The Case For Not Voting Obama

16 10 2008

I have done more than enough research on the following subject to say with all honesty, I believe Barak Hussein Obama will lead this nation down a Socialist/Communist path if elected.

That makes the decision process for voters positively easy. There are two easy choices to make… 

1. Do you want a man who loves a free United States of America as your president?

2. Do you want a man that does not love a free United States of America, and would  push for a Socialist/Communist model of governing?

Yes folks, the choices are really that simple. Forget who has the best economic plan, or the best war strategy, or promises everything to everybody, the only thing that counts at this point of the race is… what kind of country do you want in the future for your children. Do you want the freedom loving system we have enjoyed for over 250 years, or do you want a repressive system like what Russia or China has?

The debate last night was only a show for the media, because in the end, it had no real value. Sure, McCain brought up Obama’s connection to William Ayers, our very own home-grown terrorist. But Obama simply ducked the punch and swatted it away like it was no big deal, and alot of people bought it.

Before I go into the ‘why’ I don’t trust Obama, read a few of the comments from people at one of the liberal blogs concerning the Ayers controversy. Keep in mind that there were over 2,000 comments on this one post that were very similar in nature, and the comments were still coming in. This is how the left views William Ayers…

“I’d take a Bill Ayers any day over an authoritarian-conservative from the ‘new’ Republican’t party. Mr Ayers is a patriot in the best tradition of Thomas Jefferson.”

“Bill Ayers…very cool dude and smart as they come….most of the anti viet nam war activists ended up as respected college professor- we had semi-famous ex blank panther turned professor at my college in CA”

“I think Ayers was a true patriot in the mold of Sam Adams and the Son’s of Liberty. Remember also, the only people who lost their lives in the Weatherman attacks were members of the Weathermen.”

“Leave Mr. Ayres alone, he is more principled than Hannity, McCain, or Fox news!”

Since the majority of my readers are patriots, I only copied a few of these sickening comments to save you all a trip to the bathroom. Personally, these people make me sick!

Time to face reality. We now live in a country where terrorists are considered heroes by a fair percentage of our citizens. So whether you thought McCain or Obama were great, or terrible, or just fair, in the debate last night, think of one thing… Is McCain a true American, or is Obama a true American?

I’m going to take one last stab at connecting the dots with Barak Obama and the people that have shaped his world views all through his adulthood. I have already given you the long version here… Why Obama Scares The Crap Out Of Me. This time I’m going to simplify the connecting of the dots from that piece.

Ok, here’s my list of why I don’t trust Obama…

  1. Obama’s Father a Communist activist.
  2. Obama’s Mother a Communist symphasizer.
  3. Obama’s Brother(Roy) Luo activist, militant muslim, marxist.
  4. After Obama moved to Hawaii he became friends with Frank Marshall Davis  an avowed member of the Communist Party. Went to rally’s and conventions together all through College.
  5. After moving to Chicago Obama got law degree and represented clients like ACORN.
  6. During this time he also became a community organizer, learning the radical tactics of Alinsky, another Marxist.
  7. Starts attending Church and listens to the preachings of Rev. Wright a racist, anti-american marxist, for 20 years.
  8. Through Rev. Wright, Obama learns the teachings of “Black Liberation Theology”.
  9. Black Liberation Theology invented by James Cone a racist Marxist, who was inspired by Fidel Castro and Che’ Guevarra and their teachings of “Revolution’.
  10.  Obama then kicks off his political career at the home of Bill Ayers an American terrorist, marxist.
  11.  Then Obama becomes the Administrator of a Grant called the “Chicago Annenberg Challenge”. This is a $150,000,000 million dollar education Grant given to and run by terrorist/marxist William Ayers. This was his view on what the grant money is to be used for…”We can’t have education without revolution. We have tried peace education for 1,900 years and it has failed. Let us try revolution and see what it will do now.” 
  12.  Somewhere in there Obama became a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. Which now endorses him for president.

Do we really need any more proof that Obama has been schooled in Socialism/Communism his entire adult life, and his liberal mindset has been molded by his schooling?

Pass the word around, Obama must not win.

I want to leave you with one last comment from a liberal blog that was just posted this evening…

Today was our first day of early voting and for the first time in our local history, lines wrapped around locations thru out town. Took me 2.5 hours to vote. We all hung in there and shared our favorite Barack stories. Freaking unbelievable!! The Culture War is definetly ON.”

Update: I received an email telling me that I’m wrong. The sender told me to go to to find out the truth. News Flash…The Annenberg Political Fact Check is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania which wrote the grant and received the funding from the Annenberg Foundation! The very same foundation that funded William Ayers. Nuff said.