Frozen In

13 12 2010

Man is it cold!

We were supposed to get some snow flurries last night. Instead we got six inches. Now the only thing I want for Christmas is…. Global Warming!

Did any of you catch Sarah Palins Alaska last night? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Well, sort of. I didn’t like the part where Kate Gosselin whined like a little spoiled brat from the moment she stepped off the float plane. The parts I liked had to do with Sarah and her family.

I always enjoy seeing how comfortable she and her kids are around firearms. And I enjoyed how brave Sarah was when she shot the shot-gun with the 3″ Magnum shells. I can tell you from experience that she endured a nice kick from them and probably had a bruised shoulder from it. I also enjoyed the way her Dad taught the kids about nature. I especially enjoyed what Todd did on the camping trip… stayed away from the whiney Kate and stuck to fishing (even though he wasn’t catching anything), that’s a smart man!

I have enjoyed all the installments of the show so far, with the exception of last night, but it did give me an idea. How about we petition TLC to promote one more camping trip with the Palins. This time however, Obama and Michele get to go!!! LOL…..

Ok, enough of the wishful thinking.





2 responses

13 12 2010
Doc's Wife

We have about 5 inches on my mountain, and we are stuck for a while. Yeah–what about global warming??? On the subject of guns, respect and BO and MOO—I’ll bet neither one of those two clowns have ever shot a gun of any kind. Probably never even had a cap gun.

13 12 2010

A gun cap, that’s funny! Yep, it’d bet $100 neither of them have even held a gun, let alone shot one…

Love Sarah’s show…that Kate is soooo annoying (and she’s a major wuss). Makes me want to travel to that beautiful state!

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