Sarah Palin’s Alaska Week Two

21 11 2010

Lets keep up with the program until it ends and see if, and/or why attitudes change towards Sarah.

Just a quick personal note: I have read all kinds of mean-spirited tripe from progressives and country-club Republicans since her show last Sunday, and my wife and I have talked about all the garbage. We have come to one conclusion that’s much different from the Palin haters… Considering her kids have such a high-profile Mom, the kids seem very normal and well adjusted. If any of you have had to raise teenagers you know what I’m talking about.

Looking forward to comments about tonights show.





4 responses

22 11 2010

Loved this episode! My dad taught me how to stun fish when I was 9. Libs are going to explode over Sarah stunning that halibut – love it!

22 11 2010


The moment I saw what Bristol and her Mom had to do with the Halibut I started laughing hysterically. When my wife asked what was so funny, I blurted out that the liberals were going to have a Cow over how cruel and unfair it was, yada, yada, yada.

I also loved the couple of zingers Sarah got in just to poke fun at Libs. The first was the comment about getting all wee wee’d up, and the second one about never retreat, reload. One of the things I like about her show is how she is giving her kids real-life experiences like how important W-O-R-K is by having them do work on a family vacation. Most parents cater to their kids every want while on vacation and the only thing that teaches kids is how to be a successful moocher.

All in all, week two was better than week one, and week one was pretty darned good!


22 11 2010

Almost forgot. I loved the part where they held the Halibut heart in their hand and it kept on beating. That had to send some libs over the edge.


22 11 2010

Yep she gave some good jabs alright!!

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