The Revolution Has Begun Day 2

9 12 2010

I started writing this post about 20 minutes before Glenn Becks show came on (12/09/01). I was going to write this, post it, then sit down to eat dinner with my wife because Glenns show today was supposed to be uplifting. So the idea was that we could watch his program while eating. Then his show started and it is NOT what was supposed to be on. Instead we are getting a message from Glenn that the Revolution has begun. Almost every word written below was written prior to his show coming on. I was intending to end my post by announcing to my readers that I will be taking a break until after the first of the year. This changes everything. DAY TWO CONTINUES AT BOTTOM.

It’s been a very trying year here on the homestead so the wife and I decided to get away for a few days. The trip did wonders for me, but I’m now more worried for our country than I was a week ago. Our little trip was taken over a 3 state area and included quite a few really corny tourist traps. And I want to say publicly, thank God for tourist traps.

We stuck to no schedule and changed our directions twice when we would run into a stand full of tourist brochures in a Hotel lobby and found something that appealed to us. And of course we ended up in Outlet Centers everywhere we went (boring), but the wife did get most of her Christmas shopping done and my bank account was drained.

As mentioned in the beginning, we went to a lot of different tourist traps. Thankfully right now is NOT a busy time for tourist traps, except the Outlet Stores, which made the trip so much nicer. The one thing I had not expected was how intimate some of these places can be when you are the only two people in the place. This intimacy allowed us the opportunity to meet a lot of the store owners because they have to get rid of their Help for the season, leaving the businesses completely in the hands of the owners. One thing that always came up in our conversations was the economy and politics. I lost count on how many eye-rolls this caused the wife to pull-off when she didn’t think I was looking.

Anyway, using a very un-scientific method of counting heads it seems that many small business owners have walked away from both the Democrat and Republican party and have gone Independent. It seemed as if everyone had the very same story… “My family has been {Democrat or Republican} for the last 1,000 years (yes I know its a slight exageration)”. Everyone we talked to was pretty well disgusted with our government and the current crop of politicians running the country. What shocked me was how few of these people we talked to knew how bad things really are. At times I felt like I was a Political Science Professor talking to these people because they had not heard about some of things I would bring up. It seems that these businesses that rely on tourism dollars stay so busy trying to stay afloat that they don’t have time to watch Glenn Beck at 5:00 or any serious news programs. Most of these people are “Doers” not “Thinkers”. I’m not trying to belittle them, in fact I admire them. Instead of arguing point by point about the validity of an argument, they decide what they want to do… and then by God they go to it getting it done. These are the backbone of this country. To be continued…

Here it is Day Two. The world is still spinning and the Dogs still need to be fed, and everything is about the same as it was yesterday. Some of you could probably tell that I panicked when I heard Beck yesterday pronounce that the ‘Revolution had begun’. I did, and now I understand why. After a few days on the road clearing my head I had come back thinking clearly again, and I was hoping to keep that feeling going right on through to the New Year. Keeping that feeling going was going to require me to stop blogging for a few weeks, unplug my PC and promise myself to NOT watch any TV News or listen to any Talk Radio. Well that didn’t happen! My first day back I was going to watch Beck because his show was supposed to be an uplifting one, so I thought it might be a good idea to stop watching him right after a positive show. Well that didn’t happen either. Instead he did what he is very good at, and laid down the truth. The Revolution truly has begun, but it didn’t start yesterday.

My point is that I I’m back in the fight! There is no dodging. There is no resting. There is no taking a break. We have a country to save!!!

The cold-steel truth is… we are in a war for our survival, and only the strong, and informed, will survive. What I did on my little 4 day jaunt is not important, what we do from here forward is!

Although its tempting to put all of this in the back of your minds because Christmas is coming up, I beg all of you to NOT lose focus. I almost did and I’m very embarrassed to admit it.

We must fight for our country. More importantly, we must win!



From Day One… I will finish writing about my trip on another post. Right now we need to work on how we are going to respond to this sad, but totally expected news. Any ideas?





4 responses

9 12 2010
Doc's Wife

Great post, Gio. Glad you and your wife were able to get away for a while. Now that our kids are grown, we only take trips in off-season to avoid crowds. We went to Destin in September, and I found exactly the same things from independent shop owners there (the ones that had managed to survive the oil spill fiasco). In our small mountain town, many of the local shop owners work so hard that they cannot keep up with news. That said, I really want to go to Wilmington, Ohio next week for Glen’s get-together. Hubby cannot go because there wasn;t enough notice, and his office is booked. I got out the atlas, and part of me is thinking about going by myself–the kids are working or taking exams, writing papers. It would be really special. Not sure how brave I am.

10 12 2010


Go if you can. It may be the last chance you get for quite sometime to be with so many like-minded people and I’m sure it would be an uplifting experience.
One word of caution: Leave sometime Saturday because we may get slammed Sunday by a snowstorm. This will also give you a couple of days to get to know the people there in Wilmington before Glenn shows up.
Just my two cents.

If you do go, be safe and be sure to tell me so we can say a prayer for a safe journey. But you have to promise to tell us what it was like.

God Bless,


10 12 2010

Hope you had a good time…now back to the good fight!

11 12 2010

Keep up the fight brother. We’re still behind you.

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