Palin Is Caught And Her Career Is Over!

30 09 2008

As of  9/30/08′ at 6:45 PM, the future of Sarah Palin is in serious jeapordy. There should be a response shortly coming from the McCain camp on this latest of the Sarah Palin saga. Most conservatives like myself were counting on Sarah being able to re-invigorate the GOP and get it back to it’s core values. Sadly, it looks like we have all been screwed by a rising political star once again. This may very well be the turning point in this campaign. We might as well start getting used to Obama as our Socialist leader for the next 4 years. Personally, I am crushed by the news, but for those of you that want to know what this is all about, please keep on reading.

Some of the liberal bloggers worked together in trying to dig up dirt on Gov. Palin and have uncovered something that should have been caught during the vetting process. They announced just a short while ago that Sarah Palin may have her lipliner tattooed on permanently. Below is the picture they have uncovered. Becuase of the seriousness of the charge, I have decided to name the person that uncovered this dasterdly deed. Her name is ‘Anya Strzemien’. Anya evidently was working off a tip sent to her by a close friend that works for the blog called Wonkette. After looking at all the evidence, Anya decided to go public with this by publishing this info at the ‘beyond reproach Huffington Post’. Once it went public, and the good people of the Obama flock digested the news, the shit hit the fan.


Ok, I can’t take it any longer. Let me explain…. This is actually a real story running at the Huffington Post. And to top it off, they are not joking, and this is not someones idea of shtick. They actually think this is an issue. Below are some of the comments in response to this in-depth investigation. Yes, I know this is a joke, but only to you and I. The folks at Huffpo are actually taking this very serious. Here’s the bottom line… If we cant beat these idiots in this election then we need to go back to the drawing board and re-think our priorities. Please do not blame me for any suicides because of this posting.

Let the stupid comments run amock…

“Now I know what McCain saw in her.”
– Posted by P.M.

“Hint: Her lips probably look that way from all the asses she’s had to kiss lately.”
– Posted by Z.B.

“Lipliner looks gross anyway. Why anyone would want to put stripes on their mouth…………”
– Posted by Y.E.S.

“You can tell it’s a taboo by look at her upper lip; the tatoo artist increased her lip line. Sarah Palin must be quite vain to have had this procedure. She also owns her own tanning salon. Not your avergae hockey mom if you ask me.”
– Posted by A.V.

“Fine with me if her lipliner has been tatooed. Perhaps it had to be! Afterall, you can’t put lipstick on a pitbull!”
– Posted by A.J.

“If her lipliner is infact a tattoo, too bad for her when she gets older and her lips shrink. What a stupid thing to do. Almost as stupid as thinking she could be a remotely adequate Prez when melanoma or age strikes down her running mate.”
– Posted by P.C.

“Considering what comes out of that mouth… does she kiss her mother and children with that same mouth??!!”
– Posted by T.T.L.

“Kudos to whoever did the research.”
– Posted by S.C.

“Good Christians don’t get tattoos.”
– Posted by J.F.

“Did you see the Wasilla Assembly of God video where she talked about Track getting a tattoo and how they “didn’t approve” but were proud that he got a “big ol’ Jesus fish”?”
– Posted by J.F.

“She has a nervous tic, shows up in those interviews. She always licks her lips, leaving a border of lipstick. That’s my guess.”
– Posted by S.D.

“She probably has a tramp stamp too!”
– Posted by R.S.

“Can we as dedicated liberals stop this senseless time-wasting nonsense and get back to planning the socialization of this nation?”
– Posted by H.D.

At least the very last post showed that some liberals still have their eye on the ball. Some of them admit that their goal is nothing less than a Socialist State for the USA. We have no choice but to beat these people in 35 days from today! We cannot let this country be run by the stupidest people on earth!


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Liberals Lash Out At Sarah’s Parents

30 09 2008

In the following video, you will see an interview by Harry Smith of CBS, with the parents of Sarah Palin. The interview has nothing earth shattering in it, just a few words of encouragement from some very proud parents. Considering that CBS went after this interview with her parents, it seems strange that liberals would make some of the comments you will read below. After you watch the video, read the nasty remarks left by the loving, caring, tolerant jerks from liberal la-la land.

