I Demand You Vote

24 09 2010

Choose Wisely

In less than 40 days the most important election in my lifetime comes before the American people. And no, I am NOT joking.

Unless you want this country to fall into Marxist loving hands (Karl Marx never worked a day in his life yet he sold himself as a champion for the working man. There was one aspect of his ideas that made him a history making individual… over 20 million people were murdered in his name) I suggest, no I demand, that you do everything in your power to get everyone you know to VOTE this November. And please, for your kids/grandkids sake, and mine, make sure they vote against the Democrat power structure that is destroying our nation.

If we don’t get this right this coming November, the next time we have a nation-wide election, our votes may be dis-counted by the Democrat/Marxists  plan to make sure Illegal Aliens are allowed to vote (for the Democrats of course).

Don’t ask your friends and family to go vote, demand they do it. If not, you are going to blame the downfall of the USA on them.

Choose Freedom





One response

13 10 2010

This is the last chance to save America as it was founded via the voting booth, as I have a sick feeling that should the statists remain in control come January, there will not be an election in 2012.

At least not a real one, anyway.

Wake, America, as this is your last chance and you are totally out of time.


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