Parents-Let The Brainwashing Begin

25 08 2010

Before I explain the headline on this post let me clarify something for our progessive/liberal friends that visit ‘Giovanni’s World’…

I am a fan of Glenn Beck. I respect him. I admire him. I pray for him. Finally, I did not get the following story, or the conclusions, from Glenn.

With that out of the way… Colleges and Universities around the country are sending parents a message, loud and clear. They (places of higher learning) want parents to write the checks for their kids, buy what’s needed for the dorm rooms, rent the U-Haul to get their childs belongings to the school. They even expect the parents to help lug all the heavy boxes of junk from the U-Hauls up to the students dorm room. Then they want the parents to leave the property.

Read this short article from the NYT’s where they use silly excuses and cute reasons to demand parents they ‘Go The Hell Home’.

Don’t let any of it fool you, there is one reason the parents are being told to go home… so the liberal/progressive/Marxist/anti-American brainwashing can begin! Only one other organization on earth would object to parents hanging around to make sure their kids are going to be ok… that would be The Boot Camps of the United States Military, which is very understandable.

Here’s my suggestion to all parents… First check into the type of College/University that your child wants to attend. Find out if the school has a habit of supporting all things progressive. Second, don’t ever let a school get between you and your child. Thirdly, love your children and teach them that family is always more important than any school or liberal organization. Finally, teach them that Christianity is a ‘good’ thing and they should never be ashamed of being a Christian.






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25 08 2010

“A good deal of it has to do with the evolution of overinvolvement in our students’ lives,” said Mr. Dougharty of Grinnell. “These are the baby-on-board parents, highly invested in their students’ success. They do a lot of living vicariously, and this is one manifestation of that.”

Ah, let the propaganda begin…like the teachers are more invested in their students’ success than their parents? Screw em and their progressive indoctrination.

25 08 2010

Amen sister!


26 08 2010

These teachers start them young…my oldest niece had a jr high teacher tell her that “she shouldn’t involve her parents”. My sis had None of that. Said niece is now entering 11th grade and taking All college courses. How’s that for “over involvement”?

26 08 2010


27 08 2010
Doc's Wife

Our four children were spread out over a peiod of thirteen years, and they each had very different educations. From the oldest to the youngest the quality of their educations deteriorated. Thankfully, they all had backgrounds in small Christian schools for as long as it was available. I guess I was considered what is now called a “helicopter mom” because I sure as hell knew what went on in their classrooms! College, however, was very different, but they still csme out of them being conservative.

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