Boycott General Electric

8 01 2011


General Electric owns MSNBC (and of course NBC). Tonight I would like all of my readers to consider the largest boycott in American history of General Electric products. All of them!

Obama will have his choice of which GE companies he will rule over once he's out of office.

It’s no surprise that GE uses MSNBC as a never-ending Obama administration promotion TV News outlet. They just got $18 Billion dollars from Obama and the Dems in Congress, so it looks like GE’s pandering to the left has finally paid off. But todays actions by MSNBC have crossed the line.

Like many of you I am a news junky, so when I heard of the shooting in Arizona today of a Congresswoman, Federal Judge, a child, and many other innocent bystanders, I had to turn on News channels every hour or so for updates. Because of the nature of the shooting I bounced back and forth between Fox News and MSNBC. I did this because almost immediately there seemed to be something about this story that was going to be ‘different’ so I wanted to see how the two competing news orgs were going to cover this tragedy.

Let me start with the good news… Fox News has been excellent in their coverage. They have correctly identified (yet unofficially) the shooter as a deranged man and have gone no further.

The bad news is… MSNBC (General Electric) is obviously trying to use this sad tragedy to whip up hatred for the political�right in this country. And they are doing so without a shred of evidence to back up their stupid, rediculous, and incredibly unprofessional�assertions.

Please join me in the largest boycott in American history against General Electric for allowing their News outlets to stir the flames of hatred toward an legitimate American political group. If this gets any uglier than it already is we can then sue the pants off of GE and ruin them forever!

We could start with saying prayers for all that were killed and injured today, then when the time of mourning is over, we can start gathering info of GE products that we consumers use so we know what to boycott.


UPDATE: There has been a lot of talk about how this is Sarah Palins fault because she put a Bulls Eye target over the district that Gabrielle Giffords represents. Shocking… Daily Kos targeted Gabrielle Giffords with a “bulls eye” back in June of 2008. You won’t find it on the Kos anymore because they have been busy scrubbing their site, but you can see a copy of a screengrab here… AND MUCH MORE!




3 responses

9 01 2011

Sad indeed they would use these deaths for a political agenda but not surprising.

Haven’t bought a GE products years & never will!

9 01 2011

The Faux shock at Palins use of military terms in the political realm is astounding. Listening to the Left wing media you would think that she was the first and only person in the history of this country to allude to the idealogical political struggle between left and right as a battle. I jokingly commented to a co-worker that they would try and pin this on Bush or Palin. Shockingly …. they did. The best comparison I have seen was on Hot Air, with the media proclaiming restraint and no judgments during the Ft. Hood tradgedy even though we knew the gunman was muslim and shouted Allah Ahkbar while pulling the trigger. As opposed to yesterday, before we even knew the gunmans name the Palin blame was already being alluded to. Its despicable, I already dont watch the network, I will be happy to spend a little extra time to ensure I dont buy their products.

10 01 2011

I started my boycott during the Presidential election… I have not tuned into any other channel that is not owned by fox for years… Will not own a GE product, never have… Have not watched a movie from Hollywood in forever… Will only watch an Arnold movie if he works for $8.00 an hour and no profits…

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