Update #2: I have decided to include more politics. Global Warming BS is important so I won’t completely drop it. I just want to spend a more time warning people about Comrade Obama. 11/12/2008

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In this day and age it pays to know who you are dealing with. With so many Climate Alarmists telling us the “sky is falling”, I thought it was important to put the whole argument into perspective. Update: A fellow poster on another Blog has come up with the perfect term for the hysterical Climate Alarmists, and I thought it was my duty to steal his idea and pass on to the world. As of 8/18/08 I will be using the term “Ecofascist”. In case you are wondering… A Fascist is: “a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control.”  Quoted from Merriam-Webster Dictionary. I try not to use Wiki-pedia because it is not reliable.

The formula for this blog is simple. We post comments of what these Ecofascists think, then let you decide if they should be taken seriously. All of the comments copied and posted here are comments coming from a variety of Global Warming sites. Some are from your run-of-the-mill sites, while others are taken directly from highly touted science alarmist sites. The absolute silliness that comes out of the mouths of Ecofascists is astounding. Oooops, I’m supposed to let you come to that conclusion.

Giovanni’s World tells it like it is, and hopes to educate people about the questionable sanity of the Alarmists/Ecofascists by using their own words against them.

P.S. Feel free to send me your crazy quotes from the “sky is falling” crowd.

On to other business… I do not work, nor do I get any money from, BIG OIL. However, I use their products daily and enjoy the freedom that their products allows me.

Update: Most days you will find me posting absurd statements made by Ecofascists, but I am also reserving the right to post serious stuff when I think it may be useful. So don’t give me any crap if I throw in some serious issues every now and then.

Contact: giovanni.faga@yahoo.com

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15 09 2010

It always seems to be us vs them doesn’t it? We are all at fault for the problems in our society. If you look closely enough at your own life you will see that, too. Liberal, Conservative, Moderate, Commie, Fascist… we get pretty caught up with labels. Does aligning yourself with the ideals of the group make for individualism, Eowyn? How about thinking for yourself and coming to your own conclusions without buying in to one side or the other? Neither side is 100% correct about anything, though I must say this: there are a few things about America that absolutely need to change, along with the rest of the world:

1) Religion (aka Church, but also Synagogue, Mosque, etc..) MUST be serparate(d) from State (aka Govt, Schools, etc). A fundamental separation between church and state was provided in the constitution by our founding fathers for a reason. To say you want to somehow reclaim America is ludicrous. The land of the free is open to people of all faiths, and therefore all faiths must be tolerated. TOLERATED. Including Christianity! Religion doesn’t belong in school or in government because it draws an invisible barrier between people based on their respective faiths. If we want Americans to unite, we have to stop teaching our kids how other people are wrong about such important things as their deep-seeded beliefs. Let children decide for themselves if they want to worship Jesus, Yaweh, Allah, or to renounce them altogether if they see fit! To some, religion provides a sense of security by essentially filling in the gaps of why things are the way they are, but to others it’s simply a cover story that doesn’t carry enough weight for them to be the basis of important life life-decisions. Religions tend to talk about morality and ethics, and I don’t deny them of that. The teachings are not so much the problem as the institutions that have formed around them.

2) Global warming may be a bit overhyped, but the fact that we are destroying our planet is undeniable. You want to see one of the (many) environmental problems with our dependance upon the oil industry? LOOK AT THE FREAKING GLUF OF MEXICO. Even if burning fossil fuels doesn’t make the Earth’s temp rise by 50 degrees in 2 years doesn’t negate the fact that pretty much every facet of the oil industry is conducive to devastating environmental pollution, from drilling in alaska and disrupting delicate ecosystems, and the CO2 emissions from the hundreds of millions of cars around the world, to the oil spills and eco-disasters that have taken place since the industry took root. If we want to keep the human species alive for much longer, we need to take MUCH better care of the planet that allows us to live upon it. Don’t just cast off people’s concern over the environment as them being “eco-fascists” since their concerns are much more relevant to your life than you think. If you want to ask what an alternative energy source well there’s many. You’d probably have to utilize more than one to completely get away from crude oil but you have ethynol, solar power, and biofuels such as vegetable oil (that you can find in exhaustive abundance thanks to McD’s) and even hemp oil, which leads me to my next point.

3) The War On Drugs Has Failed. Admit it. Our prisons are overcrowded with non-violent offenders because people chose to smoke an herb that is less harmful than tobacco and alcohol and we locked them up for it. Even now, state sovereignty (a fundamental principle in the constitution) is being threatened as the DEA continues to raid medical marijuana dispensaries that are operating LAWFULLY under STATE LAW. Even former DEA heads are urging Obama to sue Cali if Prop 19 passes on the grounds that it supercedes Federal Law. The Feds get power from the States, and they need to fucking remember that. The War On Drugs is robbing kids of their scholarships for misdemeanor charges. Is that an acceptable casualty? Are the drug lords gone yet? What? They’re still here after all this time? What!? They’re filthy rich and continue to operate full time!? Think about it. What happened when we outlawed alcohol? The mobs (not to mention intelligent people who knew they could make a pretty penny) took over and made an absolute KILLING by bootlegging liquor. Sound familiar? The same thing is happening with drug prohibition. Because we do not sell and tax marijuana, we consequently fund 60% of the cartels’ income by forcing people into (dangerous) situations where they buy from thugs and criminals. We should be educating people on the dangers of such drugs, while providing them lawfully (and heavily taxed) and with treatment centers to help people who don’t listen to the warnings. We stop funding the cartels, we educate the public, he get help for those who want it (and are therefore the only ones who have a chance at recovery in the first place), create tons of jobs (in the marijuana industry alone, let alone counselors for treatment centers, store operators for dispensaries, etc), and bring in fucktons of tax revenue. Legalized marijuana would drop its price to ridiculous lows as it is, so the ONLY way to combat the drop in price would be to tax the absolute hell out of it. Say its $400 for an ounce now. If, when legalized, the price of that same ounce drops to $200. All the govt would need to do is place a $200 tax per ounce, and prices would remain the same, people would still buy (@ the previous demand price), and the government would make up for years of mismanaged finances as evidenced by our enormous national debt.

Anyways, thats about all I can say right now. I came across your blog randomly, and was compelled to type this, even if it falls on deaf ears. Take it for what you will.

15 09 2010


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