Strange Voting Mailers

28 10 2010

I got a mailer today from another political group. Before I put it in the fireplace for a proper burning, with the other 60,000 mailers I’ve received this year, I actually stopped a moment to read it. And the only reason it caught my eye is because something about it just didn’t feel right. Yeah, this one was different.

Being the nosy dweeb that I am, I started to look into it. Now that I have done so, I thought I would share with all of you. Instead of me writing out all the thoughts about this mailer I’m going to give you a URL. Please go to the following URL and read about this mailer. Almost all the questions and answers I could supply are answered by these people.

Before you go and read about it I just want to say… This is done by an organization headed-up by Lynn Cheney, Dick Cheney’s daughter. I like Lynn, but this mailer has left a bad taste in my mouth, can anyone assure me that I’m just being paranoid?

Go here…





7 responses

28 10 2010

Well I don’t like the name, sounds too liberal to me. Here in WA ST we all vote by mail so I get why they might do this. Course that never prevents fraud as we had in our gov race in 04. I wouldn’t be paranoid but I also wouldn’t sign up for it,,,

28 10 2010
ww thumper

DCG…I also live in W WA, so Kg Co. I got my ballot almost 2 weeks ago and voted then…not for any DumocRATS ether! , or any other ‘Liberal ” ideas!

I screamed and yelled for a week after our Gov ; helped by Kg Co ,STOLE that election. DumocRATS can’t win elections honestly so they Lie, Cheat, Recount votes over and over again until they “find” enough votes to “win”. What a Shameless bunch of RATS, … Democ type… WW

29 10 2010

Hey ww, glad to meet another WA ST conservative! I live in Bothell…

I had an issue w/ King Co this week. They couldn’t read my last name on my ballot so sent me an oath form. I received it & will send tmrw. They said ballots aren’t certified until 11/23 so my vote will be counted. But ur right, I bet they will “find” enough votes until Murray wins. Crooks they are!!

29 10 2010

ww, are you on Twitter? If so, follow me @DCGere

29 10 2010
ww thumper

DCG….No buddy I don’t Twitter, but U can Email me @ ww-k1@juno. If you were a member on we could send each other PMs (private messages) You should join NewsBusters It’s fun raizing he!! with the Libs…. 🙂 WW

29 10 2010

yeah, I always check in on NB…never have posted there thought. Might have to join!

31 10 2010
K. Williams

It seems most of the voter fraud attempts have been with absentee ballots. I would think this system needs to be revamped in a serious way. One thing is for sure. Any fraud seen needs to be reported and promptly not only to your local government officials but to any and all that will listen.

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