Watch video here.


None of the comments below ever take into consideration that any normal parent would be proud of their child, especially if their child has been picked as a VP of the United States of America.  They also do not take into account that any normal, caring, loving, parent would naturally be defensive. It’s called being a parent. After reading the comments you may wonder as I did… “did these people have decent parents or were they all from dysfunctional families?” You decide…

“Face it Mom and Dad, your little girl is out of her league! Should have stayed back in Wasilla.”
– Posted by R.J.

“please, even Casey Anthony’s mother defended her, too.”
– Posted by W.G.

“Time for the RNC to hid Sarah’s parents too.”
– Posted by J.M.

“The Palin CROCKS are offering CROCKS to Americans.No thanks.”
– Posted by D.K.

“Maybe it is that HAARP facility in Alaska, or maybe it is the northern lights, but something definitely has made these people stupid.”
– Posted by D.H.

“Stupid is as stupid does. These two people were teachers? of what circular talk and ignorance, intolerance, creationism? Another glowing example of America’s failing education system at work.”
– Posted by D.H.

“It’s a shame that Sara’s parents are in this for a pity vote.
Hopefully we won’t have to hear from you or your daughter after November!”
– Posted by L.T.

“Since when do parents weigh in? Did Rose Kennedy whine? Did Barbara Bush whine? Have we heard from Hillary’s Mom? How inappropriate – and sad.”
– Posted by S.C.

“Sarah is running to Mom and Dad, ”they are picking on me…waahhhh”
Grow up. This is pathetic.”
– Posted by D.E.P.

“(Just last night I wondered out loud where the h these people were.) I speculated that maybe they were leaning Obama like the mother in law. Now I know. They are living in the same great inverted bowl of darkness as their daughter. Geez.”
– Posted by M.1

“Even her parents believe seeing Russia from thier house qualifies one to be Vice President???
Guess the ole saying, the fruit doesnt fall far from the tree is right!!!”
– Posted by C.N.

“The Heaths created this rape-kit-denying-helicopter-using-“hunter”-sorry-excuse-for-a-mother-who-seeks-to-deny-all-women-the-right-to-choose human being. They get no sympathy or breaks from me.”
– Posted by A.V.D.


These comments seem to beg the question… “how low will liberals go?” The obvious answer would be… “you ain’t seen nothing yet!”. And people wonder why I don’t like liberals.


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OMG – Obamas As The Waltons

29 09 2008

Do not get mad about subject covered in this issue of Giovanni’s World. The only reason I am posting this is to share some of the same agony I went through while doing research this evening for a subject to cover. At least give me some credit for using a picture of the Obama’s with Dick Cheney in it.

Married Americans can appreciate very much the idea of a partnership, but it’s not exactly the straw that breaks the Camels back in Presidential politics. However, everyone of every political persuasion likes to see a candidate with a loving, supportive wife and family.

With that being said, the comments you are about to read are in reaction to an article posted at one of the popular liberal/socialist political blogs. I do not want to promote the liberal blog in any way, so I’m only going to copy a small peice of the article. Then I will go directly to the responses. I will warn you though, these few paragraphs from the article will make you want to bring up your dinner, and then the comments to follow will make you contemplate suicide, so don’t say I didn’t warn you…

“One of the greatest benefits of an Obama presidency is hidden in plain sight: the relationship between Michelle and Barack. They provide a great role model of a healthy relationship, at a time when such models are sorely needed.

For example…
Imagine having a president who is not distracted from the nation’s business by the stresses of secrets in the presidential marriage.

Imagine having a president who likes his partner and values her as an equal, a president who touches his wife affectionately in public and actually listens to her when she talks!

It’s high time we got to see an honest, loving, real relationship in the White House. If you’re like us, you probably don’t want to spend the next four years hearing how much the perfectly-coiffed Mrs. McCain has spent on her outfit, which of their nine houses they’re weekending at or which of their thirteen cars they’re wheeling around in. There’s something bigger to worry about, though. If the actuarial tables have any predictive value, a McCain presidency would soon become a Palin presidency, and that is a scenario truly frightening to contemplate.”

