Sarah Palin Song

18 01 2011

Thanks to The Blaze for finding this little gem…



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19 01 2011

Too funny…Dr Laura said it best tonight on Hannity: the left hate her cuz she has balls! Got get em girl!

19 01 2011


I find it amazing that people like Newt Gingrich still talks down to/about her. This tells me that he has no clue about what regular Americans want from our politicians. I don’t want a Newt type representing our great nation. I’m looking for another Ronald Reagan, even if its a female version of Ronnie. And Sarah that fits that bill. As long as she is willing to vigorously defend our Constitution, represent the people (not special interest), and use well informed common sense, then I’m good.

I don’t want a president that has to go around trying to convince the world how smart he thinks he is. Nor do I want a coward that will go around the world saying how sorry he is for the bad things the USA may have done. And the topper for me… I don’t want a president that thinks they are better than the average American.


28 12 2014
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Sarah Palin Song | Giovanni’s World

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