Progressive Hate

2 11 2010

It seems the progressive/marxists in this country have been busy convincing minorities that Conservatives are “the enemy”. Oh, and lets not forget Obama doing the same. So what happens when you spread lies mixed with hate? Watch and learn…

All of you on the left should be ashamed of yourselves!





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2 11 2010

This is something that I am afraid is beyond fixing. Maybe in the next generation but his type is so screwed in the head no amount a convincing will ever right it. The only thing progressive require from is that we are there to flex our muscle for them. We are nothing more then progressive enforcers for their cause and given the little scraps called welfare as payment for a thuggish job well done.

2 11 2010


What you describe is literally a “crime against humanity”. If people only knew what they are missing in life by not taking part in the grand experiment that is the USA. Sure, making a living is hard, and at times you might rather be fishing, but at the end of the day you can be proud of what you have done by your own hand and using your own brain. Waiting for the next hand-out to come along simply puts you further in bondage to those doling out the freebies.

Freedom is totally mis-understood.


2 11 2010

Gio I always believe that everyone has the capacity to change, to improve their lives to make something better of themselves, but no thanks to the Al-Sharptons of the world who convince practically our entire race to give up their very souls for a few scraps of cash and public housing even I doubt most of us can or even want to change.

Our people have been taught to never EVER question your own kind that is a sin amongst sins punishable by public chastising, beatings or worse. If a black politicians is looking for votes you are obligated to vote for him/her no matter how questionable or checkered their past, you just better be on-site at the booth to pull the lever for them…PERIOD!

And if anyone doubt me may I offer to the jury exhibit A, B, and C (Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, Jesse Jackson JR) worthless to the core and corrupted as the day is long but are so embedded in DC you would have to plasma cut their asses out of their seats.

And though I blame them for much I blame the continuing votes from our people who I honestly believe feel it’s better to be screwed by your own then by a White person.

Staying loyal to our race is killing us…literally.

2 11 2010

And you can also blame the public education system IMO…they coddle students, no one is better than anyone else, try to make the testing “equal” for all races, and forever remind you of the different heritages that need to be celebrated (which is fine yet can we have an “We are all Americans” celebration one day?)….The indoctrination starts early and continues with the support of ACLU, Sharpton, et al…

3 11 2010

The entire premise of the school indoctrination program is that the Democratic liberal agenda is of course the right and only reasonable choice going forward, but as this is America we have to put up with a small group of racist narrowminded greedy in the pocket of big business hillbilly ignorant conservatives. It is the job of every reasonable American to confront and thwart their eveil agenda at every turn. Having been taught that in school from day one, not just in lesson but in example (see DCG above in the “no one loses everyone wins” and coddling example) The result is what you see in the ignorant and juvenile video shown. Welcome to liberal America, home of tolerance and inclusion (but only of a specific kind).

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