Not My President

30 11 2008

I am now totally convinced that Barack Obama is not eligible to take the oath of worlds2020liar20aleoffice for the highest elected position in the United States of America. Of all the places in the media to finally start talking about this subject, it’s MSNBC to cover it (see video below). I’m sure they will be getting a call from the Obama camp!

Just prior to Thanksgiving, I posted What The Heck Is Going On?, so consider this an addition to that post. With all the questions concerning Obama’s natural birth country, it does raise a rather interesting problem. If he does not present actual proof of country of birth prior to him taking the oath of office, should we consider him our president? My own opinion is a resounding NO. And it could lead us into a mine field never before seen in this country. For instance… what if he does take the oath and then we find out that he’s not eligible, does he then become a criminal? Will he have broken laws concerning fund raising? Is he brought up on charges because he took the oath of office knowing he was NOT eligible? Who thentakes his place? Does it invalidate the whole election? Etc, etc.

Another possible problem is his followers… Obama has been elevated to the status of Messiah in the eyes of many of his followers, so how do they react to news of his ineligibility. Do they march in the streets demanding he still be POTUS? Guessing this problem would end up before the Supreme Court, and the Court decides he is not eligible, do his followers accept it, or demand the Supreme Court reverse their decision? What if his followers decide that the Courts decision is invalid and they ignore the decision? Will this create a Constitutional problem never before seen in this country? Etc, etc.

I’m sure I’ve missed many questions this brings up, but find myself not being able to come up with good answers. However, if we do find out that Obama is NOT a natural born citizen, we will have been witness to the largest scam ever conceived on the planet. With all the above taken into consideration, would it not be better for him to just produce his real place of birth now? C’mon Obama prove us all wrong, if you can!

h/t to Giovanniworld member Ted for the following video. This is just another nail in the coffin for Obama’s presidential scam, unless of course he can prove otherwise.

Until Barack Obama can prove he is a natural born citizen, he will never be my president. Nor will I ever consider him the President of the United States of America. We should NOT call him president until he clears this up. Do you agree?


For an in-depth look at what makes Obama tick, I suggest you read this.

Why Obama Scares The Crap Out Of Me



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8 12 2008

Just ran across this story on WND. It is regarding an Egyptian Muslim cleric pleading for Obama to “return to his Muslim roots or else.” I checked for the video on youtube to see if if was really there. It is. This message was delivered November 27, 2008 and it has taken this long for someone to find this. Please watch this. I will post both links so you can see them.

8 12 2008

Dear Michelle,

Yes, isn’t this outrageous? Not only is Nicaraguan-born Roger Calero most definitely NOT a “natural born U.S. citizen” by whatever conceivable definition of “natural born,” the 2008 election is not the first time he was on the ballot as a presidential candidate of the Socialist Workers Party (what else?). Calero was on the SWP’s candidate for president in 2004! Clearly, NOBODY is vetting presidential candidates at all.

P.S. I felt so bad for you reading about your travails working in the bookstore. I share your profound sense of alienation of marginalization, as I live in the People’s Republic of Berkeley! That Americans must disguise their political preferences and secretively whisper to the like-minded may be a prelude and portend of what is worse to come.

8 12 2008

Sorry for the typos.

I meant “Calero was the SWP’s candidate for president in 2004!” and “I share your profound sense of alienation and marginalization”.

8 12 2008

Thanks! You have a good point about how things may come to pass. It seems like everything in the world is careening out of control. I hope more and more people will start seeing what is going on and speaking out against this madness.

It really must be difficult living in Berkeley. There are lots of universities and colleges around here, so it is a bit of a liberal hotbed, too. The head librarian at UNC decided not to display the Christmas trees in the university library because she didn’t want to offend anyone. A guy interviewed on the local news said 88% of the students that go to UNC celebrate Christmas! He suggested putting up Menorahs and other things to make it all equal.

8 12 2008

Hello, fellow patriots. Today is a sad day for our erstwhile constitutional republic.

The Supreme Court this morning made known its decision to reject Leo Donofrio’s request for a hearing on his lawsuit (Donofrio v. Wells) that three presidential candidates in the 2008 election (Obama, McCain, Calero) do not meet the Constitution’s “natural born citizen” requirement. All it would have taken was for four SCOTUS justices to vote in favor of a motion to grant certiorari (hearing) to Donofrio.

SCOTUS is now just a ragtag group of gutless wonders. I am thoroughly disgusted with all of them.

5 07 2009

The fact that not even Alito, Scalia, Roberts, and Thomas could agree to hear this case should give you a sense of the validity of the claims about Obama’s citizenship.

13 12 2008
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