Sarah Palin – Not Guilty

10 01 2011

I don’t need to tell you I’m a Sarah Palin fan, my readers know it, but I will elaborate momentarily for others… She is just like me, and I have no qualms whatsoever about saying that. Some of her endearing qualities, for me, is her straight-talking way of speaking, her positive spin on life, her love of life, and her rock-solid belief in God, family, and country.

So if you think I’m going to come to her defense over the stupid and mean-spirited attacks on her over some nut-job murderer in Arizona, all I have to say is… DAMN RIGHT!

For all you disgusting soul-less pieces of left-thinking trash, trying to blame the unexplained tragedy in Arizona on Sarah Palin is why we have the problems we do in this wonderful country.

It is the insane anti-human and anti-American ideology of the left that is dragging-down the country I love… and I’m sick of it!

Every single one of you on the left that’s trying to use the District Maps that showed the districts that SarahPAC had targeted, know exactly what the meaning of it is, yet in your twisted little minds you have turned it into a huge lie simply because you want to destroy Conservatism. And I know I speak the truth because all of you on the left totally ignore the Bulls-Eye Targets the DAILY-KOS conveniently scrubbed from their website. You know, the one where they use Bulls-Eye Targets to target Gabrielle Giffords.

You leftists should be ashamed of yourselves for trying to make this tragedy a political side-show. If you have a tiny sliver of a soul you would stop the blame game, but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting. Instead I’m going continue training my Dog to clean-up piles of liberal progressives in our local park!





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10 01 2011

Here is a nice little link for you lefties out there demonstrating your warm and living attitudes towards your fellow man enjoy!

10 01 2011

excellent summary by MM…

Don’t hold your breath for the libs to stop their blaming…Funny, I thought they didn’t think Sarah was all that powerful? And that the November elections didn’t really mean anything? These people are so delusional, heartless, and stoopid, they will stoop to ANY LIE to promote their agenda and try to shut us up. Bring it on you liberal fools…..

11 01 2011

Thanks Will,

The very long list on the link pretty much tells the story of the left doing exactly what they claim others do.

This whole thing has me so disgusted I cannot sleep.


10 01 2011

Oh and by the way, your welcome!

10 01 2011
Blonde Gator


I don’t know if you can do emotes here, but we have a great one over on the Gator Board (we call it a Kiffen, but I digress)….that is a steaming pile of shite.

It might be a great way to accentuate your excellent rants! You could put the POS around these characters’ names who maliciously slime Palin, the Tea Party, and the rest of Obama’s “enemies” at the drop of a hat.

BTW, Happy New Years!

12 01 2011

I saw this on msn this morning. Palin: Tucson finger-pointing ‘irresponsible’.
The resultant votes are unbelievable, and I know that our country is messed up. If anyone can blame Palin for the sick and deranged shooters action then they are sick themselves.
What has this country come to? Ostriches are the rediculous majority.

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