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9 04 2009

Hi can you post this petition link from WND and maybe start a new rallying point after the tea parties

9 04 2009


I normally try NOT to post petitions because there is usually no way of knowing who is really doing it. Phishing sites have been known to do this just to collect emails and other personal info to sell to online marketing agencies.

However, being that this is originating from WorldNetDaily, a trusted site, I will post a link to it.

Thanks for sharing the link!


7 07 2009
Gavin Jonas

I love the image of the evolution of man depicting the obese man. I would like to ue this image on a book cover. Is there a copyright on this image?

7 07 2009


The short answer is “I don’t know!”

I found that image by googling “evolution of man” images. It says the image “may be copyrighted.”

Gio’s World gets away with borrowing these images we find on the web because this blog is not for profit in that we don’t carry ads. Your book cover, however, is an entirely different matter because you’ll make money (hopefully) from the sale of your book.

If I were you, I’d bring the matter up with your publisher. Good luck!

28 10 2009

WorldNetDaily is a trusted site??

No wonder you’re nuts

28 10 2009


WND is a trusted site! They report the same news as everyone else who is concerned about informing the people of what is happening in our country.

If keeping informed makes me nuts, SO BE IT!!!!

Open your mind and try debating facts instead of just calling people names!

28 10 2009


I’m not going to sink to the gutters where you dwell and call you foul names.

If you make an accusation, the responsible thing to do is to cite evidence. Please give us an example of how WorldNetDaily reported falsehood?

Furthermore, what does WND have to do with this thread, “Site Disclaimer”? Can’t you read?

6 03 2012
Joe Dio

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