23 08 2010

Just a friendly warning to all my fellow Conservatives… There is an absolutely useless site on the net (actually there’s lots of em’) that goes by the name of Alternet. The best I can tell, its a site for those low-lifes that hate the USA. Or what I like to call “the Lochness Monster of progressive news”.

Below I left you an example to read. I posted a short note on the site after I saw a comment on another site that had something about Noam Chomsky linking back to the Alternet (liberals losers) site. The reply I got gives you an idea of the kind of people that hang out in that s**t-hole. Since I’m the shy and reserved, quiet type, I will not stoop down to their level by calling them low-life dirt-bags. See, I’m above all that.  ;- )

mkultra wrote, in response to giovannifaga:

“Anotherwords, he will take a legit story and change the facts to fit his ugly view of the USA.”

Newsflash for you giovannifag:  The US IS an ugly  place and Chomsky sees it as it is without any make up.  As for you, what in the world is a supposed Italian defending the US?  What gives with that?  Why should you care?  Or is the Israeli Foreign Ministry now paying trolls in Italy too?

Link to comment: http://disq.us/l0teh

giovannifaga wrote:

You would be best served by ignoring anything said or written by Noam Chomsky. If you know right up front that Chomsky hates the USA and wants it crushed into oblivion, then you know he’s coming from that angle every time. Anotherwords, he will take a legit story and change the facts to fit his ugly view of the USA.






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24 08 2010
Doc's Wife

Other than occasionally watching “Morning Joe” with a cup of coffee just to get my dander up, I refuse to interact with these kinds of crude, ignorant fools. It is just not worth the time. Italian, huh, Gio?

24 08 2010


I wonder how he knew that considering I was adopted before age one. And here I’ve been told that only we mean Conservatives jump to conclusions about people. Hmmmm…

For the record… My parents (adopted) were the greatest parents EVER. I miss them dearly.


24 08 2010

hmm, looking at the headlines at Alternet you get the idea that these people are wackier than those as Huffpo….even the headlines are flat out lies and propaganda. Let them stew in their own delusional views…

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