Revealing Huffpost DADT Post

28 12 2010
During the recent debate concerning DADT being repealed, I once again made the mistake of reading comments at the Huffington Post to see if anyone there really understands what is at stake. Prior to the ruling to repeal, progressives and their Gay friends were making heart-felt arguments about how they just wanted equality while serving their country, blah, blah, blah.
Then things changed when it was announced that the Senate had indeed repealed DADT and now Gays would be allowed to serve while being open about their sexual preferences. (next I expect pedophiles are going to want equal rights too) Below is just one short exchange that probably reflects the reality of how Gays feel about this. The pretense of wanting equality is gone!
StatsNpolls1   19 minutes ago (12:53 AM)Great, now we can have an al sex right there on the front lines. bite me taliban. Favorite (0) Flag as Abusive


palisades02   17 minutes ago (12:55 AM) So I’m guessing you will be the first in line.. Oh wait, Gay service men have standards,­, Perhaps you can find yours. Favorite (1) Flag as Abusive

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suntzu   10 minutes ago (1:02 AM)
Stats said: “Great, now WE (emphasis mine) can have an al sex…”

What a revealing statement!

StatsNpolls1   6 minutes ago (1:06 AM)
So? you have a problem with that, phobe?



2 responses

28 12 2010

Disgusting…so much for “equality”.

30 12 2010

I will say it again, This group of people does not want Tolerance, they want ACCEPTANCE….
As a Marine mom I am offended by this whole topic. Had THIS topic been in the headlines the 2 years my son spent in Iraq at WAR, I would be more disgusted then i am right now.I should explain why I am offended with this topic…
Sex does not have Any place in our Armed Forces. Straight, Gay or indifferent SEX should not be an issue for our Men and Women in uniform. We are in the middle of 2 wars, Men and Women are dieing everyday and the headlines at home read Don’t ask Don’t tell repealed? How sad we have become to be politically correct in all aspect of our lives…

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