Arrogant President Obama

19 10 2010

From time to time I come across a comment written by someone that makes me wonder if I was seperated from them at birth. The guy below made the comments in response to Obama’s recent diatribe about how we Americans are scared so we are not thinking clearly. I copied this from The Blaze. I salute this man!






Posted on October 18, 2010

I’m sorry people but I cannot hold back after the insulting things I just read that our president said about us Americans “We The People”. My open letter to him.

Dear President Fool,

Myself, and millions of other CLEAR thinking Americans are NOT afraid of a wimpy little jerk like yourself. What we fear, are the policies you push, and the S.O.B.’s you have selected to run our government, most of which have VERY questionable backgrounds, some even bordering on Anti-American. If you think for one moment that you will win anyone over by you insulting them, then you can respectfully kiss my backside!

I am not a racist, but this has gone too far. If this pathetic excuse of a president wants to call me a racist. I NO LONGER CARE!




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19 10 2010
Doc's Wife

I believe more than half of the country feels this way. I sincerely feel that better days are ahead. I only pray that I am right.

19 10 2010


I pray for the same. Not just for the good of the country, but staying mad at my government and my president is bad for my health.

Obama has been the opposite of what Ronald Reagan was to the American people. Obama not only makes you feel sad for the future of your country, but then he adds insult to injury by mocking us. Reagan would NEVER have done this, he loved and respected the American people… all of us!


19 10 2010

Their Alinsky tactics aren’t working, they’re running scared, and are desparate! Bring on 11/2/10!!

19 10 2010


I am so looking forward to the 2nd. In fact, we are throwing a bit of a poll-watching party here that night for about 20 people. To say this is the biggest election of my lifetime is an understatement.

Make sure you convince any/all anti-Dem party, and anti-Obama people, to go vote.


20 10 2010
ww thumper

I got my voters ballot last Thurs….with the voters pamphlet…didn’t need that….voted already! …and NOT for any DumocRATS ether ! BTW…this is the Biggest election of everyone’s Lifetime! 😉 WW

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