Sarah Palin Special Edition #2

31 08 2008

It seems as if a lot of people are interested in Sarah Palin, which is very understandable, so I put together some comments from Ecofascists and their fellow crazy-as-crack liberals. From what I know of Gov Palin so far, she seems to be just what this country needs. But that’s not exactly how the crazies see it.

Keep in mind that all the comments I have copied are from Obama supporters. Enjoy…

“Is Palin still breast feeding?”
— Posted by C. K.

The above poster wanted to know because they thought this may be another reason why Gov Palin should not be VP.

“Let Palin debate Obama, and let us decide who is the most competent.”
— Posted by N.

Actually, that may be a good idea. Get Obama away from a teleprompter and he’s toast. Yes, of course I know Presidential candidates don’t debate VP candidates.

“After the Republican party causes more and more people to lose their homes and jobs Sarah can step in and show us how to live off the land just as they do in Alaska!”
— Posted by S. 2

Hold on just one second there mister, I thought that’s what you Ecofascists want… to live off the land? You know, go back to nature and all that stuff.

“Hey, can I be president next? I’m a woman. That seems to be the criteria – that and putting lead in ol’John’s limp pencil.”
— Posted by M. S.

“President Palin? The planet is WARMING ….not cooling”
— Posted by T. M.

“McBush insults women’s intelligence by simply putting a woman on the ticket.”
— Posted by K.D.


“Obama shows his experience EVERY TIME HE OPENS HIS MOUTH. Can you sound as articulate? Can you write a speech even close to the one he gave last night? My guess is NO.
This VP chick has even LESS experience than Obama; these repugs are hypocrites, pure and simple.”
— Posted by D.D.

This person is under the illusion that Obama writes his own speeches. There really should be an IQ test given before people can register to vote. 

“…in an effort to woo Clinton supporters, cited Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro as women who had a role in putting cracks in the POLITICAL GLASS CEILING. WHAT ABOUT SHIRLEY CHISHOLM? WAS THIS A DELIBERATE SLIGHT BY PALIN?”
— Posted by T.E.L.

Sure it was 😉

“She will be “Palin” in comparison to Biden. Get it, that was a play on words.”
— Posted by J.G.

DOH!!! Yeah we get it, moron!

Oh, how I wish it was Nov. has a great poll concerning Sarah Palin. .


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Day 4 – Here Come The Hurricane Crazies.

31 08 2008

Day 4 pre-landfall.

Hurricane Gustav is still at least 2 days away, but this does not keep the Ecofascists from celebrating like it’s an early Christmas. Why? Because they are actually wishing this storm destroys New Orleans again, at the same time as the GOP Convention get’s under way. Maybe Christmas was a bad choice for a holiday considering most Ecofascists don’t believe in God or Jesus. I should have used the May Day Celebration! 

Below are some of their stupid remarks. I’m still amazed at how many comments about this Hurricane revolve around politics, especially when Hurricanes could care less what political party you belong to. In fact, they have a tendency to be quite indescriminate as to who they kill.

Let’s pray that Hurricane Gustav, and the one right behind it, are kind to the USA, and all of it’s people. Yes, even the Ecofascists.

Enjoy… if you can!

“…gathered around our kitchen tables, have begun (completely in the spirit of party unity) to refer to the gathering storm clouds as Hurricane John and Tropical Storm Sarah. We do so with the knowledge that by the end of next week they could both strengthen into a national diaster of immense proportions.”
— Posted by W. A. P.

“Tampa & Pensacola will be responsible for major destruction in New Orleans.
The SHA map shows wastewater plumes coming from both ports”
— Posted by F. M.

The guy above has this theory that Hurricanes purposely try to destroy any city or country that pumps wastewater into the Ocean. On this one occasion though, he seems to be hedging his bet by blaming Tampa and Pensacola for destroying NO. Yikes, this guy is nuts!

“Gustav is God talking to the Republicans!”
— Posted by W. M. 

Well, well, well, here’s one person that may believe in God. As long as God goes after Republicans. I’m betting this person never opened a Bible.

“I think a lot of people think of NOLA/Katrina as something that didn’t happen to people, but black people.”
— Posted by N. O. Y. K.


“Imagine being the only President in the US history to have lost an entire city in America, destroyed the society of Iraq, psychologically destroyed individual’s minds and…”
— Posted by S. 1313

Sounds more like this person has had their mind destroyed. Probably by her Professors in College.