Geeez, did that kill off a few brain cells or what? If you made it this far, check out the responses…

“I sensed your tears of sentimentality througout. It’s from the heart.”
– Posted by S.W.

“Thanks 4 shining a light on the simple things that mean the most.”
– Posted by L.A.

“I appreciate this real example of a down to earth, modern marriage. First that it is possible, secondly that it really does exist!”
– Posted by L.S.B.

“I am hoping Michelle gives Barack a son to carry on his father’s name while he is President”
– Posted by S.C.

“the idea that the Obamas need a son is sexist.”
– Posted by B.

One liberal scolding another. Gotta love it!

“They are playful, they whisper in each other’s ears, there’s the pat on the rump, even the famous fist bump was sexual. I feel their emotion and all I want to do is LOVE my husband.”
– Posted by J.V.

The poster above seems to get HOT watching the Obama’s. I suggest this womans husband take note and put up pictures of the Obama’s in the bedroom. Just trying to help a guy out.

“They LOOK at each other — that is sexy! They hold hands a lot, they laugh together. They flirt. They tease.
I can only imagine what goes on in bed! They are a really hot couple.”
– Posted by J.S.N.

Fantasizing about the Obama’s would have the exact opposite effect on me and the wife.

“I’m not a conspiracy theorist…but last week i had a wierd dream that barack held a press confrence to announce that Michelle was pregnant”
– Posted by l.A.H.

“She said recently that the campaign IS their third child! I would bet they are on some good birth control right now!”
– Posted by J.S.N.

“You can see the genuine affection between Barack and Michelle and know he is fighting for the presidency for the future of his children”
– Posted by J.E.

The above poster is giving us fair warning. Time to get a shovel… cause the you-know-what is about to get deep!

“If the election comes down to a tie on the “hard” issues I can’t think of a better tie breaker for voters than the “Norman Rockwell” like family picture of the Obamas.”
– Posted by O.A.G.

“It doesn’t have to be the reason someone votes him for president but it sure does tell you alot more about the kind of person he is and the kind of President he will make. and i read at least 5 magazines a month
– Posted by R.O.

Now if this statement doesn’t make you laugh “and I read at least 5 magazines a month” then you are hopeless!

“The political pundits and others may not have discussed this topic, but it has long been discussed in the African American community”
– Posted by E.O.

“The “family values” party is rife with dysfunctional families with no discernable values. They have the greatest number of divorces, the greatest number of sexual deviants, and NOW Sarah Palin…case closed on who really is the party of “family values”…”
– Posted by C.1970

Ah-hah! It was just a matter of time before somebody trashed Sarah. Strangely enough, it seems to me, but not to liberals, that the Palin family is the most normal, healthy family values family in politics.

“I personally would be honored for Mr. and Mrs Obama to lead our great country!”
– Posted by I.M.M.

Obviously, the person above would have trouble buying a clue. Mrs. Obama won’t be leading anything!

The ironic coincidence of this article leaves me shaking my head… Today is my wedding anniversary to the best damn woman on earth!


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Candidates Google Wars – Palin Smart

27 09 2008

This post is a bit different from what I usually do here, so I hope you find it interesting. If not, just file it under ‘for what it’s worth’.

For some strange reason, I was wondering how the hatred from the left equates to Google counts. So I made up a few standard phrases with each candidates name included and googled them, and what I found shocked me, and I have a suspicion you will be shocked too.

There is nothing earth shattering in the numbers that show up until the very last phrase. So for what they are worth…


  • McCain is evil   Results – 10,300,000 for McCain is evil.
  • Obama is evil   Results – 14,100,000 for Obama is evil.


  • McCain sucks     Results – 4,050,000 for McCain sucks.
  • Obama sucks     Results – 5,400,000 for Obama sucks.


  • McCain a liar      Results – 4,190,000 for McCain liar.
  • Obama a liar      Results – 4,640,000 for Obama liar.


  • McCain a patriot  Results – 6,300,000 for McCain a patriot.
  • Obama a patriot   Results – 6,840,000 for Obama a patriot.


