Sarah Palin’s Alaska Week Three

28 11 2010

Week three of Sarah’s Alaska. Tonight we got an introduction to more of the Palin clan, and a more in-depth look at the Palin family fishing business.

So what did all of you think of this episode? I have some positive comments but I would like to hear from you first.





4 responses

29 11 2010

Loved it again! Good to see them at work and teaching their kids the value of a hards day work. Also loved seeing their son Trig and how he’s thriving!

30 11 2010


I also loved the interaction with extended family and how easy the transition is for the Palins to go from being on the world stage to visiting family in their summer fish-camp and pitch -in to help while visiting. When we have visitors we have to wait on them like we are their servants or something. Maybe its time I put my guests to work!

The other thing I enjoyed was the accommodations while they work their own fishing grounds. Nothing fancy, sleep where you can find room, and drive around in old beat up pick-up trucks. They know how most of the real world lives, and I believe Sarah could use that real world experience to be a very good POTUS. Can you imagine Obama working a fishing boat? What a laugh that would be!

My wife cried when Sarah got emotional about her Downs Nephew and relating it to her Downs Son. To this day I cringe everytime I recall how the left jumped all over her for having that baby. Trig has just as much of a right to life as any arrogant pin-headed progressive does. Its obvious that the whole family loves Trig no matter his condition and I respect the hell out of Sarah and Todd for NOT taking the easy way out.

Now I can’t wait for next Sundays show where she goes hunting. After that one airs I expect the left will be jumping off of cliffs. I hope. ; -)


30 11 2010

Yep loved seeing Trig and his cousin. They are so precious…must drive libs nuts. And yep, the hunting episode is going to make them freak…wonder if someone will shoot their tv again! Stoopid libs don’t even know the proper use for a gun…

7 12 2010

Week 4 was great – bagged a caribou! Libs heads must have exploded!!

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