A New Dawning For America

4 11 2010

For awhile there I was concerned that the country I love so much was headed for the proverbial toilet. However, it seems the USA has been thrown a life-preserver and we may be able to swim out of the swirling cesspool of progressive ideology.  I highlight the word “may” only because I have an uneasy feeling that things could still go south very quickly if we don’t pay close attention to whats happening.

Here’s my message………. PAY ATTENTION!

For those of you in-the-know, yesterday was NOT a good day for this country. The move the Federal Reserve made is scary on quite a few levels. Saying that,  I don’t want you to take any monetary advice from me, so please do some homework on your own. 

I know many of you are tired of fighting the good fight and you think its time to take a breather, especially when you consider the election results. Knowing how determined the ‘real enemy’ is, we must not let our guard down. Sure, take a day or two to breathe something other than politically charged air, and to enjoy your family for a change instead of worrying what some political turd is going to do today, but please DO NOT retire from the fight. On Tuesday, we only won round one.


P.S.  If you can’t stop chewing on Obama’s incompetence, ask yourself this….. what is he thinking spending over $2 BILLION DOLLARS for a trip to Indonesia? That’s money we don’t have. $2 BILLION DOLLARS could fix a lot of infrastructure!




7 responses

4 11 2010
ww thumper

BS O DON’T give a damm about what we think , or Infrastructure, or any thing else….He and his Greedy wife are going to “Get Theirs” while they can. They don’t care what it cost; their not paying for it! …U and I are!
That kind of wasted trip should not be allowed!! To him or any other President. BS O is the Only “president” that has ever had the Ca Jones to do that! . What a Shameful S O B!!
Like I have said before : it is FAR PAST TIME to IMPEACH! this Shameful Fool , and his Stoopid V P too!! WW

4 11 2010
Doc's Wife

We must continue to watch everything these crooks do. As Glen Beck says, “always watch the other hand”. They have been brought down a few notches, but they are NOT ready to give up. All Obama’s crap about being willing to compromise is just that. He expects conservatives to compromise–when hell freezes over!

4 11 2010

Yeah, not very pretty what the Feds did…course the SRM is touting what a great thing they are doing to “save” our economy….

I cannot fathom why the SRM won’t be all over this spending…they’d be having seizures beyond belief if it was Bush!

4 11 2010

Gio is right (again) time to take off the boxing gloves and go bare knuckles on these clowns. It’s going to be a long two years and with the Dems back against the wall that will only make them equally as dangerous and with the Fed pulling crap stated above we will never be able to let our guard down for one second.

Stock up on your Gatorade folks the fun has just started.

6 11 2010

In no way whatsoever is this the time to relax. Only now do we find out what kind of Republicans got voted in, and how will the old guard (see Grahamn and McCain) will act. Will the new blood stand firm on the principles they were voted in on? Or will they cave like most politicians going to D.C after their first cocktail party. This is the most important time to be alert, stay focused and united, letting the representatives know that we voted them in for a reason and we are watching/waiting for results.

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