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Allow us to introduce you to the creation of CEA, the Conservative Endowment for the Arts.  This is our answer to the ‘National Endowment for the Arts’, the far-left tax-payer funded organization that wants artists to create expressions of propaganda to push the agenda of an Obama White House.

So exactly what does the Conservative Endowment for the Arts do?

Glad you asked. We at Giovanni’sWorld believe in being pro-active, especially when it comes to combatting Marxist/Liberal ideology. We have partnered-up with some of our fellow blogging friends to form a Club of sorts. The left has their NEA to push the Marxist/Liberal ideology using art, so it’s only fair that we have a place to share art that does the same for Conservative ideology. The big difference, other than ideology, is the left using tax-payer money (NEA) to push their agenda, while we at CEA volunteer our own time, monies, and talent to promote Conservatism and Patriotism.

Ok, now you want to know how to use CEA, right?

For instructions and information on how to use CEA please go to our new home for CEA by clicking here.


 Here’s a few examples by our very own B.Keyser…













 Go here to our new home for CEA.








CEA can now be found here.



11 responses

15 11 2009
John Santos

Stumbled over you while reading a column on the AT (American Thinker), one of your guys put in a plug for this place and I looked into it. Glad I did, awesome site, awesome idea, God Bless you guys for it!

I run a site that I pay for out of my own pocket and have used your drawings and I can promise you, I don’t and won’t make a dime off of them. I have also linked (on my forum for links) your site for others to peruse so maybe I can help grow you a tad. I’ve got a small site, but I get LOTS of visitors (for some strange reason as I don’t advertise it, it’s all word of mouth).

Thank you for fighting for America and please continue the effort, you guys are true patriots IMHO.


Neo/John Santos

15 11 2009
John Santos

PS If you or any of your members would like to visit my site you’re all welcome. It’s http://www.speakfreeforum.com and it’s the home of free speech.

15 11 2009


Thanks for posting our images on your forum. Check back often, we’ve got more to roll out over the coming days and weeks. I just popped over to speakfreeforum and registered. I’ll be checking in. If you, or any of your posters have ideas they’d like to see illustrated, please pass them along.


15 11 2009

Thanks John,

It’s always nice to hook-up with another patriot!


4 11 2010

NEO…I can’t get into SFF! What’s up?


18 11 2009

Hey BK…

Where the heck is my favorite of yours…the Black-Bucket-head bowing saying “I’m Sorry” ?

Ya know I love your work/talent!

18 11 2009

Hi Sky,

Long time no talk. I honestly hope you are feeling well these days and things have improved for you.

Yes, BK is extremely talented, and we here at GW are humbled that he agreed to work with us.

Keep fighting the good fight!


19 11 2009

Howdy Gio…

Been very busy moving on same property, our roof gave in on Christmas Day last year…you know, all that algoreglobalwarming BS…heheee

Had to put in new water lines, septic, power and home, decks just finished as of yesterday…about got the inside finished up. ..so relaxing today…and it is snowing…bit storm coming our way….I just love that algore…he works wonders.

My health is good so far…thanks for asking.

Hope all is well with you and yours as well.

…and of course I keep fighting the good fight…in my eyes anyway. 😉

I see you are as well….and a good job at that.

18 11 2009

Ah, Buckethead! That’s available here.

Don’t forget sky- spread the word!

19 11 2009


Hey thanks!

I just love it…every-time I see it I crack-up laughing…talk about a picture being worth a thousand words…for me this IS iT!

30 11 2009
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