd, today it isn’t funny, but who knows tomorrow once getting over the shock of having been hoodwinked everyone maybe laughing. Right now like many people I’m not laughing, I’m shocked at the blatantly obvious lying by the people who are running the government.  Sooner or later President Obama and his allies will have jumped the shark  causing the public to cease taking these clowns seriously like the Arab World did with Baghdad Bob and just start laughing at the transparently obvious lies.  The joke is far more humorous when it’s no longer being played on you.

Breaking News

27 02 2009


Combat operations in Iraq would end on Aug. 31, 2010,

when the U.S. military footprint in Iraq would be no

fewer than 35,000 and no more than 50,000, according

to officials who met Thursday with the president.

It must be nice to walk into a situation where the previous president did all the hard work in a war, just so you can come in and say to your cult followers… “I am the Messiah, I ended the war just like I said I would”. When in reality, Bush had already won the war, and we are now in mop-up operation mode.

Comrade Obama may very well be thye worst President we have ever had. Yes, even worse than Carter!

Comrade Obama may very well be thye worst President we have ever had. Yes, even worse than Carter!