Progressives Are Hate

11 01 2011

I know that’s a heck of a claim, but unfortunately its true. Below are a few comments I copied in less than an hours time.

These comments came from The Daily Kos and the Huffington Post. But first watch this…

Comments to follow. Keep in mind that there are 100’s of articles or opinions posted on the HuffPo and D Kos, and each one of them are filled with hatred similar to what I copied. Some were too vile and disgusting to include. Considering many of the articles/opinions have over 13,000 comments so I did some rough math and came up with the astounding number of 112,000,000 (one-hundred-twelve-million). That’s the rough average of the amount of STUPID and/or HATE FILLED comments since Saturday night by the pigs on the left!

Right now the political right is the greatest threat to American democracy….more so than communism and foreign terrorism (if foreign terrorism ever was). When you reduce the Right’s response to the lowest common denominator you find it is about power, the corporate elite, the “money power,” and guns. Beck et. al are the recruiters for those who carry out the dirty deeds of their monied masters.

Free Speech, and Capitalism have run amuck.
They will destroy America if they are not stopped.

Does anyone else enjoy irony? At the bottom of this comments page, HP has a link to a site called!

I remember a time when violence and war wasn’t seen as “cool”, when guns and war toys didn’t have much of market, when diversity was welcomed and Peace and Love were the mantras at rallies.

RW doesn’t believe in Constitution. They believe in their own vitriol. That is why they are so eager to change Constitution to fit their vitriolic needs.

Spin all you want,the vitriol you speak of is manifested in violence on the right.Please don’t mix apples and oranges,you can pretend it’s the same vitriol,but you know it’s not.How many outright threats do you see from the left.NO,you and yours own this madman,you and your ilk created him.Don’t try and soften the truth with mumbo jumbo.

It is especially important to note the “government is bad (dysfunctional, evil, etc.)” narrative that is the mantra of the republican party. It is correctly traced to Reagan. My question is, if they think government is so awful, why do they always want to run it? If they take over the government to destroy it, there will be nothing left for them to run. Then again, why apply logic to their motives?

I’ve lived through too much of this:

JFK, RFK, MLK, Medgar Evars, Harvey Milk, George Moscone, All Democrats targeted by Republicans.

Each shooting dropping you further into despair, until you were ready to give it all up.

And many of us did. As a result we got Nixon, Reagan, and Bush.

This time I’m not giving up. I don’t expect any of you will either.

Today I have the Daily Kos community. Back then not much.

So it’s much better today. Much easier to organize and fight back. And to point out where “they” have said things that they would like to take back but can’t. And to hold them accountable.

on the streets of America, or on my campus, the same way my classmates were getting killed in Vietnam. But I never thought we’d be going through this horrible sh*t all over again 40 years later.

I haven’t given up, either, but I’ve lost a little juice over the decades and need some reinforcements from the younger generation.

You are right when you say we must hold them accountable. We have seen, written and read much about Palin today, rightly so, IMHO, I also believe we must scream from the rooftops about the others who should also be held accountable. we must not forget all the vitriol that is spewed by Rush, faux news, too many repubs to be named here.

We must not let these others off the hook.


Never did the statement, “what goes around, comes around” ring more true now that this tragedy has made it’s way to the doorstep of one Sarah Palin who over the course of the past several years has so foolishly done more than her share to gin up the extremist elemernts with her gun related inneundos, the targeting of Democratic candidates, and the rest of her highly senseless inflamitory remarks.

Your publicist prepared statement is too little and too late, Mrs. Palin! You should have stayed under your rock for this one!

Hey Sarah, praying is not the same as taking responsibility. Let’s see if you can man-up and take some responsibility for your wrongdoing or whether you’re just a total irresponsible shirker.

Rate wing talk radio that feeds on the fears of many Americans as well as Ms. Palin who neither controlds the English language well enough to speak in more moderate and in more nunaced terms have much to do with this tragedy. Words have power and so do symbols. In her world, every critical thinker becomes an ” elitist” or part of the country that ” needs to be eliminated. I have the privilege to live on the California coast and am at least thankful locally that we abhor such speech and the deeds that it could incote in a frightened and unstable person.
Simply stop and be for once patriotic!

Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush and the other tea baggers who have been preaching hate and violence must face the fact that their words and actions are forever preserved on the internet. No more lies or lack of responsibility, we all know what you have said and done. You are not the direct murderer, but your words and maps with rifle targets did contribute to the violence. Words can be violent. It is a time for you all to stop and for us who are liberal to also watch what we say. Didn’t your mother ever teach you, if you do not have something kind or constructive to say, don’t talk?

If I was one of those representatives living in the states of AR, TN, or IN with the RED crosshairs mark, I’d be scared sh*tless.

Palin prays for the victims huh? This from a woman who enjoys the fun of shooting innocent, defenseless animals with high powered rifles from safe positions in helicopters and hides. Most leaders direct rather than participate in actions – especially in violence – and use rhetoric and analogy to encourage their followers. OK Mama Grisly – you didn’t actually suggest killing the Governor but you gotta live with the knowledge you created the background noise that encouraged a follower to do it. maybe why you pulled your website – kinda too little too late though ain’t it? My prayer for you – that you are finished, washed up and consigned to a silly footnote in our great nations history!