  • McCain not a patriot  Results – 5,920,000 for McCain not a patriot.
  • Obama not a patriot   Results – 6,280,000 for Obama not a patriot.


  • Sarah Palin is evil   Results – 372,000 for Sarah Palin is evil.
  • Joe Biden is evil     Results – 905,000 for Joe Biden is evil.


  • Sarah Palin sucks     Results – 344,000 for Sarah Palin sucks.
  • Joe Biden sucks       Results – 363,000 for Joe Biden sucks.


  • Sarah Palin a liar    Results – 325,000 for Sarah Palin a liar.
  • Joe Biden a liar      Results – 457,000 for Joe Biden a liar.


  • Sarah Palin a patriot  Results – 269,000 for Sarah Palin a patriot.
  • Joe Biden a patriot    Results – 573,000 for Joe Biden a patriot.


  • Sarah Palin not a patriot  Results – 241,000 for Sarah Palin not a patriot.
  • Joe Biden not a patriot    Results – 495,000 for Joe Biden not a patriot.


  • McCain smart man      Results – 414,000 for McCain smart man.
  • Obama smart man       Results – 465,000 for Obama smart man.


  • Sarah Palin smart woman Results – 2,480,000 for Sarah Palin smart woman.
  • Joe Biden smart man     Results – 198,000 for Joe Biden smart man.


        First I was shocked that all the numbers were fairly close, as I was expecting a big number in the postings to go negative for the McCain/Palin team. The big shocker was the obvious landslide for Sarah Palin in the “smart” department. Not sure what to make of it, so I hope someone can give their insights as to the huge advantage to Palin. As a Palin supporter I’m glad to see this, but does it mean anything useful? You tell me.

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A Breakthrough Night for Obama?

27 09 2008

  Madeleine Albright
Posted September 26, 2008 | 11:02 PM (EST)
A Breakthrough Night for Obama

Believe it or not, this is the headline that was chosen by Madeleine Albright a whole 30 minutes after the debate tonight. Here’s just the first few words of her pathetic orgasmic rant… “Tonight was a breakthrough for Senator Obama, who showed himself truly ready to be president, blahblahblahblahblah…”

If you want to read the rest of her dribble, go look it up. I’m not going to have any part in promoting this sell-out liberal diplomat. But there is one comical note to what she writes… the response below came directly from the same liberal lunatic site that she posted her rant to.

“Thank you, Madame Albright! You have always been an example to me. Your brilliance is matched by your beauty….”

The guy above has evidently been blind since birth. Either that or he’s one of those weirdos that think people like Helen Thomas and Madeleine Albright are HOT!

So who do you think won the debate tonight? Leave your answers in the comments section. Below is the expected garbage from the left. Have fun, but do not read if you have eaten recently. You have been warned…


“Obama was on the mark all the way, McBush looked old and angry”
– Posted by M.B.

“Obama won!
McCain looked like the white slave owner telling the slave, “I am right, I will always be right, and you are just a dumb slave.” McCain looked insulted that he had to stand and debate with a black man.”
– Posted by A.C.B.

– Posted by E.T.Z.

“McCain is one nasty, bitter, mean, desperate, lying piece of work.”
– Posted by T.Y.

“Obama is so presidential and JMc is so an old man with an lying and anger problem.”
– Posted by P.D.T.

“Obama was calm, statesmanlike, reasonable, articulate, and showed a firm grasp of foreign policy issues, which is not supposed to be his strong suit. Grampa is just a mean old man, way past his prime.”
– Posted by Z.1

“I missed John’s flag pin. Why does he hate America?”
– Posted by B.O.

“i hope their was not a record audience,because I love Obama but he let Mcain walk all over him and I pray to god he does not agree with Mcain as much as he said he did. Why Does Barack refuse to land a punch”
– Posted by D.

As you can see from the post above (and the 2 below), not all the lunatics were ecstatic.

– Posted by U.R.

“I love the big O and he was right on point, sharp clear and presidential but he has to STOP CONCEDING ANYTHING POSITIVE even if he agrees with McSame, on ANYTHING. Please, Obama, stop saying you agree with him on ANYTHING AT ALL”
– Posted by B.D.

