Illegals Not Welcome “Nuestra Gente”

12 10 2010

 This is the follow-up I promised everyone. This woman answers directly to the president and only proves how anti-American Obama and his administration really are.

Secretary of Dept of Labor, Hilda Solis made a speech recently at a NCLR event. FYI… Ms. Solis was once the VP of NCLR (National Council of La Raza)(La Raza is Spanish for “The Race”). In her speech she made comments that convince me that she is working against the whites in this country. Anotherwords… she is a racist!

Hon. Hilda Solis, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor at the NCLR Awards Gala

The video proof is below. Its a long video, all that you need can be found in the first two minutes. Followed by my highlighting what she said…

She says in the video… “you and I share that passion and commitment to help to better the lives of  (“Our people”, )” only she used the Spanish term “Nuestra Gente”.

And she says… “Especially the most vulnerable and economically disadvantaged in our society, Nuestra Gente (Our people)”.

She also said… “This is just a prioritization of “Our” workforce.

And she says… “Prioritizing Workforce Will Especially Help ‘Our People’.” Keep in mind that whenever she says “our people” she is refering to “Mexican people”.

She went on to say… “We wanted the message to come home to the neighborhood, to the barrio, to the community” She means that her administration will be prioritizing helping out the illegal workforce, not all Americans as her department is supposed to do!

Other comments:

La Raza wants your tax money go to MEXICANS, especially ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT MEXICANS. My concern rests SOLELY with illegals who, through “La Raza” and other pro-mexican groups (including Mecha) have come here to take jobs, fill the prisons, soak the tax payers and establish a two tiered system of laws (sanctuary status in most cities) that affects ALL of us legal citizens.

This is using racism to win votes.





2 responses

12 10 2010

Can you imagine the outrage if a white group had an organization with “the race” in it? This organization is as outdated as the NAACP….yet THEY are the ones that continue “race” warfare…

Sick that a US Secretary promotes illegals…but what do you expect when it comes directly from the top with our Traitor in Chief.

13 10 2010

Isnt it interesting however that they no longer hide their agenda? Not only do they not hide it, but they actively use the bully pulpit of the federal govt and the arm of the media to further it!

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