And finally… the person below also wrote that they hope to become a politician some day. I beg you God, help us out on this one. Let them be a Social Worker or something, please.

“New Orleans has become dear to me because I don’t feel like I’m in America”
— Posted by G.

Will update every day. It’s necessary to prove to the world that Ecofascists are full of crap, and a dangerous bunch.

Day 3 – Here Come The Hurricane Crazies.

30 08 2008

Breaking news: See update at bottom of post.

Day 3 of Disaster watch by the Ecofascist cult is starting to make me feel a little creepy. I’m starting to think that they want a catastrophe of historic proportions, with dead bodies floating in the streets just so they can push their two agendas. The first is… it’s Bush’s fault. And second… see we told you Global Warming would do this! Both points of course being rediculous. Bush does not control the weather, and Hurricanes have been hitting the USA for many centuries. If you want to compare how each decade stacks up with Hurricanes, go here for the breakdown… It only dates back to 1851, but it’s probably the farthest they can go back with any certainty. Looking at this chart put’s Hurricanes in their proper perspective.

Anyway, here are some crazy comments from day three. Please leave a comment or two. This site is getting alot of traffic, but it seems people are being a bit shy. C’mon, join in the fun and share your thoughts about Ecofascists. Enjoy…

“How ironic: the climate may take revenge on the party that ignored global warming.”
— Posted by D. B.

Sure, everyone knows that the GOP controls the weather.

“Only seven years left to avoid global climate catastrophe”
By Carlos Pascual and Strobe Talbott

The two above have written a book  Oooops, op-ed in the Wapo. Mark your calendar, we die in 7 years. Yeah right!

“What you need is some sort of website that provides a central database of deniers. That way, anyone who wants to can check on the denial status of a particular individual.
Maybe this need congressional investigation. Call people before the House Un-Environmental Activities Commission and find out why they think man-made global warming is fake, and who else they know that also denies it. This could be especially effective if you throw AGW deniers in jail, as David Suzuki suggests.”
— Posted by J.

The above Ecofascist poster is one scary dude. The reason why he scares me so much is… there are many more just like him. Now do you see why I call them Ecofascists?

“If the Rove/Republican attack machine weren’t so busy, we could all be more civilized. But with stuff like the Obama nation and the viral Muslim attack, and drill drill drill, we have to use anything we can. It’s legitimate to bring up the administration’s dishonesty and incompetence about energy and the environment, and if nature helps, that levels the playing field a bit.”
— Posted by S. A.

“These major weather related catastrophes are not going away anytime soon, especially with climate change augmenting the intensity of storms.”                                                                        — Posted by E. T.

I sent this poster the info about the history of Hurricanes since 1851. She replied to me later…”Are you a mamber of the Bush regime”? She probably thinks that buying carbon credits will STOP Hurricanes.

Keep your children away from these people at all costs!

Breaking News Update: Thanks to Jeff Poor at for bringing us the story of… “Michael Moore Calls Gustav Landfall on Day One of GOP Convention ‘Proof There is a God in Heaven’.”

M. Moore proves once again he is a God hating, anti-American, piece of crap!

Sarah Palin Special Edition.

29 08 2008

Yahoo update: • Palin electrifies anti-abortion, pro-gun conservatives Gee, Yahoo is being so fair to Sarah and Conservatives. And I believe Democrats have never tried to rig an election.

Personally, I think this was a very good pick by John McCain. From the beginning, I have not been a McCain supporter, but his choice of Sarah Palin forces me to rethink my voting choices.

In the meantime, I thought we could have some fun with how the Ecofascists are taking todays breaking news. Hint… they don’t like it.

All the comments posted below are from the same Ecofascist sites where I get all my other comments from. Anotherwords, the same people.


“We have prettier women. We have smarter women. What is truly important is: We have BETTER women.”
— Posted by K. T. M.

The “we” in the above post means ‘Democrats’.

 “I’m confused. She supports drilling for oil but also supports alternative energy?”                  — Posted by  A. M.


 “As long as equal pay for women is a non issue, the fact that she has no foreign policy experience scares me too. Can you imagine her staring down Putin or Iraq? It’s funny but you go ahead.”
— Posted by S.

“Palin choses to carry a child with down syndrome to term…She has the right for her personal choices, but I have the right to be sceptical about her leadership on such issues.”
— Posted by C. J. G.

“He putting a woman as commander in chief if he croaks??
NOT what they teach you at militaty shul!!”

— Posted by J.

