Jobs For America Day 3-4

24 09 2010

Continuing the insane series from “Creating Jobs For America”. We continue the nutty ideas the left thinks will fix our economic woes. Someday, they may look in the mirror and realize it is the policies of the left that got us into this mess, but until then at least you can read about their continued wish list for the destrcution of the USA.

Once again I will be highlighting what I see as crazy and/or insane, in the color red. And I may make some comments for context or just out of dis-belief.


 Idea No. 3: The Joys Of Retrofitting

“Let’s say you’re running a country that’s suffering from a terrible jobs crisis — but you’re worried about adding to the national deficit. Well first of all, you shouldn’t be so worried. (I cannot believe they started idea # 3 with this idiotic statement)

A massive investment in retrofitting buildings to make them more energy efficient. (Yawn…)

The Home Star program, also known as “Cash for Caulkers,” is President Obama’s plan to use federally subsidized low interest loans to encourage consumers to make energy efficient improvements to their homes.” (that’s pretty much idea # 3 in a nutshell. And I do mean nut)

Idea No. 4:  Put Those Young People To Work

“…there is a relatively simple solution for the vastly larger number of young people who can’t find jobs in the first place: Put them to work doing something. Anything. You don’t even have to pay them that much.” (That’s it. No wonder there are some who wonder about the real value of a modern-day college eucation. Especially when ideas like this come from the supposedly smart elitist class.)








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24 09 2010

“Put them to work doing something. Anything. You don’t even have to pay them that much”

Actually you do, as long as they keep raising the minimum wage. But enough about that, why on earth would you pay that rising minimum wage when there are plenty of illegals around who will do the work for much less? If its good enough for Colin Powell it should be good enough for me right? Besides, your kids shouldnt have to work, the age of adulthood was officially raised to 26 this spring.

24 09 2010
The Destructionist

If you haven’t already watched the documentary, Capitalism: A Love Story, then I highly suggest you do.

At first, the trailers made it sound like it was a joke. I thought it was going to be another one of those propaganda films pitting “Bleeding-heart Liberals” against “Right-wing Neocons” (you know the kind), but it wasn’t like that at all. Instead, the film was serious and focused primarily on corporations and their zeal to maximize their profits at all costs and with total disregard to the people or to the countries they might ultimately affect.

A part of the film that I found especially intriguing was the presentation of a document written by Citigroup that was sent to the wealthiest of its investors; essentially stating that America was no longer a Democracy, but a Plutonomy (an economy run and powered – not by people like you and me – but by corporations and the wealthiest 1%). To be honest, I thought the document was made up bullshit and I’d never be able to find it online. (After all, who would be so brazen, or so stupid as to compile such information and then to let it go public?) But I was wrong. It’s real:

Equity Strategy
Plutonomy: Buying Luxury, Explaining Global Imbalances

As I read page-after-page, I could feel my eyes growing wider and wider in utter disbelief (My God…I mean, it was like reading a manual on how to successfully turn our world into George Orwell’s, “1984”)!

I have to say that I’m rather embarrassed that I didn’t know about this document (or the documentary) before today. But now that I do, it only confirms what I’ve written about in times past: the powerful corporate élite are actually designing plans to take over the world’s economies and fashion its various countries into collectively owned corporate blocs, whereby people are no longer consumers, but hive-like workers.

Now I know what you’re saying, and I totally agree with you…(It sounds like, “crazy talk,” right?) But there will come a day – however absurd it sounds – where national allegiances will be replaced with “corporate allegiances.” It might not happen tomorrow – or even a year from now – but trust me… Someday, it will happen…


24 09 2010

Yeah right…

I’ll give you an “A” for effort, but my admiration ends there. Are there greedy corporations in this world? Yes! Are they going to take over the world? No! Is the USA in need of massive intervention? Yep! Is the USA going to self-destruct? Not as long as there are clear thinking Americans like myself willing to fight for what is right!

So please take your ball and go play on someone elses court.



24 09 2010

LOL, Gio….I’m in Gecko’s court…”Greed is Good”.

That little diatribe (above) is silly. You know what? In Costa Rica, all of the maids and gardeners are imported from Nicaragua, because that kind of work is “beneath” Costa Ricans.

The most surprising thing I found in all of Central America on our trip is that everyone is a super-capitalist. For all the “socialist” tendencies you hear about the governments there (even in Sandanista influenced Nico)….the people all bust their butts to get ahead, and if it’s for themselves, all the better!

We met a young man in Puerto Escondido (from a good family, his mother ran our favorite restaurant and made the intro to her son as he spoke good English…so he could show us around). He was recovering from a car wreck so had the time to spend with us…but worked construction (and yes, he’d been illegal in the US for about five years and loved it!), but was totally frustrated that he was the best worker, his boss was rakin’ in the bucks, but wouldn’t give him a raise. He was dying to start his own business, because he knew he could do better work than his boss was doing, while making more money for himself.

Americans (for the most part, except for O’s stash-seekers) are the same. Anyone who buys the myth of “corporate greed” is a naif. Just like O voters, I guess.

K. Rant over.


~ Blonde

25 09 2010


That kid sounds as if he could do well here in the USA. If he will come back legally, I wish him all the luck in the world.


25 09 2010


I was SHOCKED….everywhere we went in Central America, people had either been in the US illegally, or had relatives there who were here.

In Antigua, Guatemala, we stopped at a shoemaker’s booth, so Iguana Man could have his belt chain sewn shut. The man had a sister who lives in my home town.

In Acapulco, they have several different “levels” of cabs…we took the cheapos (Blue & White VW Bugs…hilarious, but I’ll address that on my blog). Every single one of the Aca taxi drivers spoke great English, and had “been in the states”…

I had my eyes opened about illegal immigration on the trip. Oddly, my take was that for the most part (but again, these were cab drivers) they infiltrated to make a nest egg and return home. Not to settle.

As for my new friend in PE, if and when I ever land there, which is now my hope, he’ll build my house, and I’ll try to help him build his business, with a crazy gringa to “set the trend”.

~ Blonde

24 09 2010

Don’t worry about the national deficit…what a moron. That type of thinking is going to hurt dems in November. He obviously failed Econ in school…

25 09 2010


If you have been following this series, one thing stands out about this guy.. he’s a complete failure! Someday soon, you and I will be paying for him to write his garbage for HP. Then we’re gonna pay him a pension. Unless of course we can get rid of the socialists and marxists.


27 09 2010

But wait- Barry has just revealed a new fiscal plan that will save us all from ruin!

27 09 2010


You have gotten better at your craft. I’m still crying/laughing after seeing your Barrys big adventure pic. Keep on keepin on!


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