Democrats Bus Flat Tires

28 09 2010

The Obama/Democrat Bus is pulling over to the side of the road and looking for an express exit ramp. 

The idea that the wheels are coming off of their bus should be great news, but I want to warn you against sitting back and saying “We Won”. We have NOT won yet! You must make sure your friends, family, and all you know, go and vote come November. Do not get lazy now, treat this election as if your freedom is at stake, because it is.

Most of you know that I pick out issues that progressive/liberals are passionate about and post them here with some of my commentary. I use the Huffington Post to gather a lot of the leftist dribble to comment on. This morning was no different. I went there to see what they are whining about today and found a couple of interesting tid-bits.

Here’s one example of how the left is reacting to losing the wheels to their bus… The other day Obama scolded his loyal Dems by telling them to “quit whining”. And just like good little soldiers, the Huffington Post made a big deal out of his admonishment. My guess is that HP thought by going public with what Obama said, that the Democrat troops would get in line and get with the program. That’s NOT what happened, not even close. Sure there were a couple of people (maybe three) that stood up and gave a hearty salute, but the vast majority of Obama supporters had a completely different reaction.

This crowd did exactly what Obama asked them not to do and immediately proceeded to whine. This post seems to be quite popular today so no matter what time of day you go there I’m sure you will see well over 5,000 comments from Obama supporters that are simply WHINING!

Note: this is what happens when you are raised by your parents, and your political affiliation, to be a victim.

Here’s a second example… HP also has posted a piece from the Politico that discusses how planned fundraising is out of control for the next 2 weeks in D.C. They only post the first paragraph or two, for the whole story you have to go to the Politico site. For those that actually read the article there are a few things that pop out at you immediately. One… most of the fundraising is being done by the Dems. Two… the Republicans are leading in the fund raising race. But surprise, surprise, this is NOT how HP is playing up this story.

It seems as if the truth is being kept off the comments section on purpose. The comments that blame the Republicans for being in bed with lobbyists are getting through. However, any comments that try to tell the truth are being deleted by HP.

One poor fellow tried to go toe-to-toe against the propaganda machine but he kept being deleted. Fortunately I was able to read and copy two of his comments moments before they were deleted… The first comment was in reaction to a Obama supporter that was claiming its all the EVIL GOP people scooping up the money. Below is a copy of the response that was deleted.

“Two of the three examples used in the article are of Democrats. Plus, Democrats are having to slash/cut prices to their fund0raisers because nobody is showing up to them.

Taken directly from the article. Notice two dems out of three examples! …

A sampling of scheduled events:

For $500 to $5,000, a lobbyist can enjoy cocktails at Democratic House Rules Committee Chairwoman Louise Slaughter’s Capitol Hill home.

For $500 to $2,500, oenophiles had the chance to enjoy a tasting of home-state wines with Rep. Jay Inslee (D-Wash.).

For those looking for a more Southern twist to their alcohol consumption, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell is holding a bourbon tasting with Maker’s Mark Chief Executive Bill Samuels for $1,000 to $2,500.”

This second deleted post has to do with Democrats having to slash ticket prices to their fundraising events because nobody is showing up for them.

Carnahan Drops Prices For Obama Event

The Tarnished President — Obama slashes ticket prices, and still can’t fill 650 person room for speech.

At Bargain Ticket Prices Obama Can’t Even Fill a 650 Seat Room!

And all this time I thought the left wanted to be open and honest, NOT.

I know this looks great for us and looks like crappola for the Dems, but please do not get lazy now. The wheels are coming off, now we need to make sure the motor blows up and the driver loses his job!

Go vote!!!





2 responses

28 09 2010

Typical…the D’s will obscure the truth any way they can to make the GOP look evil. We all know BOTH parties are in bed w/lobbyists. Anybody who believes otherwise is an idiot.

Time to clean house in November!!

29 09 2010


Do your part and get everyone you know (that isn’t an Obama supporter) to the polls Nov 2nd.

Act like our lives as we know em, depends on it. I would argue that it does!


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