“McCAIN would have been equally served to pick Paris Hilton. At least Paris has some global experience. At least Paris has some global experience.”
— Posted by A. I.

“Christian extremists like their women “surrendered”…will they tolerate a woman as a VP candidate? Oh, what is a h8ful, intolerant Christo-fas.cist to do?? Poor dears.”
— Posted by P. 2.

I have hundreds of these, so it will be a day to day process weeding out the ones that don’t meet my standards. But have no fear, I will bring some of the stupidest.

Ok, here it is 8 hours later and the comments keep building. Sarah Palin is definately the talk of the day. In fact, she may be responsible for me being late with updating “Day 3 of – Here Come The Hurricane Crazies.“. So with that in mind, here’s a few more comments from our Ecofascist friends. Enjoy…

“McCain insults my intelligence as a professional woman with his choice of such a conservative and almost fundamentalist woman. Women in the natural sciences are embarrassed and concerned.”
— Posted by Dr. M.

“The big bad Republicans have chosen a woman that is so evil that Hillary Clinton looks like Tinkerbell.”
— Posted by D.

“Can anyone tell me who is going to take care of Sarah’s 4-month-old disabled baby? I think that it is irresponsible for Sarah to run for office when her children need her most. What about family values?”
— Posted by B. 2.5.

Hmmmm, who takes care of Obamas kids when he and his wife are out campaigning? 

“She knew that the child was sick and she had him to bring him into this??? I think that is abuse.”
— Posted by K. M.

The above post pissed me off. I almost did not include it here because it was so damn ignorant. On second thought, it’s better that everyone see’s the left in all their glory. Jerks!

“…and Biden remember this and slaughter her in the debates. I’m looking forward to seeing her cry…”
— Posted by C.

“Palin can’t even save the dying Polar Bears.”
— Posted by S. F. K.

Dying Polar Bears? Where? Not in Alaska. In fact, the Polar Bear is thriving and their numbers are increasing every year. 

I will add more comments if I can stomach it. In the meantime, enjoy!

Day 2: Here Come The Hurricane Crazies.

29 08 2008

Hurricane Gustav is slowly making it’s way towards the open Gulf. One recent track has it turning more to the East. If you think anything like me, you know that these tracks are pretty useless. Hurricanes go where they want to.

If anyone thought that day 2 would be quieter than yesterday (concerning the Ecofascist babble) you would be dead wrong. In fact, the comments are getting even more bizarre. See for yourself…

“Ever had to evacuate? Transportation and hotels cost quite a bit of money. Not everyone is in a position to move out of harm’s way.”
— Posted by M. J. T.

 Then walk and bring a damn tent with you! Or you could stay where you are AND DIE!

“I am still pissed off about New Orleans. However, the greatest engineering disaster in history has to have been the three collapsed buildings on 9/11. You don’t hear too much about these “failures” though because too many architects and engineers know they did not come down because of fires, or plan damage, or faulty engineering.”
— Posted by B.

I had no idea that Hurricanes bring out Truthers.

“It’s also possible that we can geoengineer our way out- who knows, maybe send tons of tin foil into orbit around the earth.”
— Posted by M. R.

Here’s a chance for these people to do some real recycling. They could all contribute their Tin Foil Hats!

“all these storms are from praying christians”
— Posted by M.

Wow, just wow!

Everyone knows you can’t have good Hurricane without politics…

“Tropical Storm Gustav may regain hurricane status. This Hurricane will send a clear message a to the GOP next week.”
— Posted by C. S.

“Biden said we are going to rebuild Georgia, and never mentioned we still after 3 years need to rebuild New Orleans. Why do we need to rebuild Georgia and leave New Orleans? Is it because the NEO CONS want to go into other parts of the world to complete the one world government they desire? The desire to control everything and everyone?”
— Posted by E. C.

This guy is so stupid on so many levels. Who knew that Biden was a Neocon?

“see God dont like ugly and he aint too cute about pretty and that is the the GOP get for praying for something to happen to happen to someone else…and they call O’Bama the anti-christ….”
— Posted by S. C.

It’s hard to tell, but I think this 3 year old is refering to Dr. Dobson joking about praying for rain in Denver during Obama’s ecceptance speech.

“It’s unfortunate that the National Guard is preoccupied freeing the Iraquis and will be unable to help
the people of New Orleans in their hour of need.”

— Posted by J. P.

