Conservatives’ Pledge On Racism

Please join us. Read and sign the Pledge below!


Pledge Signing Instructions

To have you’re name proudly added to the roll, enter First name, Last name, and State of residence in the ‘Comment’ box below. You may also leave a short message. We will post only select comments. Thank you!

The Pledge rolls begin below. Stand-up and sign now!

  1. Giovanni Faga, North Carolina
  2. Paul Nodale, New York
  3. Kari Sharp, Pennsylvania
  4. Donald and Patricia Chaffin, Arkansas
  5. Maria Chang, California
  6. James Gregor, California
  7. David Roberts, Georgia
  8. Kriston Whiteside, Nevada
  9. Debbie Gere, Washington
  10. Steve Janus, Florida
  11. Jen Elslager, Pennsylvania
  12. H. Davis, Georgia
  13. Jan Moon,  Missouri
  14. Tom Grant, North Carolina
  15. Deb Amedick, New Jersey
  16. Doug Little, Florida
  17. Frank Coll, Iowa
  18. Warren Saunders, Florida
  19. R. Sahlin, Wisconsin
  20.  Willie Gordon, North Carolina
  21. Ed Coyne, San Angelo TX
  22. D. Wade, Washington
  23. Laurie Braun, North Dakota
  24. George Brombacher, California
  25. Velenda Brombacher, California
  26. Paula Maffo, ?
  27. Ken Kanige, ?
  28. Juan Carlos Casas, California
  29. Cliff Brown, Mississippi
  30. Brian Lee Gnad, Oklahoma
  31. Kenneth Strout, ?
  32. Tammy Carlos, Arizona
  33. Michael Rochefort, ?
  34. Linda S. Biamonte, New Jersey
  35. Richard McFiren
  36. Ronald Carter, MT
  37. April Carter, Montana
  38. Aharon Griggs, Georgia
  39. Steven Day, Georgia
  40. Roella Day, Georgia
  41. John Rhodes, ?
  42. Greg Smith, ?
  43. James Allen, ?
  44. Allan G. Hitchmoth, ?
  45. Mary Lynn Ortmann, Texas
  46. Eunice R, California
  47. Fred Chorro, Pennsylvania
  48. Mike Herr, Florida
  49. Gene Shires, NC
  50. Teresa Harrell, NC
  51. Don Harrell, NC
  52. Anita Hughes, NC
  53. Gay Long, NC
  54. Karen Koger, Maryland
  55. Secured Borders U.S.A.,  Nevada
  56. Keith Wood, Nevada
  57. Mitch Crabbe, Georgia
  58. Mickey Murray, Arizona
  59. Jerry Jackson, Hawaii
  60. Valerie Allen, Plano, TX
  61. Bob Artz, Florida
  62. Donald Borsch Jr.  CT
  63. Eric C. Martin, Illinois
  64. Bob Keyser, Maryland
  65. John Santos, Arizona
  66. George F. Austin, Arizona
  67. John Lybrand, South Carolina
  68. David Sedgwick, Arkansas
  69. Vinny Raineri, North Carolina
  70. Ray Millican, South Africa
  71. Jennifer Rusk, Texas
  72.  Mitch Morey,  California
  73. Steve D’Agostino from good ol’ North Carolina
  74. Rev T. Shame, Indiana
  75. Clif Olson,  CA
  76. Gene Dougherty, California
  77. S_in_Severn ???
  78. Judie Collins,  California
  79. Jordyn Rose, North Carolina
  80. Justin Chandler, North Carolina


The official ‘I AM NOT A RACIST’ site can be found here… You’re name will be added to the rolls here and on the official site. You can sign the pledge here and keep reading you’re favorite gripe/article of the day.

Giovanni Faga, founder of the ‘I Am Not A Racist’ initiative. Contact:


85 responses

18 04 2010
Patricia Kilroy

Not a racist ! Let’s Man Up America and take back our country !!!
Alpharetta, Ga.

25 05 2010

Has to be divine intervention that the first 3 letters of your name are F A G!!!

9 11 2010
Bobbie Harris

Bobbie Harris, Virginia

15 01 2011

Justin Chandler, North Carolina.

23 02 2011

I love being a racist!

30 08 2011

Claiming “I am not a racist” is silly. We live in a society wrapped in racism. Calling someone a racist or claiming not to be a racist diverts attention from the forces of racism because you are too focused on who is to blame. We are all impacted by racism and are all influenced by it. Racism negatively impacts both the oppressed and the oppressor.

How about pledging not to “judge all Americans” but instead pledge to opening your heart and mind to understanding other people and where they may be coming from. It’s called empathy.

20 07 2012
Ignatius J. Reilly (@LilPistolStarta)

Thanks for compiling this running list of racists.

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