Is This Racism?

21 10 2010

The following picture is being distributed around to all leftys as a rallying cry to prove how racist we Tea-Party folks are. Personally, not only do I NOT find this picture racist, I find it funny as hell!

"Sarah Palin Clearing a Tar Ball Off One of the Gulf Beaches"




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21 10 2010

How in the world is this racist? These libs do nothing for cases of real racism. They just waterdown anything like don’t approve of and call it racist. Not buying it this time either..

21 10 2010


I sometimes wonder how libs would deal with living in a world that only allowed reality. They live in a place that I never want to experience. In fact, I’m going to write myself a note… To Self: “If I ever start thinking like a liberal, please hang myself”.

That should do it.


22 10 2010

Libs can’t handle realty…witness the firing of Juan at NPR. If I saw Muslim “garb” on airplane I would feel uncomfortable as well. Their PC crap is going to be their demise…

I will never start thinking like a lib. My goal is to convert them. I’m on a roll – my mom is now anti-Obama & a coworker (proclaimed nonbeliever) is now attending my church for 4 weeks straight. Amen!

22 10 2010

You Go Girl!


P.S. Give Mom a hug for me. Seriously!

26 10 2010
K. Williams

To funny.

2 11 2010

It’s only racist if she missed!

sorry I ran out of smarmy things to say 🙂

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