“Obama was a thoughtful, gracious debater of the question at hand, who knew his stuff and thus didn’t have to resort to lies to and constant pats on his own back.”
– Posted by L.4

“McCain strictly stuck to the republican talking points even when they contradicted each other in context. for example, insisted on “winning in Iraq” while refusing to define “winning” or even realize that Obama’s plan is more likely to bring a victorious resolution.”
– Posted by H.U.M.

“Are the American people smart enough to realize that Obama shreaded McCain in this debate? I doubt it.”
– Posted by K.S.

“Mac has got five days to dump Palin – will he do it?”
– Posted by G.U.

The guy above is obviously not taking his Meds as his Doc prescribed them.

“If McCain wins this election he will have all of us looking like him and talking like him, this man is very mean. No class what so ever.”
– Posted by L.S.

It seems to me that not only did Obama lose this debate, but his supporters are losers too! A Breakthrough Night for Obama my Ass!!!


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What Caused Our Economic Crisis?

26 09 2008

The following video explains better than any economist could, how we got into this mess. Our financial future is about to go down the drain and now we know who caused it. These people should be put in jail. Screw the trial!



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Palin/Gore/Clinton – Hate/Love/Hate

26 09 2008

Putting this post together was mostly done by accident, but it turns out to be an interesting accident.

Liberals have a view of politics that I will never understand, which is just fine by me, but I still found it funny how crazy liberals went after different people today from different angles. To get right to the point… They “Hate” Sarah Palin because of her views on the environment. They “Love” Al Gore because of his views on the environment. And finally, they “Hate” Bill Clinton because of his views on McCain/Palin.

Here’s the logic (I think)… Hate Sarah Palin because she wants to use already available energy, and drill for our own oil. Love Al Gore because he is promoting civil disobediance to save the Climate. Hate Bill Clinton because he said something nice about McCain. And who would guess this is all on the same day? Not me.

Well, without further ado, have fun…

Sarah Palin

The comments about Gov. Palin are in response to an article written by R.F.K. Jr where he trashes her about her views on the environment. What’s funny about these comments are… only 2 comments actually include the environment, the rest are just Ecofascist hate filled rants!

 “Obama needs to put out a campaign ad which starts out with a photo of cheney, slowly adds lipstick, and then morphs into a photo of Palin.”
– Posted By M.M.

“It is quite obvious Palin is just another word for Oil Corporation who don’t care what happens to this planet.”
– Posted By R.O.X.

“Okay folx, PBS is running a poll on whether Caribou Barbie is qualified to be VeeP. Guess who’s organizing to tilt that poll towards a LIE. AND IT’S WORKING! Don’t let THEM keep fooling the American Public.”
– Posted By T.W.P.

“There are a lot of really smart women in this world who would do a terrific job as the VP or president for that matter. Unfortunately, Palin isn’t one of them.”
– Posted By R.K.F.

– Posted By R.O.H.

– Posted By R.O.H.

“Mr. Kennedy, I believe that you`re correct — Palin is the wolf in sheep`s clothing of the Republican party.”
– Posted By L.L.

“Once again Palin is a scary individual, willing to have her strings pulled in every direction for the sake of gaining the higher office. She is an empty shell of a human being and a disgrace to women in general”
– Posted By M.G.

“If one looks at all the Vice Presidential candidates (both successful and unsuccessful) since 2000, only one the Governor of Alaska is an anointed witch hunter.”
– Posted By R.T.

“How sad that Sarah Palin does not have a clue about the environment.”
– Posted By K.H.

How sad your parents let you out of the basement long enough for you to write your stupid comment. Am I mean or what?

Al Gore

Now here’s one that an Ecofascist can really get behind. Yesterday, Al Gore actually encouraged people to get involved in civil disobediance to force goverments to save the environment. Please keep in mind that Al is probably talking about doing sit-ins and that type of silly stuff, but I can guaran-damn-tee that his Ecofascist followers will take it as permission to go out and destroy people’s property!

“Here’s the perfect location to exercise some civil disobedience: the proposed Desert Rock coal-fired powerplant in northwest New Mexico”
– Posted By F.

