Is Obama Anti-American?

16 08 2010

Or is he just Anti-Christian/Jewish/Budhist/etc/American?

My turn… This past Friday evening I spent until wee hours in the morning arguing with a slew of progressives (I will no longer use caps when writing the word progressive/s. Using caps would cause some people to assume that I have some respect for them) about Obama’s latest foray into bat-sh*t-crazy-land, the Ground Zero Mosque in New York City. Before I continue, let me make a few points of order so our progressive friends understand what I’m refering to.

The proposed Mosque is NOT on ground zero, but damn close. The proposed Mosque will be inside and/or part of a large Muslim Community center. The permits applied for with the City of NYC calls for a Mosque that can hold 3,000 people safely during daily prayers. Three thousand people bending over in prayers on the floor take up an awful lot of space, so this is NOT considered a small prayer room as progressives/liberals would have you believe. The Mosque/Community Center is two short blocks away from ground ZERO. For those of you that have never been to NYC let me explain what I mean by “small blocks”. Lower Manhattan, especially in and around the proposed Freedom Towers have smaller city blocks than what you will find further up the Island of Manhattan. They are more like 0.5 city blocks, with some even smaller. Simply do an overhead Google map search of NYC. As you zoom-in on NYC you will see what I’m talking about. Most of the city blocks north of Ground Zero are much larger than the blocks around Ground Zero. When people go on about “it’s two city blocks away” they want you to assume that they are the size of most large city blocks as you would find in any large American City, not. The front door of the proposed Mosque/Community center dumps you out onto the streets of lower Manhattan a scant 1 minute walk to Ground Zero. Not only that, when you exit the front door of the Mosque/Community Center, the Freedom Towers will be the largest/tallest buildings in the area, and will tower over you. You will feel as if you can reach out and touch this sacred ground where thousands of our fellow Americans died on 9/11. Another item… there may be a small number of people in the USA that don’t know what our “Rights” and Freedoms” are (they would be Illegals and progressives), but the overwhelming majority of our population of 350 Million citizens know their RIGHTS! If any progressive/liberal (Obama comes to mind) tries to argue that we, Conservative Americans, don’t know our rights, feel free to tell them to kiss your a**! Update: Eric Bolling of Fox Business Channel went down to Ground Zero yesterday (8/17/10) and walked from Ground Zero to the proposed site of the mosque with cameras rolling. His estimated distance… 60 linear ft!

Now that I have the ‘particulars’ out of the way, I want to get down to the meat of this issue. What in the hell is up with President Obama? That will be the last time I use caps when calling Obama ‘president’, he doesn’t deserve the respect.

There seemed to be a bit of a climax today with people from all over the political spectrum questioning the wisdom of Obama wading into something that for the most part, was a NYC issue. People that supported him, and voted for him like rabid Dogs, are now questioning why he also did things like recently give the head of NASA orders to make his top priority to engage Muslims around the world. Sure, you and I questioned that move too, but we were simply dismissed as bigots by the Left, remember. At the time nobody could answer our obvious question of “what the hell does engaging Muslims have to do with NASA’s missions???”, but now the progressives/liberals are asking the same thing. The list goes on and on (I will add to the list when I’m not so upset and can think straight) where Obama has come to the defense of Muslims, and/or the Muslim religion, while at the same time going around the world appologizing for America, as if we are “the cause of all problems of the world” and Islam was the answer.

What I really want to know is, are all those crazy conspiracy nuts right about Obama being some sort of Islamic sleeper agent? But I also want to know… until we get some answers from Obama, should he step away from representing the United States of America as our President? I have about another 200 questions, but let’s start with this one.

Please add to the base of knowledge with the issue of Obama and his reverence of Islam, so share what you have found, in the comments section.

I gotta stop here right now before I burst a main artery!


Here’s a little extra…

The New York Times Editorial board bow mightily at the alter of “Obama the Magnificent”.  I swear this guy could kill 1,000 people, rape 500 School children, beat and torture Hispanic women, set fire to live kittens,  and the NYT’s would still come to his defense.




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17 08 2010

While I do not have a tin foil hat properly fitted, I do believe Barry has a soft spot for muslims and islam. He went to the Jeremiah Wright church for years and never heard a sermon blasting America (according to him), so we know he was asleep or not there for many of the sermons. I suspect he has little use for Christians and Christian religions now.
As for the NYTimes, they are as irrelivant as ever.

Change a couple things and see if there is any hypocrosy,

” Mr. Obama’s words at a White House dinner celebrating Black History month were simple and forceful. “DON IMUS has the same right to say what he wants as everyone else in this country,” he said. “

17 08 2010

In “The Manchurian President” author Arron Klein documents Obama’s extensive ties to Islam. Klein found no conclusive evidence that Obama is today a Muslim, yet we know he doesn’t attend any Christian church. (There’s also not a lot of other conclusive evidence as to his actual BC, college and school records, etc.)

Klein did uncover many facts, such that at Besuki School, “all students are required to study Islam daily and been taught to read and write Arabic, recit prayers properly, and recite from the Quran and study the law of Islam”. In “Dreams from my Father”, Obama acknowledged studying the Quran. There are many other accounts of his Father’s Muslim background and his terror-supporting friends.

Then there’s Obama’s ties to people that are members of the Nationa of Islam: Farrakhan, Mason, Miller, and even Axelrod has been tied to the group.

