Are We Losing America?

1 08 2010

I have been told that using a question as your headline is a no-no. Oh well, I never claimed to be a journalist, and I’m not so sure I would want to be in their company right now. Most journalists are just as corrupt as the politicians they give cover to.

Anyway… An article just came across my homepage and I thought it was worth your time. Don’t fall down when you find out its an article from the Washington Post. It has to do with Congress and how little Americans trust them, and how self-serving they are. Rangel, Weiner, and now Maxine Waters are the soup de jour and they are making this a show only a Marxist revolutionary would love. Some in the media are already going for the “Race” card, and the “Jew” card in trying to find some way to divert attention away from one black Congresswoman, one black Congressman, and one white, Jewish Congressman. Remember, its all the Republicans fault (Bush’s too!)

Here’s the article in its entirety…


Lawmakers stoke the public’s disgust


Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, August 1, 2010

It’s hard to imagine what could drive public approval of Congress even lower than it has been this year. But a pending public ethics trial of one of the House’s most senior Democrats (and possibly a second) and an angry, prolonged tirade on the House floor that has gone round the cable networks and YouTube just may be the answer.

Anyone who has ever spent time talking with voters — in shopping malls or on soccer fields, at their doorsteps or in focus groups — has heard the most common complaints about politicians in Washington.

One is an expression of disgust over what people perceive as elected officials’ sense of privilege. Many Americans believe that elected officials go to Washington and lose touch with where they came from. Instead of representing the people, the politicians adopt an attitude of entitlement. Instead of protecting the public interest, politicians are seen as being in bed with lobbyists and looking to line their own pockets.

The other complaint is irritation over the way Washington works. Partisan bickering takes precedence over common civility. Scoring points becomes more important than getting things done. Even at a time when the most engaged part of the electorate has become almost as partisan as the politicians, many Americans are still frustrated by what they see happening in Washington.

Those two sentiments represent tarring with a broad brush, often unfairly. Nonetheless, they add up to an indictment that has made Congress consistently one of the country’s least popular institutions — and especially so this year.

The ethics charges lodged against former House Ways and Means Committee chairman Charles B. Rangel (D-N.Y.) present major problems for the Democrats. Having run against what they called a culture of corruption by the Republicans in their successful 2006 takeover of the House, Democrats now head toward the final months of the midterm elections with the prospect of a highly publicized trial that alleges corruption on the part of the well-liked Rangel.

Many months ago, White House officials were privately expressing concern that the Rangel case could balloon into a major political problem for the Democrats unless House leaders dealt with it expeditiously and forcefully. Now it threatens to become a nightmare scenario for the Democrats on the eve of the fall elections.

Rangel has been stubbornly resistant to striking a deal that would avoid a public trial by the ethics committee. Proud and defiant, he so far has given no sign that he intends to do anything other than fight the charges, despite the desire of House leaders to avoid such a spectacle.

President Obama added to the pressure on Rangel to yield when he told CBS News on Friday: “I think Charlie Rangel served a very long time and served his constituents very well. But these allegations are very troubling, and, you know, he’s somebody who is at the end of his career, 80 years old. I’m sure that what he wants is to be able to end his career with dignity, and my hope is that that happens.”

The ethics committee, which has often been slow to move against fellow House members, now has outlined a serious, 13-count case against Rangel that will have to play out over the next few months unless the congressman changes his mind.

Now there is another ethics case brewing, this involving another senior Democrat and member of the Congressional Black Caucus, Rep. Maxine Waters (Calif.). The Waters case involves her actions in helping banks, including one in which her husband had a financial interest, receive federal bailout funds. Politico reported Friday night that, like Rangel, she has decided to fight the charges and proceed to a public trial.

The ethics charges are another stain on the institution of Congress. What happened on the House floor Thursday underscores why many Americans have lost confidence in the institution and its members. Anyone watching cable news the past 48 hours has probably seen Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) in a full-throated diatribe — aimed at the Republicans.

Weiner may have had good reason to be upset. Republicans added a politically charged amendment involving illegal immigrants to an otherwise seemingly popular bill that would enhance health benefits for first responders to the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, who continue to suffer respiratory and other ailments.

Weiner knew that the bill was being held up by politics. But he lost control on the floor of the House. His behavior, not the merits of his argument, became the story. Aficionados of New York politics contend that Weiner’s attention-getting display is part of a strategy to make himself mayor after Michael Bloomberg finishes his third term. Whatever his motives, Weiner turned into the poster child for congressional distemper.

Not content with that, he and Rep. Peter T. King (R-N.Y.) went on Fox News on Friday and put on another startling display of discourtesy, shouting over one another, pointing fingers and ignoring the host’s repeated pleas for civility. That may feed ratings and produce clicks and eyeballs on Web sites, but it further undermines the image of Congress.

Gallup puts congressional approval at 11 percent, one point lower than its worst-ever rating. Congress stands last in a list of 16 institutions in terms of public confidence. The legislative branch is now eight points lower than health maintenance organizations, 11 points lower than television news and 14 points lower than newspapers. By about 2 to 1, Americans say they would prefer to vote for a candidate this year who has never been in Congress.

