Trick Question Or Trick Article

19 01 2009

This piece of trash showed up today in the NYT’s, and then melting-earth-rl2picked up by some of the liberal blogs. Here’s the deal… there is a clue to this article as to how they try to trick the reader. What I’m talking about is in the first 3 paragraphs, but left the link in case you want to read the rest. So can you tell me where sleight of hand was used?


1/20/09 HINT… The key is in the first paragraph.

Middle Atlantic States Threatened By Sea Level Rise

Sea level rise fueled by global warming threatens the barrier islands and coastal wetlands of the Middle Atlantic States, a federal report warned on Friday.

The report, issued by the Environmental Protection Agency, the United States Geological Survey and other agencies, is one of a series examining the potential effects of a rising sea level on the nation’s coasts.

The rise in sea level is accelerating, the report said, because warmer water occupies more space and because of runoff from melting inland glaciers and ice sheets. The Middle Atlantic States are particularly vulnerable because the rates of rise are “moderately high” there, the region is subject to storms, it is densely populated and much of its infrastructure is in low-lying areas.

1/20/09 HINT… The key is in the first paragraph.

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Ok, let’s hear it.



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