This post is less than an hour old. Believe it or not, it’s not from 2005. I checked, and it looks like Louisiana National Guard is stateside waiting for word from the Governor.

And finally…

“And most pet friendly hotels only accept one pet. I have 2 cats. Which one do I leave to the wins and the floods?”
— Posted by Dr. J.

I pray this person has no children. And here I thought Doctors were really smart.

My collection of stupid comments is much more than I care to post, so you are only getting the few that made me laugh. Updates daily, so come back often.

Here Come The Hurricane Crazies.

28 08 2008

Ok, let me start out by saying, I don’t want anyone to get hurt in any Hurricane, nor do I wish their property to be lost because of same. Anotherwords, I am not making fun of people who have, or will suffer due to natural weather related events. 

We still have remnants of Hurricane Fay dropping rain in my area, and considering we were in a drought, it’s a welcome site. Yes, I fully know that others in Florida that got flooded do not have the same outlook as I do, but that is the whacky nature of how weather works. Now it looks like the Gulf Coast may get hit by Gustav, but will just have to wait it out and see what happens. You just have to take the bad with the good and move on. 

Our Ecofascist fearmongering friends see this possible event as an opportunity to promote their agenda, and boy-oh-boy are they getting riled up. The comments I have posted below are only from the last 12 hours. Since this is an event that will be happening over the next 4-5 days, I will be adding comments to this thread daily. Here we go…

Since most people are watching politics today, I thought I would start with a political rant.

“As of Thursday morning it is not only Gustav that we have to worry about.
Hanna is forming and it’s projected path is headed to Florida, or so it seems, from the east.
Some might call it a double whammy! And it could be what is to be.
If the Florida coast gets hit it will be a huge insurance hit. With the state still reeling from the two years of hurricanes that included Wilma a serious east coast storm could depress things even more.
Guess next week will tell the tale while the RNC tries to justify itself and prop up its candidate.”
— Posted by K. S.

“Don’t you know that Governor Bobby Troglodyte is going to PRAY Lousiiana out of danger?”
— Posted by r.

 “We are ignoring the man-made global warming which causing one by one stronger and stronger hurricanes. First We should mitigate global warming, limit temperature raising under 2 degree C.”
— Posted by W. S.

“Gulf Coast people must always remember Katrina, ‘05, Gustav ‘08 and later severe local weather as the real world consequences of human-induced global warming and climate change.”
— Posted by J. R.

“I think we all need to start praying to the LORD GOD.If this is anything like Ivan or Katrina,then I say go to THE LORD GOD IN PRAYER and keep on praying,because this could be another major catastrophe and we all know that lousiana can’t take another or it will be wiped off the face of the map!!!!!!!! Pray Hard!AND May GOD have Mercy on us all”
— Posted by S.

“It’s not about affecting the science… It’s about affecting public opinion…”
— Posted by D. E.

Oooops, there they go again accidently telling the truth. It’s not about science, it’s about propoganda.

Can We Have A Serious Talk?

28 08 2008

Nah, I’m not in the mood.

I would much rather have a little fun at our Ecofascist friends expense. The funny thing is…. it’s so darned easy!



“Anyway, all that sulfate, once in the stratosphere, will certainly produce some cooling, partially masking the warming from excess global warming…”
— Posted by D. B.

Cold causes warming? Are any of you buying this?


1. “The evidence of global warming is overwhelming.”
2. “This is a problem related to psychology, not climatology.”
— Posted by T. N.

Another Ecofascist let’s the truth slip out. Don’t these people ever read what they write?


“…why programs like the “Great Global Warming Swindle” are so dangerous.”
— Posted by N. T.

Documentary states clearly why AGW is baloney, and that’s dangerous. Oh, I forgot, the truth is to be scorned at all costs. 


“The other problem is of over crowding the planet with people.  There just simply isn’t enough room to comfortably support everybody.” 
— Posted by AL

Well by golly, if we just can’t get people comfortable enough, I say we get the United Nations to purchase a few billion Sleep Number Beds and soft fuzzy slippers and hand them out to all. I’m all about solutions!


“Homosapiens are to blame for all the worlds problems. Think Globally”
— Posted by S. W.

This guy got part of it right… Homosapiens are spread out fairly globally. This had to be written by someone’s Dog!


And finally, the Money Shot…

“Arguing with such people (skeptics) is a waste of time because they only listen to facts in order desperately to compose counter arguments.”
— Posted by S. K.

Damn those “facts”. How can we skeptics be in such denial? Hehehe…