More HuffPo Sickness

11 01 2011

The Huffington Post has a story about how sales of Glock hand guns have spiked in the last two days. The killer in Tucson used a Glock, so the Huffpo is trying to make some dumb-ass connection to nut-case gun users buying up Glocks because the killer used one. One poster saw through the BS and did a little digging…

I saw this post before sitting down to dinner. Afterwards I called a friend of mine that owns a gun store about 3 miles from me. I asked his opinion about this story and he told me two things to keep in mind.

One. “Gun sales of everything have sky-rocket­ed since early yesterday”­. My friend was telling me this over his cell phone while he was clearing out a corner of his storage facility where his merchandis­e is kept safely. He was at his warehouse because in the past two days he has practicall­y sold out his entire store and needed to re-stock fast.

Two.  He pointed out the name of the gun stores in the above story is “Glockmeis­ter”, so of course they would be selling a lot of Glocks, its what they sell. They are just like every other gun shop in the country that have guns flying off the shelves. They only stand out for this story because they sell the brand name that the killer used.

I then asked him why he thought gun sales were so crazy. His statement took me back, but it made sense. He said… “People are not stupid and have been hearing the reaction from the left so people are arming themselves for the riots to come”. Thanks Jared, and thank you liberals, you may actually get your revolution now. I hope you are proud of yourselves­!




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