The War Of 2011 Begins

4 01 2011

The “war of 2011” is the term for what we are about to witness in Washington D.C. starting this Wednesday. And I for one say, “BRING IT”!

Before anyone accuses me of being a rabid-gun-toting-bible-thumping-right-winger looking for a fight, let me say this.. “Damn right”. 

However, my reasons are not what everyone thinks they are. The only reason I want the poop to hit the fan ASAP, has to do with time, or lack of time. Let me explain.

I want to know as soon as possible if the GOP and the new elected batch of Tea-Party politicians are going to change Washington the way the voters clearly have expressed they want them to. Because…. If this coalition of Conservative Republicans and Tea-Party Rookies don’t come out with guns blazing starting this Wednesday, then we know that we have lost before we got a chance to get started. I don’t care if they get co-opted, bought, or threatened, I just want to know as early as possible so we Tea-Partiers can officially form a powerful political 3rd party to go up against both the GOP and the Democrats in the elections of 2012. The mountain of hurdles we could face would be enormous. Other than needing a huge Bank Account, the Tea-Party Party would need time. You don’t need me to tell you that two years isn’t nearly enough time to build a formidable party that could challenge both the Democrats and the Republicans. We have no other choice, it would have to be done regardless.

Unless of course → the GOP joins hands in partnership with our duly elected Tea-Party officials and go to work saving our damn country. Wednesday is the day we find out who’s got the guts to say “the old way of running this country is over and now it’s time for common sense to make a comeback in our Nations Capitol”. If the GOP does this, then we will be unstoppable and our country can be saved. If the GOP doesn’t do this, we call in the Marines and form a viable 3rd party and start hunting for candidates to run.

One other battle to watch will be how the Dems react to the Tea-Party winners sitting across the aisle from them and telling them “Not on our watch” every time a Dem makes some stupid proposal that costs the tax-payer more money. I expect the Dems to try to push their weight around almost immediately, so don’t be surprised if by the end of this week there are juicy soundbites flying everywhere.

Either way, the war of 2011 starts on Wednesday, and there is going to be radical progressive blood spilled in the halls of Congress. Not literally of course.

May God be good to us!







3 responses

4 01 2011

We are going to know in very short order whether or not we are still going to be America two years hence, or something else.

The 112th congress is the one that must stop Obama cold in his tracks. Should it fail, the makeup of the 113th congress isn’t going to matter.


4 01 2011
Doc's Wife

You hit the nail on the head w/ this one, Gio. If this Congress doesn’t start making changes NOW, there will be no free nation left very soon.

4 01 2011

Boehner et al better show some strong cajones or we are toast!

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