Time To End The War

17 11 2010

I have been writing this piece, on and off, for the past few weeks. Every time I consoled myself to have made a solid decision, I found reasons to put-off drawing that final line-in-the-sand. Most of you know that I’m usually I am a black-and-white sort of thinker, and I will tell anyone that will listen, exactly where I stand on almost any issue. I rarely end up stuck in the grey area, but this time was different. You are about to read why.

Ok, I found my ‘happy place’ again and am now ready to make this pronouncement… “Its time to end our involvement in the war in Afghanistan”.

We originally went into Afghanistan to destroy the Taliban, and more importantly to kill or capture Osama Bi Laden, the one person, more than any other that was responsible for the attacks on the USA on 9/11/2001. Well the Taliban is still in existence and Osama is still walking this earth.

Yeah I know, the Taliban is barely hanging on (according to who exactly?), and Osama is holed-up in some cave somewhere in Pakistan (at least this is what the public is told). I want to see Osama dead or behind bars as bad as any American, but it seems we have gone soft and will be thwarted from getting him by using military action because of politics. Our very best chance of killing him came at Tora-Bora and we blew it. Now that we have coalition forces crawling everywhere, we seem to be further away from his capture than ever. If we could seriously go into Pakistan and kick some radical Muslim goat herding butt, we may stand a chance of getting him. But sadly, I don’t see that happening.

We also know about the corruption in Afghanistan that is costing valuable American tax-payer dollars. We are talking tens of BILLIONS of dollars here people, not Monopoly money and this doesn’t even take into account the money we spend daily for prosecuting the war itself.

Now add in the most precious reason for ending our involvement, loss of our Military men/womens lives.

Those are just some of the reasons why I believe we are wasting our time continuing this war for one more day. Now let me give you an idea how we should expand this idea and do it to our advantage.

Bring home 75% of our military from Afghanistan. Adding to this, we need to bring home 50% of all military personnel from our large bases around the world. If we are NOT going to act as the worlds police force, I see no reason to keep our soldiers in countries that don’t really need us.  One exception I see right now is Iraq. It is most definately to our advantage to keep a large force close to Iran because until Iran hangs their leadership, they are a potent direct danger to the USA and the world.

Now, what to do with all these soldiers we bring home…

We build smaller bases all along our southern border and stretch them out from California to the Gulf along the Texas border. Just in the past 9 months alone, some 2,700 people have been murdered in Juarez Mexico, which happens to sit right on our border. There is a war being waged just across our border and it is our governments duty to make damn sure the war does NOT spill over into the USA. How bad is it?…..

Bodies are dangled headless from highway overpasses. Heads turn up in ice chests and trash bags. Corpses are found marked by torture wounds and taunting, hand-scrawled messages. Body parts, rearranged for humiliating effect, are left for all to see.

Mexicans have watched the carnage — at first with horror and disbelief, but increasingly with a stunned fatigue as drug-trafficking gangs try to one-up rivals or scare authorities with new heights of savagery.

Some worry that people could adapt to depravity as the new norm: The nation’s health secretary, Jose Angel Cordova, said last week that, four years into the drug war, Mexico risked becoming a country where “killing someone can be seen as normal or natural.”

One other benefit I see from having our military back home to protect us is, the slow takeover of our government by forces within, probably our most troubling enemy we face. I’m convinced that our military would NOT allow a takeover of our government by forces that try to side-step the Constitution. Keep in mind that our soldiers swear to protect our Constitution, not the president or a ruling party.

Of course I have written a very short version of my thinking process, but I believe I have made a serious case for us bringing home the majority of our Soldiers. One, to dis-entangle ourselves from playing “Global Cop”. Two, to save some serious tax-payer money. Three, to use our soldiers here at home to protect the USA from enemies foreign and domestic.

What do you think?





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17 11 2010
Doc's Wife

I have said this, Gio, for quite some time. Marine son-in-law does not agree with me at all. Hubby is coming around now that his brother just went to Afghanistan three weeks ago. He is fifty-one and will be there at least ten months. He was in Iraq about six years ago. Enough is enough!

18 11 2010


Not trying to start any trouble, but I am curious what your Marine son-in-law thinks of the mess in Afghanistan?

Please pass along my families love and gratitude for what he’s doing for all of us.


18 11 2010
Doc's Wife

Gio–I may not have been clear. Our son-in-law is no longer serving, but he will always be a Marine. I became familiar with that before the wedding. Had never had a Marine in the family. While we do not discuss the war often, I know when we were so involved in Iraq that he felt the Marines should do a sweep and wipe out the problem. I will ask him about Afghanistan this weekend and see what he thinks and let you know.

18 11 2010

I like your ideas…but our current CIC has no clue what he is doing and has no desire to secure our borders. If Obama would do this, he would definitely see his approval rate go up. Unfortunately his priorities are all out of whack…

18 11 2010

Waaaaaaay out of whack!

I really am starting to believe that he is clueless. So much for the lefts claim of Obama being smart.


18 11 2010
Doc's Wife

Clueless is putting it mildly!!!

2 12 2010


I agree 100%.

The most dangerous enemy we are currently facing is the proverbial “enemy within.”

An enemy that is doing far better than most will admit.


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