Between now and November, partisan warfare will only increase. Republicans have been attacking Obama’s policies for more than a year. Democrats believe there is no other way to hold down their losses than to attack, attack and attack. What Americans will see and hear about their elected representatives and the challengers seeking to replace them, particularly in television commercials, will be overwhelmingly negative.

What has happened over the past few days can only add to the public’s dissatisfaction with politics in Washington. For the next few months, politicians will set aside those concerns in an all-out battle over control of the House and Senate. Then they and the president will return in January and attempt to govern again.




9 responses

1 08 2010
K Williams

These next two election cycles will really determine our future for generations to come. Is America lost ? I try to think not but, then I turn on the television and see the shows and programs that infiltrate our kids lives on a daily basis. Even the commercials have gotten completely out of hand. I try to envision a recovery from this kind of immoral and corrupt darkness that rains down on our nation every day. But, the damage that is being done is so over whelming that I honestly have a hard time seeing a reversal of this trend.

The battle you are seeing right now is a battle of light vs darkness. Good vs Evil. I often think of the story of King Arthur and the dark ages. It will take a group of men and woman of extreme goodness to hold the light against these days of our darkest times .

The danger of these times are we are now passing a point of peaceful resolution into a time of blood shed. That is why these next two election cycles are so important. Though be it there might still be civil unrest in the near future. It will be a shadow of what will come if there is not change the American people can believe in.

1 08 2010
Doc's Wife

I say the majority of Congress needs to pack their bags and go home!! (Or straight to hell would be nice) Washington is nothing but a bunch of crooks. Our only hope is new, conservative blood who will not fall for the many temptaions of Washington politics!

1 08 2010

“It’s hard to imagine what could drive public approval of Congress even lower than it has been this year.”

Ethics problems? Always going be a few bums. Partisan bickering, yep. Thanks to the most transparent and bipartisan admin EVAH. Um, Dan, could it be they are ramming bills through that the majority of Americans don’t want while not even bothering to READ the bills? Stimulus – fail. HCR – most people don’t want it. Auto and bank takovers – ditto that.

We are not going to lose our America…patriots will persist. Vote out all the socialist bums and bring in the new conservative blood. True reps who listen to their constituents and not the voice of their party leader.

2 08 2010

It shows us that nothing has changed in the “Halls of Greed”. Ole Maxie has had questionable ethics ever since she entered politics back in California, But has always been able to dodge the bullet and move on as if nothing had ocurred. I can see by the campaign literature I am receiving, that those in office are not paying attention to our warnings and continue to try to get us to vote for them to cross the aisle so they can get a second pension!!!
We need to make sure that anyone attempting to move from Congress to the Senate or vice versa is voted out of office!!
We can make a change with these next 2 elections if the people pay attention. Tell all your friends and acquaintenances to vote them out!!!!

2 08 2010
K Williams

For those of you who despair I have just found a ray of hope. Obviously things are looking so bad for the progressives you have Ed actually surrendering the mid terms. Take a listen and give your prospective.

3 08 2010

I’m starting to think they like the distractions Al ‘Sharpy’ Sharpton and Maxine Waters are causing.

The more we pay attention to this circus, the more they get away with in the shadows. Cap & Trade is declared dead because those worried about reelection don’t have the stomach for it, but they’ll accomplish C&T in the shadows with already existing laws that we probably aren’t even aware of – or they already passed it in the kazillion-page banking reform bill.

Of course they’ll turn it into race -that’s what racists always do. NAACP are racists. Why would you belong to an organization promoting advancement of one race over all others? Why not spend your efforts on the advancement of all mankind?

That’s enough, I can’t take any more right now.
Mikie Kerr

9 08 2010
Dan Scott

With California’s proposition 8 being overturned by a “gay” judge are we beginning to see the final stages of the Coup de tat started by the left at the passage of ObamaCare? If the voters of California can not determine their own destiny and social practices then self governance is dead and dictatorship of the elite has wormed it’s way into total power.

I said some months back that I sense/figuratively smell Civil War was in the air. I can not see how the population can possibly accept the imposition of gay marriage over their objections. Does the left and elite really believe they can ram this down the throats of the country as they did with abortion?

Maybe it is fortuitous this errant ruling comes before the November elections, maybe this will stir millions more voters to the poles to wrest control of Congress from the Democrats? If Republicans are given this last chance to prove themselves, will they pass the necessary legislation to put a stop to the judiciary’s meddling? If they can’t then I don’t see how we can exist as a self governing population when minority groups can change society at their whim with sophist claims such as advanced with gay marriage. What’s next? Legalized bigamy? four wives? four husbands? group marriages? married to children? married to animals? where does it stop? how could it possibly stop if one accepts one sophest argument then not accept the next one?

25 04 2011
JL Ellington

AL I AM waiting is FOR GOD BIG HELP TO COME DOWN HERE WITH MERCY<<<or kick our ass like he did JAPAN THEY SAY THAT GOD IS INCHARGE, AL OF U BETTER DAMN BELIEVE THAT. he is very showing that now…..

22 08 2011
bertini x4

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