In Honor Of Dr. King

17 01 2011

Someone asked me not long ago if I thought race relations had improved in the United States since the 60’s. I said absolutely yes, but with reservations as to how they are ‘right now’.

Presently, our half black half white president has been so divisive that its very difficult to have an adult conversation about race relations with those of a different color unless they share your ideological values. So my idea for today is to celebrate Dr. Kings legacy without mention of how the president plays into this. I will let the Al Sharptons of the world distort todays celebration for their own questionable agendas by simply ignoring them.

Instead I would like to ask people to read the Conservatives Pledge On Racism . The Pledge can be found here on this blog, or go to the official site to have your name added to the official roll. Go here…

Dr. Kings death was a travesty, his legacy a gift to our nation.




2 responses

17 01 2011

MLK, great man. We must not forget his dream…

3 06 2011

Yep, his dream was on par with socialism. And for that, I do love Dr. King. =]

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