D-Day For America

1 11 2010

With less than 24 hours until the most important election of our lifetime, there still be time to get that one extra person to the polls tomorrow. Go door-to-door, call some of your Church members, or even ask your neighbors if they need a ride to the polling places tomorrow. You can also work the phones either at home or go to your local GOP office and volunteer.

This last minute push is important because we are literally deciding the direction of this country come tomorrow.

The decision is very simple… Do you want your children to live in an oppressive Marxist leaning hell-hole, or do you want them to live in an America where there is real hope and opportunity for all.

God bless all of you, and may God continue to bless America!


This is one of two choices

Or choose this




7 responses

1 11 2010
Doc's Wife

I feel that we are on the verge of this country returning to the roots upon which it was founded. I pray daily for this. Our prayers must continue far beyond tomorrow because the threats still exist.

1 11 2010

I hope you are correct DW!! Unfortunately here in WA ST I’m not overly optimistic we will turn red…bunch of socialist commies in Seattle, UGH!

But I am confident other states (except for CA) will prove to be saner and get real reps in office to stop The Traitor!

2 11 2010

I voted time to go earn my pennies now catch up with you all later!

2 11 2010

Tonight has been good so far not as I expected but we took the House, the senate is in doubt but sadly that was expected. All I want right now is to wake up in the morning to find out Reid got his ass kicked but with all the unions and rigged machines Angle may have a tough night.

Pelosi is done.

3 11 2010


I got up this morning and didn’t have the nerve to look and see what happened to Prince Harry. That worked for about 10 minutes. One of my pain-in-the-a** relatives just had to call me to let me know that his Harry won. Not in the mood for playing games I just hung up on him.

The other major disappointment for me is is California, but hey, it is California. I expect Arnold will be pushed into begging for American tax-payer money to bail out California during the lame duck session. The Dems really have no choice in that state because after the new Congress is sworn in California may be on their own, so now is the best time to push for a huge bail-out. I pray that we as a people, and our congress critters, understand the message sent last night. After all, last night was a huge win for our side. For me, it was the first time in my life that America stood up together and said… “ENOUGH”! (for me ‘ENOUGH’ means no more marxist bullsh*t)

Now the hard work begins… keeping all our newly elected officials in-line!


3 11 2010

That last sentence says it all Gio “keeping them in line” we need to hold their feet to the eternal flame of honest and make sure the 1. Create real jobs and 2. repeal Obamacare and so far a few are beginning to punk out on the latter. It looks like we need to send the squishy ones another message that just like the Dems there will be hell to pay if they start to flip flop.

No more games, no more empty promises you either do what your constituents ask or get the hell out the way for someone who will!

I have no problems burning the GOP name in effigy and going straight 3rd party if they f**k this up.

Other then that it was nice to see Rubio and Lt. Colonel Allen West make the cut and even better that the psycho Alan Grayson was sent packing!

4 11 2010


Those that punk-out on repealing obamacare will do so at their own peril.

I too was happy to see some good candidates pull off wins, and the two you point to don’t seem to be the types that will allow themselves to be co-opted by the Washington DC meat-grinding machines. We need to pray for those guys and let them know that we “got their backs”.


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