Creating Jobs For America Day 2

22 09 2010

As I predicted yesterday, this is gonna be a HOOT! See here. Continuing to post the elitist/progressive ideas on how to put Americans back to work is frustrating work, but someone has to do it. So once again, I put forth the ideas that the left thinks will save our country, which in reality will push us closer to become slave dependents of the State. Today I think I will use the highlight color red. Fitting when you consider these are Communist ideas dressed-up to look like a well heeled pig! (I’m highlighting the parts that are either dumb or scary, or both)

By Dan Froomkin

State and local governments are the country’s largest employers. They provide essential public safety, education, health and social services — services that are even more needed during an economic downturn. But when the economy slows down and tax receipts drop, state and local governments have to cut back. And their spending cuts don’t just reduce those necessary services, they work like an anti-stimulus — dollar for dollar.

By contrast, if you want federal money to reduce the unemployment rate, economists generally agree there’s no faster or more effective way than sending it to states so they can avoid layoffs or can actually increase their hiring. States are in a position to create lots of jobs almost instantly. And state and local spending has great “bang for the buck,” as’s Mark Zandi describes the per-dollar effect of spending on gross domestic product.

When you spend money on stimulus, you want that money to get spent over and over again, creating more and more jobs. Zandi has calculated that aid to state and local government has more bang for the buck than anything other than extending unemployment benefits or increasing Food Stamps allocations.

The 2009 Recovery Act (AKA the stimulus) included about $144 billion in aid to state and local governments through the end of 200. But now the money is running out, and states are facing the prospect of massive layoffs.

In August, President Obama signed into law a bill sending states another $26 billion to save the jobs of thousands of teachers and other government workers — but the original Local Jobs For America bill pushed by Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) was for four times that much. And the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities estimates that the states’ cumulative budget shortfall will likely reach $140 billion in the coming year.

I should have just highlighted the whole damn thing red. There is so much wrong, on so may levels, with what he wrote that its hard to point to just one or two items he got wrong. HIS ENTIRE PREMISE IS BOGUS!

If you want to get the economy to get cranking the one thing you DON”T do is keep buring more money. The government needs to cut waaaaay back on its spending. In my opinion, there are only a couple of areas that spending should be left alone. Those would be… Defense, Social Security and Medicare. All others can be slashed. Why is it you never here anyone on the left want to STOP the madness of out of control spending?

The one other thing that would get our economy moving again is… Get government out of our way! We in the private sector can grow the economy if we can just get the government out of our way and out of our pockets!

More government is not the answer. Less government is!


P.S.  Mark Zandi can kiss my rear-end.




One response

22 09 2010

Zandi needs a new calculator…I read somewhere is costs about $50k in private sector to create a job and over $100k for public sector. Not hard to do the math now is it?

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