Staying Warm By The Fire

13 12 2010

For those of you that may be a little bit cold!




6 responses

14 12 2010

Stay warm everbody in the snow! We’re trying not to drown in Seattle, major rain & some flooding…I might need a boat 🙂

14 12 2010

Pouring rain here in Boise as well…… A good time to keep the fire lit and be indoors.

14 12 2010
Doc's Wife

Snowed in until at least Thursday, but cabin fever has not set in yet! Making the best of it by doing early Christmas baking.

15 12 2010

Yummy! You’ll stay warm by the oven for sure!

15 12 2010

Hey Gio I think that fire is defective I can’t feel a thing 🙂

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