Big Lies – Little Lies

30 08 2010


Lying liars lying about lying liars and the lies they tell.

Ok, I got a little carried away with the subject matter, but it was either that or a string of 4-letter words that nobody wants to read (xcept libs). As you can tell I want to talk for a moment about lying, and I do mean a moment.

Lying has become so accepted by the left that they now have the gall to defend any lie told, as long as it makes Republicans and Conservatives look bad and makes them look good.  

As far as I’m concerned the progressive/liberal agenda is worthless and not worthy of debate, until they can learn how to civilly discuss issues WITHOUT lying. So until further notice all progressive/liberals will get a one word response from me on almost any subject… “Liar”!


We’re All Gonna Die

27 08 2010

The sky-is-falling whackos on the left are starting their latest push to convince Americans that we have become so powerful that we have altered the weather patterns and the world-wide climates to the point that we are “ALL GONNA DIE”!

 No, I am not exaggerating. Here’s a headline I just pulled off of one the most popular liberal/progressive blogs on the internet….

Johann Hari

Columnist for the London Independent

“This Is the Hottest Year Ever, and the Climate Catastrophe Has Begun” blah-blah-blah…

Fortunately, I have a secret weapon. Instead of me having to type endlesly to explain why the headliner above is so irresponsible, all I have to do is… rely on Marc Morano for a couple of answers. Here’s the short list.

For latest go to

Climate Astrology: AP: Scientists: Summer Catastrophes Fit Predictions — Asian Floods, Russian Wildfires, Arctic Ice Flow Mirrors 2007 UN Report on Climate Change

Climate Astrology — ‘It Has Been Foretold’ of Extreme Weather: ‘UN IPCC science has a status similar to interpretations of Nostradamus and the Mayan calendars’

Predictions of UN IPCC are not specific enough to be falsifiable…Predictions that can never be falsified will always pan out. How totally useless can you get?’

Danish Meteorological Institute data: Arctic Summer temperature maybe headed for all time record low!

Russian Scientist: Extreme Central Russian Heat Wave Not An Indication Of A Future Climate Change

Russia’s Fires ‘Caused In Large Part By Forest Mismanagement’

Danish Scientist on ‘huge’ Greenland ice floe break: ‘The size of ice floes is not unusual…It is a completely natural process. Some summers the ice hanging and other summers break it up’

Prof. Pielke Jr. on climate ‘nonsense’: ‘There is something about climate issue that makes people — especially but not limited to academics and scientists — completely and utterly lose their senses’

Flashback: Climate astrology: ‘Energy Sec. Chu, the Televangelist?’ Chu: ‘At no other time in the history of science have we been able to say what the future will be 100 years from now’ — Climate Depot Response: ‘Shouldn’t Sec. Chu be touting these scary predictions on a boardwalk with a full deck of Tarot Cards?’

Laughable: Ethics Prof. Donald Brown calls Senate’s failure to pass cap-and-trade the ‘worst ethical scandal…and a moral lapse of epic proportions’ — Climate Depot Reality Check: Sadly, it is Prof. Brown’s understanding of science and economics, that is truly the ‘worst ethical scandal’ here. — How would passing a climate bill that was ‘scientifically meaningless’ improve ethics or morality or the climate? See: Even Obama’s EPA admits cap-and-trade bill ‘will not impact world CO2 levels’

They think you’re stupid: ‘Any cold period of less than 3 decades is airily dismissed as mere ‘weather’, but now a single warm day somewhere, counts as ‘climate’?’

‘Mad scientist’ speaks to Congress: Makes Silly Claim that Greenland ice sheet faces ‘tipping point in 10 years’

Laugh at Greenland ice scares! Flashback: Latest Scientific Studies Refutes Fears of Greenland Melt (For very latest on Greenland see here.)

Climate Astrology: Vast flotilla of jellyfish sting 700 people on Spanish beaches — ‘biologists say will become increasingly common due to climate change’

Analysis: NASA GISS ‘has taken a cooling trend and converted it into a warming trend for the one GHCN station in Nepal which covers the Himalayas’

The Public No Longer Trusts Scientists: Another Nail-In-Coffin Is The Recent Bogus “Declining” Rice-Yield Study

Climate Audit: Wahl-Briffa Attachments Were Deleted: Despite reassurances ‘that nothing was really deleted…’ —

‘…the university said that they were unable to comply with my request for the attachments because the documents had been destroyed’

If they’re hoping to earn our trust, should ‘objective’ scientists travel to Greenland with Greenpeace activists on a Greenpeace ship?

