OneNation Was A Communist Anti-American Rally

3 10 2010

The One Nation rally held in D.C. was nothing short of an anti-American rally. Ok people, let that sink in… the left had an anti-American rally in our own Nations Capitol.

The pics (bottom of page) were copied from TheBlaze the new Beck newsie website, and from

Communist Plea to America at “One Nation” Rally: Same as Democrats?

By John Romano

(YBH) – Times have definitely changed in America.  Today, the Communist party is welcomed at the “One Nation” rally in Washington, D.C.

Below is the “manifesto” of the party and its thoughts on the upcoming election.  Look closely and you will see themes and phrases used by the Democrats every day to describe their opponents.  The Communist plea is much the same as President Obama’s as to why Democrats should be returned to power in November.

On October 2, tens of thousands of people will stand together in Washington, D.C. demanding that Congress reject the Republican right-wing obstruction and put the creation of jobs and the plight of the jobless on the front burner.

The most crucial midterm elections in our nation’s history are barely a month away. What’s at stake? The future of the changes our country voted for in 2008 with the election of President Obama. The message then was clear: the voters had enough of the right-wing policies attacking working people, enough of endless war, racism, environmental destruction, hate and division. You can read the entire manifesto here.

It would seem that the identification “Communist” is no longer a no-no in American politics.  Communism is commonly described as “a sociopolitical movement that aims for a classless society structured upon communal ownership of the means of production and the end of wage labour and private property.”  Furthermore, “the exact definition of communism varies and it is commonly used interchangeably with socialism, however, communist theory contends that socialism is just a transitional stage on the way to communism.”

It is amazing that a group that openly has the end of “wage labour” as one of its ideals and goals considers Barack Obama to be the “change they voted for in 2008.”   None of the above is meant to indicate that President Obama is a closet Marxist, as many conservatives believe, but it is salient that the Communist party and the Democrat party share almost exact same talking points when talking down the GOP.

Old Media Buries the Lede — Communists and Socialists Dominated ‘One Nation’ Rally

by Ron Futrell

Big thanks to

November 2 is a mandate on whether America will remain a country based on the Constitutional values of Liberty and freedom, or whether we are headed to the dregs of communism and socialism embraced by the American left and its Democrat Party. Too extreme you say?

This point was made as clear as can be with the two rallies held recently on the Washington Mall.

Ignore the crowd size for a moment (Glenn Beck’s was much, much larger on Aug. 28) and you can even ignore the fact that unions clearly organized and used their funds to bus people to the event (astroturf, anyone?)

The clear choice was seen in the messages being displayed by the people at the two events.

Beck wants faith, hope, charity and a return to Constitutional values. The crowd reflected that.

The “One Nation” rally was laced with communist and socialist groups.

Folks, it doesn’t get more plain than this.

You have got to see what C-Span did NOT show Americans… Click here for the truth about the rally. 

Young Communist League

Notice message at bottom of poster

Literature available at rally

Notice interesting use of Communist symbol of hammer and sickle

By now everyone knows the trash that was left, but the treatment of our flag really got to me. I'm convinced that many of these people don't deserve to be called Americans!

These people are not our friends. They want to see America on its knees begging for mercy. They are the same ones that will be voting for Democrats next month!





23 responses

3 10 2010

These people make me sick and stupid. Where in the WORLD has socialism EVER worked? They should move their arses over to China if they really want to live under socialism.

I’m not scared….I’m fired up and ready for November to take back our country!!!

3 10 2010
Sophia Mills

It works in Canada very well. We are 43rd in life expectancy; they are 6th. They spend MUCH less money(don’t know the exact statistic) per capita of health care than the U.S and have an effective system where anyone can go to the doctor. And they pretty much avoided the market collapse. They are doing very well. Pretty much everything is better.

3 10 2010

Canada does well thanks to us taxpayers here in the USA. For instance… do you know why prescription drugs are so much cheaper in Canada? Because the USA subsidizes* medicines and damn near everything else in Canada. Maybe its high time we stop all these damned subsidies!!!


*subsidizes3rd person singular present of sub·si·dize (Verb)
1. Support (an organization or activity) financially.
2. Pay part of the cost of producing (something) to reduce prices for the buyer. More »
Merriam-Webster – The Free Dictionary

3 10 2010

Its not just Canada where we subsidize prescription medicine. We bear the brunt of R&D for prescription drugs and medicinal advancement for the world. If a price control is instituted on a medicine or drug, it doesnt make the drug cheaper. It just means someone else pays the rest of the bill. Any guesses as to why health care costs have skyrocketed here in the US? Socialism is a great system as long as there are still some free market countries left to foot the bill.

