Palin Targeted: White Powder Mailed to ‘Dancing With the Stars’

21 11 2010

This is getting rediculous. What was once termed BHS – Bush Hatred Syndrome has now transferred to PHS – Palin Hatred Syndrome.

Story here…





3 responses

21 11 2010

Ok I LOVE this…the libs have gone ballistic! I don’t watch DWTS but will do so next week & vote for Bristol…can’t wait to see them implode!!

23 11 2010

I just want to hear the multiple “pops” of either libs head exploding or them shooting themselves in the head if Bristol wins (okay not really the last one but come on you know you was thinking it too 🙂 )

23 11 2010


I’m shocked!

How could you possibly feel that way about any liberal/progressive. Keep in mind they are the only loving, caring ones in the USA, and they always have the best intentions for “we the people”. And… …..AAARRRGH, I can’t do it.

Screw the above lame attempt at a joke, I WANT HEADS TO EXPLODE!

Will, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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