“Give the Limbaugh BS a rest. The world is moving on and you cretins who blather on about the way Gore lives are going to be Left Behind.”
– Posted By WCPM

“ghandi defeated the british empire with civil disobedience.but he did not have the american cop to deal with.
these guys will beat you blood”
– Posted By W.Y.

“What about a little civil disobedience to stop Bush from handing trillions of our dollars to the criminal Wall Street cartel?”
– Posted By F.1569

“And for all the fascist commenters, civil disobedience used to be an American tradition before we all were bamboozled into thinking we’re all shareholders in corporate America.”
– Posted By C.4

Note: The above poster is calling all Global Warming skeptics “fascist commenters”.

“RIGHT ON GORE!!!Sometimes the people have GOT to stop the robber barons from ruining the land the people live on and off of and if it takes an act of civil disobedience to do so, then more power to them.If I can, I will be happy to join them.”
– Posted By L.B.

“He’s running a cult and now he’s asked cult members to violate laws. The global warming hoax taken to an extreme.”
– Posted By H.P.

The above poster is dead on target!

“When given the choice of Presidential character, if it comes down to civil disobedience vs. complacency +/- genocide”
– Posted By C.G.

“The hoax about anthropogenic global warming, is being perpetrated by people like —- asserting that it is a hoax.”
– Posted By E.

“You and your brownshirts are happy with the world baked in a choking smog.”
– Posted By P.C.

Note: Brownshirts are skeptics.

“If those who “own” property, significant amounts of it, insist on laying waste to a planet that everyone (not just humans with money) shares.. then disobedience against their “property rights” is completely merited.”
– Posted By M.V.

“Al Gore needs to tell people that eating meat is the number 1 cause of global warming.”
– Posted By D.S.

“As soon as they let me out of jail for scaring the crap out of GOP voting “observers”, I’ll sign up.”
– Posted By E.T.

Bill Clinton

The former first black president of the USA, Bill Clinton was on Larry King last night and had a couple of nice words to say about McCain and Palin. Now watch how his beloved Democrats turn on him. I love it! 

“I was watching all this economic lunacy on tv last night, and the thought occurred to me that this whole national nightmare kinda started with his bl*w job.”
– Posted By S.A.

“What disgusts me is that I’m starting to believe what his critics said about him: that he cares more about himself than his country.”
– Posted By D.B.M.

“How depressing. I used to love Bill Clinton. No more.”
– Posted By N.O.L.

“Bill and Hill should just come out, once and for all, and endorse McSame. At least then they would be more tolerable to democrats than this cat and mouse game they’re currently playing! There’s but one word for the two of them “PATHETIC”.”
– Posted By M.B.

“Clinton is an untreated addict, and doesn’t like to lose. He needs to grow up. Obama is a true gentleman and a scholar. Bill is a sleazy redneck.”
– Posted By C.D.

“He gave away America’s industries, jobs, land, and money to foreigners through the WTO. He signed bills that favored corporations. He became rich and stingy. Now he refuses to support Barak Obama. He is a total disappointment.”
– Posted By J.G.

“Bill turned my stomach as I watched him on Larry King last night.”
– Posted By K.7

“and one can’t help but wonder just how loud Ol’ Bill would be singing McCain’s praises had Hillary won the nomination. Who does he think he’s kidding?”
– Posted By W.M.

“Why is it that almost every time I hear him speaking about the election I hear myself thinking, Who’s side is he on?”
– Posted By D.C.B.

“Bill Clinton, What Slansky wrote is how I feel exactly. You are such a disappointment, I wanted to believe in you and did. Is this about a NWO, I cannot believe your self interest is this great that you would praise McCain and double talk that you want Obama (when in fact, it it clear you do not).”
– Posted By J.T.

“His actions now are hurting all of us and I was sickened to watch him on Larry King last night, giving Palin more credit than she will ever deserve. Bill has betrayed us again folks.”
– Posted By C.


And now for the funniest comment I have seen in quite some time…

Too much conservatism has crept into the democratic party, and is ruining the strong stand democratic poltiticians used to be willing to take.”
– Posted By K.L.

That was a classic, was it not?

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