4 10 2010

Then these commies should move to Canada. My point being, prove to me where socialism has successfully worked. The USA is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Equal opportunity for all – NOT everyone is equal. I will go down fighting any progressive movement that dilutes our Constitution and the liberties we enjoy. Take the socialist/commie lovers to another “progressive” country and leave the USA alone!

4 10 2010


I too don’t see a big difference because Socialism almost always leads to Communism, or at the very least Marxism. None of which is good for society, especially ours.

One other EXCELLENT reason to fight this move towards more Socialism/Communism is… the closer we move towards those systems, the closer we get to One World Order. I for one will fight like hell and will go down shooting to keep this country from being ruled by any of those low-life scum bags at the United Nations.


4 10 2010

Actually, socialism does not work very well in Canada, either. The metrics you use are quite faulty, for several reasons. (And one must wonder why, if everything is so much better in Canada, you haven’t relocated there?)

It is easy to spend less per capita on health care when you have fewer people, government controls on doctors, and ration health care. There is a reason why people die waiting for detection and treatment of easily treated (if caught early) diseases. In the US, if you are waiting 4-6 months for a diagnostic procedure, it is because the equipment is booked through that period of time (with a certain number of reserve time slots for emergency patients), and your doctor deems the situation non-serious (not-life-threatening) enough that the delay will not do you serious harm. That is generally the case, at least. In every country with socialized medicine, it is because they lack the doctors or the equipment or (frequently) there isn’t money to pay for the tests. There is a reason that Canadians with money (and people from any other socialized medicine country that have substantial wealth) come to the US for care on serious diseases.

A number of the leading causes for the comparatively lower life expectancy in the US have nothing to do with our healthcare system and everything to do with the wealthy nature of the US and the vices that brings to bear, such as overeating, fast cars, murder, etc. It only becomes medical after we turn to doctors to save us from the problems created by our vices, such as car crashes, obesity-related medical problems, smoking-caused medical issues, etc. We do it to ourselves, bad health care does not do it to us.

4 10 2010
4 06 2011
Daniel M

Canada isn’t a socialist country; the means of production are definitely still under private ownership and the working class hasn’t achieved state power. We’ve got a democracy for the rich, just the same as you.

It’s true that we have universal health insurance and that it works well enough; it’s a pretty big relief not to have to worry about medical bills, though I’ve only used the system a few times myself.

Still, it’s not a socialist medical system. We still buy equipment, drugs, and labour from a market.

3 10 2010
Sophia Mills

Another thing, China is a communist nation, not Socialist.

3 10 2010
Nick Shaw

Pot-A- to. Po-TA- to. Not much difference there.

3 10 2010

Actually if you look at China today it is considerably more of a socialist country than communist. If truly communist you would not be seeing ANY of the free market or capitalist tendencies it is currently displaying.

3 10 2010

This is what you get when you have never had to work for anything, never been told no. Expect someone else to take care of you and know that nothing is ever your fault. You have the expectation that your “Rights” are never ending and all encompassing, and nothing has to be earned.

4 10 2010

I swear this was the best rally EVER! This was a success of EPIC proportion, What better way to show the absolute lunacy of the left then with this version of Woodstock for commies.

Thank you commies you are my hero…if my heros was Marxist, communist, socialist, union thugs with no morale backbone whatsoever (which it’s not) but just for this little time I salute thee.


By the way upon your return please look me up so we can rally around the old camp fire as you regale me of your filthy nasty habits of not picking up after yourselves, treasonous talk about overthrowing our country and getting money that does not belong to you!

6 10 2010


Will, once again you stated very elegantly the sad state of affairs we seem to be in. And people on the left have the nerve to call you and I radicals!?

Whats so damned radical about wanting to keep most of the money we worked hard for?

Whats so damned radical to expect our politicians to govern by using our Constitution as their guide?

Whats so damned radical to want to let the unborn live?

Whats so damned radical to want to be left alone and wanting the government to stay out of our business?

Whats so damned radical to be proud of the USA?

Whats so damned radical about wanting to worship as we choose without being ridiculed for it?

I could go on, but you get the point. Aaaaaaarrrgghh!


P.S. Do whatever you can, to get people you know to go vote in November. This is the most important election in my lifetime, and we must do everything we can to beat the Marxist Democrat machine!

