Liberals Lie About Social Security

30 09 2010

With all the hoopla and lying going on because of the upcoming election, its amazing that good information can be found any longer. Be prepared to be amazed.

I must thank all the progressive/liberal lies about Social Security, because without you I never would have found this info. One of the really BIG lies being told by the left today is… The Republicans are going to take away SS and SSDI from people AND LET THEM DIE. That’s not an exaggeration on my part either. You can go to the Huffington Post and read the lies for yourself. There is a story about a crippled man in a wheelchair at HP. In this story he claims that the Republicans are going to throw him in the streets if they win in November… blah, blah, blah.

Such a claim like this needs to be challenged so I started doing some homework and found something amazing. Digging deep brought me to the link below. Please go and read what is there. It is this type of plan that some Republican candidates have been talking about while stumping this election silly-season.

Then the next time a marxist/liberal/progressive wants to lie to you, send them this link.

The Galveston Plan.





2 responses

30 09 2010

I’d glady opt out of SS now w/the govt giving me all my money back to invest as I CHOOSE. Anyone who thinks the govt can give you a better ROI is out of their mind.

Lies at Huffpo, standard protocol for libs!

1 10 2010

I had heard about this but wasnt familiar with the details on it. As the article was written in ’05 it would be interesting to see a followup after the big crash to show the guaranteed returns rates were truly guarnteed and that the plan is truly superior to SS. Which I believe it is and would gladly have jumped to a privatized system if given the opportunity to grow my money rather than throw it into the socialist black hole that I have been doing my entire working career.

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