Africa Knows Obama

22 09 2010

I found this on an African website. The scary part is… they knew back in 2008 what we could expect from Obama.



A cartoon created for the NBRA by Brett Noel provides a chilling look at the future of black Americans under an Obama Administration as “Socialist Slaves” dependent on government handouts on the Democratic Party’s economic plantation. As a corrupt Chicago “Community Organizer” for 20 years, Obama produced unlivable slums and wants to repeat his failure for the rest of America.




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3 10 2010

The sad part about this, is that there are so many of us who look forward to this. God what happened to our people where we get exciting to the fact when someone tells us what to eat, when to sleep and where we can live or how to live.
This is why the Dems chose a half black candidate. The liberal Dems knew full well we wouldn’t just follow anyone off a cliff into the great pit of Socialism. Those liberal/Democrats had to get someone who appealed to “our” inner racism, someone to blindly follow, someone we would defend to the better end, someone who could walk right into our homes slit our children s throats in front of our very eyes and convince us that the Tea-party/conservatives/GOP had perpetrated the evil deed, and we would be ignorant enough to believe it.

I ask my fellow blacks out there who believe this, how long? How long will you let this go on before you say enough! Is it really worth it, is all the false promises of minor freebies, low income housing, a little bit of money every 1st or 3rd of the month really worth your freedom?

If the answer is yes then you are doomed, because once the government get tired of you, they will take away your food, the roof over your heads and will stop paying you every 1st or 3rd and what will you do complain, haven’t you heard slaves don’t have rights.

3 10 2010

Hi Will,

Long time no hear. I hope all is going well for you.

There is no way I could expand or improve on what you wrote above, so all I will say…
“Please, please, please, all of you that follow Obama because you believe he is your saviour, please consider what Will wrote above. In fact, I would prefer you listen to him rather than me… I’m just a mean white Conservative, man of faith, who has spent my entire life being taught by my parents, and putting into practice, and teaching my children and grandchildren, to judge EVERYONE by their character not by thier color”.


P.S. Will, come back more often will ya, you are missed buddy.

3 10 2010

Good to post back Gio forgive my bad penmanship, work has been crazy and I’m still drying out from the rain so I haven’t been getting much sleep but after reading this I had to post something even if it was in a semi-sleep state 🙂

To anyone who wishes to reply to my comment please don’t go all grammar Nazi as an excuse not to reply with a truly reasonable comment, it will just make you look petty.

I will be back soon bud.


13 10 2010

Funny, as I saw this coming back in ’06.

What is sad is that so many among us don’t see it even as it is happening.


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