Big Lies – Little Lies

30 08 2010


Lying liars lying about lying liars and the lies they tell.

Ok, I got a little carried away with the subject matter, but it was either that or a string of 4-letter words that nobody wants to read (xcept libs). As you can tell I want to talk for a moment about lying, and I do mean a moment.

Lying has become so accepted by the left that they now have the gall to defend any lie told, as long as it makes Republicans and Conservatives look bad and makes them look good.  

As far as I’m concerned the progressive/liberal agenda is worthless and not worthy of debate, until they can learn how to civilly discuss issues WITHOUT lying. So until further notice all progressive/liberals will get a one word response from me on almost any subject… “Liar”!





3 responses

31 08 2010
Doc's Wife

Wow, Gio!! You must be recuperating well. Glad to see so much of your spunk is back. That said, you could not be more right. They lie just as much as our horrid president who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in the butt!

31 08 2010

Yep, that’s their mantra. Lie or blame Bush…

1 09 2010
ww thumper

Lie, or blame President Bush, or blame “global warming”


My Pastor says “GOD BLESS AMERICA!” WW

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