Sarah Palin’s Alaska

15 11 2010

Like many of you, I sat down tonight with my family to watch the new TLC reality show called ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’.

Now for those of you that are wondering, “why is Gio discussing this on his blog’, let me explain. This woman may be running for the Presidency in the future and I would like to see her up close and personal. I’m hoping this show allows me, and millions of other viewers get that look. So far, she is exactly what I expected, and I am not disappointed.

Knowing what I thought about Sarah and/or her new show is kind of boring so I would like to know what others thought of it.

If you too watched the first installment, I would be very interested in hearing your honest opinions. Feel free to talk about any and all aspects of the first show. Please, I ask only of one thing… if you are one of those Sarah haters, just move along and graze on other pastures.





5 responses

15 11 2010

Getting ready to watch it in 15 minutes here on the West Coast…will get back to you w/my opinion!!

15 11 2010
ww thumper

My Beautiful young wife and I are watching it now as I am typing this 🙂 2045hr/pst IT IS GREAT!! BEAUTIFUL WELL DONE! She is BRIGHT and FUNNIE ….just one of us! Except she and her Hubby appear to be richer than I 😉
Good show I like it . ;>) WW

15 11 2010

Ok I loved her show! Loved how she stated you can see Russia from here -almost, take that Tina Fey! Their home is modest yet has a beautiful lake view.

I found her relatable when fishing w/Piper. I remember the first time my dad took me fly fishing and learned to shoot his rifle. They seem very involved w/their kids lives…and especially dealing w/teenagers!

I’ve never been to AK and this show inspires me to visit the state to absorb the beauty it has to offer!

15 11 2010
ww thumper

My Beautiful young wife and I lived in Juneau for 3 1/2yrs in the mid 80s , I hated every min of it . It’s a nice place to visit in late July if it ever stops raining enough for the sun to come out for a while . I found it the Most Rainy , cloudy , dreary place I have ever been. If it’s not Raining , it’s Snowing! or so Foggy U can’t hardly see. It’s nice for the Touri , but when you have been through the shops on Main St , Been to the Glacier, and the Salmon Bake you have perty much done all there is to do in Juneau. To live there is not that great (imho) , but opinions are like your feet, most folks have at least one or two, and sometimes they stink… ;>) Alaska is a huge , Beautiful place, I would like to go there sometime as a tourist and see the Real Alaska ..When we moved back down to Seattle in late 88, we shipped our stuff and things to Seattle on a barge and took the Alaska State Ferry to Prince Rupurt BC, Canada, and took another ferry to Victoria and stayed there for a couple of days. Now there’s a nice place to visit… WW

15 11 2010

I thought it was alright, was a good look into family day to day life and the opprtunities for outdoor activity in the state, its also brought back alot of memories. Having recently moved from Alaska (36 years there) and spent the last 8 flying to evey imaginable part of the state for work (from the Aluetians to the Pribilofs, from Barrow to the panhandle and all parts in between) The scenery and beauty of the state is without parallel and every once in a while it takes a television show watched in HD to really slam home all the sites Ive seen in person over the years.

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