We’re All Gonna Die

27 08 2010

The sky-is-falling whackos on the left are starting their latest push to convince Americans that we have become so powerful that we have altered the weather patterns and the world-wide climates to the point that we are “ALL GONNA DIE”!

 No, I am not exaggerating. Here’s a headline I just pulled off of one the most popular liberal/progressive blogs on the internet….

Johann Hari

Columnist for the London Independent

“This Is the Hottest Year Ever, and the Climate Catastrophe Has Begun” blah-blah-blah…

Fortunately, I have a secret weapon. Instead of me having to type endlesly to explain why the headliner above is so irresponsible, all I have to do is… rely on Marc Morano for a couple of answers. Here’s the short list.

For latest go to www.ClimateDepot.com

Climate Astrology: AP: Scientists: Summer Catastrophes Fit Predictions — Asian Floods, Russian Wildfires, Arctic Ice Flow Mirrors 2007 UN Report on Climate Change

Climate Astrology — ‘It Has Been Foretold’ of Extreme Weather: ‘UN IPCC science has a status similar to interpretations of Nostradamus and the Mayan calendars’

Predictions of UN IPCC are not specific enough to be falsifiable…Predictions that can never be falsified will always pan out. How totally useless can you get?’

Danish Meteorological Institute data: Arctic Summer temperature maybe headed for all time record low!

Russian Scientist: Extreme Central Russian Heat Wave Not An Indication Of A Future Climate Change

Russia’s Fires ‘Caused In Large Part By Forest Mismanagement’

Danish Scientist on ‘huge’ Greenland ice floe break: ‘The size of ice floes is not unusual…It is a completely natural process. Some summers the ice hanging and other summers break it up’

Prof. Pielke Jr. on climate ‘nonsense’: ‘There is something about climate issue that makes people — especially but not limited to academics and scientists — completely and utterly lose their senses’

Flashback: Climate astrology: ‘Energy Sec. Chu, the Televangelist?’ Chu: ‘At no other time in the history of science have we been able to say what the future will be 100 years from now’ — Climate Depot Response: ‘Shouldn’t Sec. Chu be touting these scary predictions on a boardwalk with a full deck of Tarot Cards?’

Laughable: Ethics Prof. Donald Brown calls Senate’s failure to pass cap-and-trade the ‘worst ethical scandal…and a moral lapse of epic proportions’ Dab57@psu.edu — Climate Depot Reality Check: Sadly, it is Prof. Brown’s understanding of science and economics, that is truly the ‘worst ethical scandal’ here. — How would passing a climate bill that was ‘scientifically meaningless’ improve ethics or morality or the climate? See: Even Obama’s EPA admits cap-and-trade bill ‘will not impact world CO2 levels’

They think you’re stupid: ‘Any cold period of less than 3 decades is airily dismissed as mere ‘weather’, but now a single warm day somewhere, counts as ‘climate’?’

‘Mad scientist’ speaks to Congress: Makes Silly Claim that Greenland ice sheet faces ‘tipping point in 10 years’

Laugh at Greenland ice scares! Flashback: Latest Scientific Studies Refutes Fears of Greenland Melt (For very latest on Greenland see here.)

Climate Astrology: Vast flotilla of jellyfish sting 700 people on Spanish beaches — ‘biologists say will become increasingly common due to climate change’

Analysis: NASA GISS ‘has taken a cooling trend and converted it into a warming trend for the one GHCN station in Nepal which covers the Himalayas’

The Public No Longer Trusts Scientists: Another Nail-In-Coffin Is The Recent Bogus “Declining” Rice-Yield Study

Climate Audit: Wahl-Briffa Attachments Were Deleted: Despite reassurances ‘that nothing was really deleted…’ —

‘…the university said that they were unable to comply with my request for the attachments because the documents had been destroyed’

If they’re hoping to earn our trust, should ‘objective’ scientists travel to Greenland with Greenpeace activists on a Greenpeace ship?

Sub-prime Carbon Bubble Bursts: Staff Cutbacks at Chicago Climate Exchange; Cite U.S. climate inaction as main reason for cuts

You were warned! Flashback Dec. 2009: Paper: ‘Don’t let Climategate melt down your portfolio…don’t get stuck with investments tied to global warming’

UK businesses facing a wave of ‘green taxes’: ‘Companies that fail to register their energy use will be hit with fines’

Peer-Reviewed Study finds ‘ancient’ Earth’s climate similar to present day — despite CO2 levels 5 to over 20 times higher than today! — Geologists reconstructed Earth’s climate belts between 460 and 445 million years ago and found ‘ancient climate belts were surprisingly like those of the present’ — Also included ‘a brief, intense glaciation’

Watch Now: Target: Monckton — fights back against the warmist attacks and refutes Prof. Abraham

Official: Satellite Failure Means Decade of Global Warming Data Doubtful — ‘All data taken offline in shock move’
Marc Morano
1875 Eye Street, NW
Fifth Floor
Washington, D.C. 20006




6 responses

27 08 2010

If they weren’t so dangerous, they’d truly be comical with their hysteria.

30 08 2010

Did you catch this Gio? Link.

30 08 2010


That story has been scrubbed? Here’s what I get… “The article you are looking for does not exist. It may have been deleted.”


31 08 2010

Here’s a retry- from Drudge’s page: Paper: Climate Change Lies are Exposed.

3 09 2010




3 09 2010

Hey Gio, I know this AGW is causing this recent hurricane (not). Hear it might hit SC…hope you are staying safe.

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