19 12 2010

Here are the RINOS that helped to repeal DADT. Please put them on your hit-list.

Six Republicans initially crossed the aisle to vote against the policy: Susan Collins (R-Maine), Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), Scott Brown (R-Mass.), Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) and George Voinovich (R-Ohio). … In the first procedural vote on Saturday morning, 63 senators voted in favor of the bill and 33 against. In the final passage, Sens. John Ensign (R-Nev.) and Richard Burr (R-N.C.) switched their vote to “aye,” despite initially voting against moving forward with the bill.

Burr is my Senator�and it sickens me! With a show of hands, how many of you would like to slap Murkowski across her smug mouth?

Will get the full list of Dems that voted for it next.





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19 12 2010

I also want to slap Brown…ugh!

19 12 2010
Semper Fi

Small world Gio, he’s mine too. I’ve already written him a letter about my distaste over his telling us one thing and doing another. I really trusted him to do the right things for us and for the most part he has. But to do this, right after being reelected, really concerns me!

What part of NC are you in? I’m on Topsail Island, halfway between Wilmington and Jacksonville.

19 12 2010

I’m just outside of the San Francisco of the South, Asheville.

Yeah I thought he could be trusted too. Will NOT make that mistake again.

Will, the guy who first welcomed you here, he’s also from the NC coast, but he’s much further north of you.

Almost forgot… Doc’s Wife is another Tar-Heel resident. She lives about 2 hours due west of me.

Small world indeed!


20 12 2010

Murkowski has shown her true cowardly yellow bellied colors. From flat out lying to her constituants to now “reaching across the aisle” to vote with the Dims. Im sure she is getting some pat on the back for a boatload of Alaskan pork for this. I fully expect to see alot more if this type of behavior from the above list. Most of them are infamous for this behavior and all of them obviously do not understand the meaning of the past Nov 2 elections.

27 12 2010

So you’re not only a homophobe but a woman beater too?

27 12 2010

Not homophobe…I don’t care who you sleep with. Why must one feel the need to proclaim their sexuality? Just go to work and do your job!

The only thing repeal of DADT does is bring in identity politics to our armed forces. This will open up the military to a variety of lawsuits. Identity politics does not belong in the military .

A woman beater? You certainly don’t understand us conservatives…unlike the left who spew so much hate and life threatening words, a slap across the face of traitor MurCOWski is just child’s play…

27 12 2010


Glad to see you are so open about who you are.

I have been personally accused of being a homophobe many times by many people, and to be honest, I don’t care. Gays live in a world that I want no part of, so I avoid going to places where I know Gays gather. I much prefer to be in the company of people that I believe are moral, trustworthy, and share my beliefs.

If prefering to hang out with moral people makes me a homophobe, then I am guilty as charged.

And as far as being a woman beater… I have never raised my hand to any woman. Even Murkowski (whom I loathe) would never feel my wrath because of her gender. My wanting to slap her lying mouth is just a way to convey to my readers as to how sick she makes me. And if we took a poll of my readers, you would know that they understand that I was just hyper-ventilating about the low-life b*tch.

DCG makes some very valid points. I suggest you read them and take them to heart, as she wraps-up nicely how most conservatives feel about the subject of homosexuality.


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