Sub-prime Carbon Bubble Bursts: Staff Cutbacks at Chicago Climate Exchange; Cite U.S. climate inaction as main reason for cuts

You were warned! Flashback Dec. 2009: Paper: ‘Don’t let Climategate melt down your portfolio…don’t get stuck with investments tied to global warming’

UK businesses facing a wave of ‘green taxes’: ‘Companies that fail to register their energy use will be hit with fines’

Peer-Reviewed Study finds ‘ancient’ Earth’s climate similar to present day — despite CO2 levels 5 to over 20 times higher than today! — Geologists reconstructed Earth’s climate belts between 460 and 445 million years ago and found ‘ancient climate belts were surprisingly like those of the present’ — Also included ‘a brief, intense glaciation’

Watch Now: Target: Monckton — fights back against the warmist attacks and refutes Prof. Abraham

Official: Satellite Failure Means Decade of Global Warming Data Doubtful — ‘All data taken offline in shock move’
Marc Morano
1875 Eye Street, NW
Fifth Floor
Washington, D.C. 20006

Senator Can’t Spin This Parent

27 08 2010

What you are about to watch is classic. My Senator (cough, shudder, spit), Kay Hagan is upstaged by one smart parent. That’s the good news, the bad news is… according to the research this parent has done all the things we feared would happen with Obamacare, will IN FACT happen!

This one is worth sharing!


Hate-Crime At Huffington Post

26 08 2010

Michael Enright Charged With Hate Crime: Ahmed Sharif, Muslim Cab Driver, Attacked For Religion

Every anti-American liberal/progressive in the country has already convicted Mr. Enright of this HATE crime without yet knowing the details, no shock there. But when they were told this bad guy may be one of them (liberal/progressive), they suddenly changed their tune and their focus. We are pretty well versed in what the left thinks is the cause of everything bad that happens but let me remind you…. All evil perpetrated around the world, according to them, falls to Conservatives, Tea-Partiers, Libertarians, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Christians, etc.


Below are just a few of the comments I found at Huffpo. The comments would be laughable, except for the hatred they exhibit with every word they (liberal/progressives) type, ends up being so-so sad! I am forced to believe that most people left of center are evil, or at the very least, they support evil. Let the blood-letting begin…

Faux news, glen beck, billo the clown et all; guilty of inciting corms against Muslims.

I’ve been posting this for weeks, Foxnews is a syndicated klan rally. What happens in Nov. when they don’t take their country back?

Where did he hear too much? The daily, non stop foxnews klan rally!

It HAS to be built now. Exactly as planned. We cant give in to the bigo ts.

So to the Wingnuts. If you don’t trust or support Muslims – how can you support Fox news?

The problem is that we are in a powder keg. All it will take is a few more attacks on muslims for a real civil war to start. There are conservatives that will crown this kid as a hero.

Apparently, a muslim is never innocent according to conservatives.

The only way to stop the hate is to stop the hate-mongering. Turn off Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and FOX News.

Imagine these damaged brain people once again in power? controlling our country? VOTE Democrates!!

The GOP h@tes everyone who is not cut of the same stone as they are. How can anyone who is not a bigot can vote for any of the reptiles served up, for office, by today’s republican party is beyond my comprehension. The ugliness of intolerance.

So it is the victim’s fault? I have a question. When has a conservative taken responsiblity for any mistake, ever?

They should change their party name to evil klansmen. Atleast it will be honest.

Let’s watch the right-wing blogosphere light up with “Enright is a hero”-type articles and “calls to action.” But it’s not racism, no no no…

Tea Party Terorists Strike Again

And so it begins. This is exactly what the Shadows want people in this country to do. Do you know that 20% of the people in this country don’t know which country we got our independence from? 20% don’t know that the planets revolve around the Sun (they think the Sun revolves around us). The idiotic Sheeple are so easily manipulated. Fox News and Limbaugh must be laughing to the bank everyday.

Shame shame on these people who hate! And to go to this extreme is absolutely reprehensible! (this woman is refering to conservatives).

Beck is quite simply a liar and an overt bigot.

Fox riles up some crazies. Fox gets to report some more gory news. Fox’ business plan pays again.

Who is going to protect us from the terrorism of Fox news???????

Foxnews is the longest running 24/7 klan rally in US history, why else would you defend a newscorp?

Except the News networks aren’t propaganda. Fox “news” isn’t news, it’s propaganda. However, I’d happily boycott other propaganda cable networks. I just don’t know of any.

I am sure Beck, ALL of Faux News, Rush and Palin are very proud they were able to distract you, the Faithful, away from Wall Street – take a bow!

I am sure Faux News will act completely innocent but they – and you viewers – were complicit in this if you didn’t condemn the hatred being tossed at Muslims in NY – sad day in America

The KKK was the first group identified by our Government to be identified as a Terrorist Group – And the Republicans hope to promote them to the all levels of Government

These last 3 comments give you an idea of their intelligence level (liberal/progressives). Trust me, its very-very-very low!


All those right wing leaders, the likes of Beck, Sarah Palin, and others, need to be careful of going too far. I just saw where Glen Beck is planning the Martin Luther King rally and they have published the name and address of a number of prominent Democrats, for their lunatic fanatics to target on Saterday. I have one thing to say to Beck and the others who are inciting this vitriol is that they can be taken out, so they need to put a stop to this madness, because they may just target the wrong person who make put a stop to the threat.