“Came from” is the operative phrase. This blood of patriots horse$**t has got to stop. It’s 2011. I’d like to think we’ve all evolved over the years. However, I’m guessing evolution isn’t really part of your vocabulary, or sarah palin’s for that matter.

Palin’s crosshairs map shocked the conscience of all civilized persons. That it was apparently unrelated to this shooting incident doesn’t mean it was o.k.

Interesting how Palin had a list (with map and Gifford’s name) of people to be “gunned down” and is now trying to condemn the shootings by saying she meant it all “figuratively.” When will these radicals learn that their words are taken seriously by nut cases? I find it very hard to believe Palin didn’t get exactly what she called for. It’s like Scott Lively going to Uganda to campaign for the death penalty for gays and then saying he didn’t mean they should be executed.

Well I DO think that Sarah Palin is directly responsible for the murders in Arizona. And I disagree with Keith Olberman and others who say that she only created an atmosphere in which such violence might take place. When she put those crosshairs up there she was inciting her core audience to violence, a majority of whom believe that violent action may be necessary to preserve (their idea of) freedom – EVEN IF it’s against one’s own government. If you were to put up Palin’s image on your facebook page, with a gun’s crosshairs over it, that image would be taken down and you would get a visit from the Secret Service. If YOU can’t get away with such overt hatred, why should she? She should be prosecuted for incitement to violence. What she did is wrong, possibly illegal and progressives should not be too quick to walk back her violence on her behalf.




7 responses

11 01 2011
D. Tye

It’s pretty scary to think that there are that many people out there who are uninformed and ignorant!! They hear something and it becomes gospil. The x’s on Sarah Palin’s chart don’t look like crosshairs from a gun scope. She has no ties whatsoever to this killing incident, but these people heard some leftwing maniac who took this opportunity of tragedy to make a political statement and said they were crosshairs, and suddenly all these uninformed bozo’s are quoting it as fact and blaming her for this tragedy, and sadly, trying to encourage her own demise!!!! How many of htese bleating sheep are there???

11 01 2011

Liberalism is a mental disease…I couldn’t read thru all of these. I’m sick of being attacked for what was the sole responsibility of an individual lunatic. I personally feel violated, can’t imagine what Sarah is going through.

11 01 2011

That’s what pisses me off. Sarah has NOTHING to do with the madman shooting these people, yet the left is using this tragedy to try and destroy her knowing damn well she had nothing to do with it, and none of her writings, or graphics, or pictures, or anything, caused this. It’s as if they have strung her up on a cross, stripped her of her clothing, with every sicko in the country getting a chance to whip her 10 times using barbed-wire, while forcing her entire family to watch, while the whole event is going out on over 30 million jumbo-trons around the country as if it was a sporting event.

I am convinced the sickest most vile people in this country slither out from their leftist rat holes to spread sickness and disease over humanity! This is the final straw for me. I will have nothing to do with anyone on the left as I don’t want to take a chance that they will infect my family!


The only one that can help us now is God.

12 01 2011

I hope at some point Sarah comes out swinging back at them yet understand how hard it will be for her. Spoke w/my lib mom in Tucson on Saturday, and tonight. Mom immediately when into lib parrot mode tonight blaming right-wingers. Had to set her straight on MANY things & think she got the message. But not easy…this is perilous times. God give us the strength to prevail!

12 01 2011


13 01 2011

Since the shooting and the blame game began I have spent some time on Glenn Beck’s facebook page and I am ashamed of what I am reading… The hate is not coming from the right as the media would have you believe but the left wing trolls. I would be very angry if the right did go into left wing blogs and behave as they do in ours. I consider myself some what a sane human being however after hanging out on Glenn’s page for a few days and reading the post and the remarks posted by left wing trolls I was so angry if I had the chance to run into one of the females posting I would have beat her to a pulp, no problem…. Now if a troll can get that reaction from a semi sane person what would a person like Jared’s reaction be after a few days on a blog with the same type of people no matter the side they are on or what side he was on?
A lot of Americans have become ugly human beings and it is very sad…. Have Americans become worth saving?

13 01 2011


In answer to your last question… yes! There are some Americans that still understand civility and believe in God and Country. Although they are getting rare, they are out there. So yes, Americans are worth saving, some of them!

The rest of them can live in their miserable little world. The one thing this tragedy has done to me is embarrassing to admit, but I have no use for anyone that is either a part of, or supports the left in any way. I’m going to try and find ways to scrub their influence on my life in any way I can. I don’t want any of them coming near me or my family for fear of catching whatever social disease they have. Yeah I know, it sounds pretty extreme, but it makes sense. I just hope people will keep in mind that I’m doing this to protect my family, not as retaliation for what they have done over the past few days (and 50 years).


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