Napolitano New Years Blunder

31 12 2010

What the heck is wrong with the Obama administration?

I’m hoping that 2011 will give us some hard evidence in order to Impeach the worst president in modern history. Then we can clean out his Rats nest of Marxist appointees that seem to only help the enemies of the USA.

I got back to the house late this morning and as my habit, I turned on Fox News. It’s normal in my home to have Fox playing in the background during the day as I do my re-hab work, PC work, and all-around general chores. Within 30 second after turning on the TV, Fox had a story about Janet Napolitano, head of Homeland Security. She, in her infinite wisdom (major sarcasm)… is spending her New Years Eve in Afghanistan because there are some US Border Patrol Agents helping to train people at the AfPak border. Meanwhile, citizens in the USA are forced to keep out Illegals on our very own Southern border. See Video below…

Am I the only one that thinks this is another slap-in-the-face of the American people? Think about it  The head of Homeland Security is in Afghanistan helping to protect their border. What about our damn border right here at home?

A huge thank you goes out to the gentlemen in the video. They are doing the job that HOMELAND SECURITY is supposed to do. Instead, that Dept is busy protecting the borders of AFGHANISTAN. I’m beyond angry about this and it is taking every ounce of willpower to stay away from dropping ‘F’ bombs everywhere.

This is more proof that it is WE THE PEOPLE that are going to have to save this country. May God help us!




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31 12 2010
Doc's Wife

I also saw this on Fox this AM. Hubby and I both exclaimed, “WTH”!!!!!! How about securing OUR borders, not Afghanistan, you fool! What part of “homeland” does this idiot woman not understand?

31 12 2010

This Homeland Security is a JOKE!

Happy New Year All!!

31 12 2010

Homeland Security in this Administration is nothing but a canard.

Gio- A very happy and healthier new year my friend. To you and yours and the regular readers of Gio’s World – my wish for a very happy new year.

31 12 2010

Thanks BK. Here’s wishing a better year for you and your son.

Happy New Year!


1 01 2011

If you ask me, we can’t get these stoopid goobers out of office fast enough.


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