Boy, ever since John McCain unleashed Sarah Palin on this nation, there has been a ressurection of this nasty, dirty and vitriolic politics inciting the simple minded and the easily misinformed to go and kill. What a shame on this nation. The party that holds onto the Bible is the one that is full of hate instead of love. What a shame. Have mercy on this nation Lord and deliver us from the evil ones who want to stir up hate, and fear for political gain. They kill the economy and they are stirring up religious hatred among the people for them to kill off each other, while the fat cats on Wall Street are enjoying their illgotten wealth.

I tend to find her at the bottom of all of this as well. She’s always first up to tweet and promote intolerance. For the sole reason of pandering to her base; of remaining newsworthy.

P.S. Just a few more that were too good to pass up.

Gio-This guy had nothing better to do… Teabaggers have no words of their own, no thoughts of their own, no values of their own, no goals of their own. They’re a fan club, nothing more. They eat, drink, sleep, think, & speak precisely what their media demagogues tell them to, all the while heedless that they are really being treated with open contempt, laughed at behind their backs.

Blissfully basking in their ignorance, beatifically oblivious to the reality that they’ve been duped into doing the bidding of a cadre of cynical bigots, unrepentant racists and manipulative chårlatans who constantly saturate them with faceless, mindless panic, imbuing in them a palpable loathing that they are told to direct towards people whom they know nothing about.. about people they’ve never even heard of before some putrid talking head or some disembodied voice over the radio tells them who to fear today.

Who to hate today.

And then there are those who inhabit their “Valhalla”… their “crème de la crème” .. their “elected representatives”… their “candidates”. Silent as their enablers hurl racial epithets, scream homophobic insults, spit on lawmakers, wield firearms at Presidential rallies, promote breathtaking lies in the media with nary a whimper from the GOP objecting to any of it.

And, when the inevitable finally happens and some unbalanced dupe actually ends up killing someone, these “bastions of populism”, these “patriots”, these Republican cowards will distance themselves quicker than Glenn Beck can conjure his “Vapo-Rub” induced tears.

And wait for the next batch of flunkies.














Parents-Let The Brainwashing Begin

25 08 2010

Before I explain the headline on this post let me clarify something for our progessive/liberal friends that visit ‘Giovanni’s World’…

I am a fan of Glenn Beck. I respect him. I admire him. I pray for him. Finally, I did not get the following story, or the conclusions, from Glenn.

With that out of the way… Colleges and Universities around the country are sending parents a message, loud and clear. They (places of higher learning) want parents to write the checks for their kids, buy what’s needed for the dorm rooms, rent the U-Haul to get their childs belongings to the school. They even expect the parents to help lug all the heavy boxes of junk from the U-Hauls up to the students dorm room. Then they want the parents to leave the property.

Read this short article from the NYT’s where they use silly excuses and cute reasons to demand parents they ‘Go The Hell Home’.

Don’t let any of it fool you, there is one reason the parents are being told to go home… so the liberal/progressive/Marxist/anti-American brainwashing can begin! Only one other organization on earth would object to parents hanging around to make sure their kids are going to be ok… that would be The Boot Camps of the United States Military, which is very understandable.

Here’s my suggestion to all parents… First check into the type of College/University that your child wants to attend. Find out if the school has a habit of supporting all things progressive. Second, don’t ever let a school get between you and your child. Thirdly, love your children and teach them that family is always more important than any school or liberal organization. Finally, teach them that Christianity is a ‘good’ thing and they should never be ashamed of being a Christian.




24 08 2010

Lately there has been an awful lot of talk about Sharia law because the Imam behind the Ground Zero mosque would like to see the USA to follow Sharia.

Below is a link that shows you in brutal detail what Sharia looks like. THIS IS NOT FOR THE KIDS!

Here’s what Sharia looks like in the religion of peace…

Go Here…  FA_-_lapidation-stoning.wmv

This young girl was sentenced to be stoned to death because she did not want to marry someone who her family had pre-arranged for her to marry. Not for those with weak stomachs.



23 08 2010

Just a friendly warning to all my fellow Conservatives… There is an absolutely useless site on the net (actually there’s lots of em’) that goes by the name of Alternet. The best I can tell, its a site for those low-lifes that hate the USA. Or what I like to call “the Lochness Monster of progressive news”.

Below I left you an example to read. I posted a short note on the site after I saw a comment on another site that had something about Noam Chomsky linking back to the Alternet (liberals losers) site. The reply I got gives you an idea of the kind of people that hang out in that s**t-hole. Since I’m the shy and reserved, quiet type, I will not stoop down to their level by calling them low-life dirt-bags. See, I’m above all that.  ;- )

mkultra wrote, in response to giovannifaga:

“Anotherwords, he will take a legit story and change the facts to fit his ugly view of the USA.”

Newsflash for you giovannifag:  The US IS an ugly  place and Chomsky sees it as it is without any make up.  As for you, what in the world is a supposed Italian defending the US?  What gives with that?  Why should you care?  Or is the Israeli Foreign Ministry now paying trolls in Italy too?

Link to comment:

giovannifaga wrote:

You would be best served by ignoring anything said or written by Noam Chomsky. If you know right up front that Chomsky hates the USA and wants it crushed into oblivion, then you know he’s coming from that angle every time. Anotherwords, he will take a legit story and change the facts to fit his ugly view of the USA.