Yeah, he might not state it out loud, but he’s definitely pro-Muslim. And I’m not buying his ties to Christianity. He’s covered up so much and lied so much I wouldn’t believe one word he says…

18 08 2010

Gio, Hope you don’t mind, but I am going to yell here….THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL THIS MOSQUE SHOULD EVER BE BUILT at Ground Zero or otherwise!!! The proposed name for this mosque-strocity was “Cordoba,” after Cordoba, Spain, the city the muslims conquered in 711 a.d. A mosque was built where a church once stood. The building of mosques on muslim-conquered land is symbolic of their triumph. So, this is the equivalent of s(h)pitting on Americans and the west as a whole.

I would like to post a required reading list to everyone. If people think that this pc multiculturalism dribble works, then they are more than welcome to move to europe and be in for a shock. Here’s the list:

While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within, by Bruce Bawer. This was published in 2006. He has a newly-published follow-up, Surrender: Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom.

Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America, by Brigitte Gabriel

They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do it, by Brigitte Gabriel

Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali (one of the bravest people on the planet. She has to have 24-hour security because of death threats). She has also written a follow-up, Nomad: From Islam to America (BTW, she lived in Holland the same time Bruce Bawer lived there, so it is really interesting to hear the truth of what was (and is) really going on in Europe from both of them.)

Some others that are worth reading:

My Forbidden Face: Growing Up Under the Taliban, by Latifa

I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced, by Nujood Ali (No relation to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, but just as brave.)

There are many other books being written by women who were abused by those who practice sharia law. The cover of Time magazine 2 weeks ago deeply disturbed me and I decided to read “Infidel.” I cannot believe our idiotic politically correct politicians are even listening to reasons for muslims to be able to practice Sharia law here in the states. Shameful! I also read the article “A Mosque at Ground Zero,” in last week’s Newsweek. Some of the tripe these politicians were spewing may just as well have been taken from quotes of European politicians quoted in Bawer’s first book. This is a freaking nightmare and we Americans must speak out about this before it’s too late. Yes am sure many muslims are kind people minding their own business and want to assimilate to western culture, but islamists (and the word islam means submission) are taught to HATE Christians and Jews and western culture. They are slowly chipping away at the infrastructure of western countries because they want to conquer them and impose sharia law. They bully governments into appeasing them under “multi-cultural tolerance” and if they are opposed, then the racist/bigotry card is played and they get their own way, because they know the politically-correct mindset is to be “sensitive and tolerant” of other cultures.

And, yeah, I also think our phony prez is a muslim sympathizer. Wasn’t his daddy a muslim and didn’t he send barry to koran school?

p.s. deliberately didn’t capitalize certain words and terms.

18 08 2010


I hope you don’t mind…. I made sure the titles of each book stands out, so I put each title in bold.


18 08 2010

Thanks for doing that! For some reason my computer won’t allow me to use other characters or type things in bold on this site. I am probably missing something….need to look it up and see why it doesn’t work.

18 08 2010

You’re right on the money, Gio, our prez wants to remake this country into an exact model of European socialism.

I hope my comments don’t sound like a lecture. I just had a lot of stuff on my mind and this is the best place to vent and share opinions with you and all of your readers.

Keep up the good work, Gio!

18 08 2010
ww thumper

I would bet any amount that BS O will be there to DEDICATE this lousy mosque too!
We will remember in November and 2 yrs from November! WW

18 08 2010
Doc's Wife

Way to go, Gio! In our quest to be so damn politically correct, we are destroying this great nation ourselves. Christianity is not given the same rights as Islam is here today. Fox this AM reported that a football team at a PUBLIC high school in Dearborn, Michigan is holding practice in the middle of the stupid night because of Ramadan!!!! What the hell is wrong with Americans?????

18 08 2010

Unbelievable. What are we? A nation of wimps?

19 08 2010

This country has elected a president on nothing more than teleprompter read speaches and promises of socialism style wealth distribution. He has delivered on those promises through fascism. Government ownership of the auto industry, govt takeovers of the housing industry, bank bailouts leaving the sector beholden to the whim of the governments rule and a collosial and over reaching health care bill that touches every aspect of our lives. He has come out strongly against a law Arizona passed to secure its border and has shown time again that he only supports certain laws, not all laws. We have a population in this country reaching 50% that is dependent on government handouts. Instead of trying to lessen this percentage he instead fosters it. Increasing the size of government, destroying the capitalist spirit that has driven our economy since day one. Instead asking the question, I know what you want to know “Whats in it for me” in regards to why we should vote for and support him. Whats in it for me? That should have been an alarm bell as loud as “spread the wealth around”, or “the police acted stupidly” or his “shout out” to Dr. Joe Medicine Crow in the wake of the Ft. Hood tradgedy. This president shows time again in his bowing American Exceptionalism is no better than any other countries and no one country should lead the world attitude that he is in this for himself, not the country. The signs scream and the red lights have flashed since before he was elected and did anyone listen? Only the radical fringe, the kooks. Anyone who dared question the policies that were destroying our country or spoke out against the administration were specifically named from the White House bully pulpit and called racist, and unamerican. The media for some unknown reason has been complicit in this since day one, they continually carry water and quickly jump on anything un-Obama. Refusing to and ignoring issues that should have been headline items. Rev. Wright, Acorn ties, birth records, Chicago ties of corruption and known affiliations with domestic terrorism, unknown background and sealed school records, the list goes on. Anyone who is surprised at the current state of our country is a willing accomplice in its downfall as the road signs were clear to read from the start. So is Obama un-american?

Sorry for the length, but once I started I needed to vent.

19 08 2010
K Williams

Soro’s is withdrawing his money out of the stock market folks. Watch out for that October Crash.

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