6 10 2010

Correct Gio this IS the most important election. I talked and screech and asked even my two liberal friends to take a good hard look at those they support and for them to ask themselves is this what you really want for the country? I even told them that if you don’t believe me do your own research see for yourselves do you really believe things are actually getting better under the Dems and Obama?

In all honesty things do look good for November though I do believe California and Delaware may be lost but Dick Morris (Fox) seems a bit more optimistic almost describing a “coup de grâce” against the Dems.

Our biggest concern right now seem to be all the back stabbing from so called other conservative (AKA established GOPers) Who don’t want to give up power Murkowski, Crist et al) and are trying to play spoiler playing the Independent game.

Only time will tell I suppose

7 10 2010

It has been telling watching those who prattle endlessly on about party unity and accepting the moderates and RINO’s that have been elected in the past as our best and only option. Seeing those same folks now crying and whining about the “radicals” who have hijacked their party into electing non-electable conservative “nutjobs”, instead of embracing the will of the people, accepting the fact that the primary is over and we have submitted the candidates that we have submitted. Get behind it and work towards some REAL change, change for the better. The masks are coming off the the RINOS this season and now is the time to bid them adieu.

7 10 2010


I find it pretty disgusting how these RINO’s like Crist and Murkowsky refuse to let go. We have a system that clearly tells people who is going to be representing the people in our general elctions, its called a Primary. If these people cannot understand the concept of what a primary is for, then I question their ability to make good sound judgements ‘for the people’.

If they don’t want to get behind those that beat them in the primary, fine, but they need to go away then and act like an adult!!!

These folks are even worse than RINO’s, they are Democrats in Sheeps clothing.


7 10 2010

Like I said, the masks are coming off. for years now we have seen both parties shifting left. In my opinion, the Democrats now are solidly in the socialist camp and the Republicans of today are where the Democrats 30 years ago were and in some cases too the left of that. the “Radical” TEA Party candidates that we are trying to get elected,, I dont feel would be called all that radical 30-40 years ago. Fiscal responsibility, smaller government and more accountablilty at the individual level are concepts that should NEVER be out of style.

3 06 2011

You American’s are a funny bunch.

Nobody dies waiting for emergency treatment in Canada, whereas cases are reported yearly in the USA. Wanna know where lines are? Non-emerg treatment, bloodwork, and advanced chemotherapy which is usually meant to simply prolong life rather than cure.
I can see my family doctor within a week, and if it’s a real emergency I automatically get put to the top of the list. You people know nothing of what you’re talking about.

Furthermore, China is not socialist. Just because it has a red flag doesnt make it that, no different than you all saying you’re free doesn’t make it so no matter how much you say it. A Socialist country has universal services, unions protecting workers, and freedoms not found in China. If anything the urban Chinese have growing living standards to the diminished standards of YOUR COUNTRY because all you do is pour money in things you don’t need to.

You’re all a perfect example of the problems of American society, uncivilized, uneducated on every topic you complain about, and the union will bust if you people get control.

3 06 2011

Thank you Trentski for being the one commenter on this page that isn’t a complete fucking idiot. Unfortunately, most of these ignorant countrymen of mine will not and cannot reason. Arguing with them is about as productive as banging your head against a brick wall.

3 06 2011

I dunno, man. All those things that these communists and socialist are fighting for seem to be pretty much everything I want. Why is it that you’re picking them out and ‘bashing’ them? Are any of you sure that you’re up-to-date on either system?… American capitalism seems suck hard, and people all over are dieing because of it. The past century we’ve been overthrowing democracies and installing dictators in Latino countries, and elsewhere and forcing ‘capitalism’ upon them. If this is capitalism, I don’t want it. Socialism seems to be the only way left to go, embrace it. It’s the next logical step in social evolution.

4 06 2011

Dont feed this troll. He is as stupid as Palin is with her “Paul Revere warned the British” comment. Socialism has worked in almost every country in the world. In fact, next time you drive on a public road, or drink public water, stop and remember that is socialism. If you dont like it, dont eat USDA meat, dont live in a house inspected by federal standards, dont drive on public roads, use any telephones (polls and towers are on the commons), dont borrow library books, dont use computers or the internet (originally developed by tax payer dollars), dont fly, drive any car, or ride on the rails.

Capitalism has failed AT LEAST twice in the last 100 years, and both times socialism saved it. It cannon exist on its own.

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